20 Benefits of Local Search Marketing

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Local Search Marketing

The Blend Local Search Marketing Strategy is designed to elevate your on and offline business and services so you are recognized as the go-to authority in your profession.

We believe ‘Content is King’ and unlike the some SEO companies who only build links, we bring marketing strategies to the table. We produce content that not only provide those important links back to your site but engage with your prospects, presenting you in a way that they will know, like and trust you. People, who know like and trust you, want to do business with you and refer their family and friends.

local search marketing

Be Local. Be Social. Blend.

Here are 20 Benefits of the Blend Local Search Marketing Strategy

1) Full 360* Marketing Strategy

2) By dominating keywords and phrases with our strategy your competition gets outranked in page 1 search results as your content pushes them out.

3) If Google changes their algorithms your campaigns do not disappear overnight because the strategy is a multi layered blend of proven disciplines.

4) The traffic that arrives at your site can be monitored and the strategy can be tweaked accordingly.

5) We provide flexibility to your online marketing. So if you have news worthy story for instance, we can post a Press Release instead of an article.

6) The video content we produced is designed so people get to know, like and trust you.

7) We upload a high volume of video content because we know how to use it and it works.

  1. a. The search engine love videos
  2. b. 25% of all content viewed online is video

8) Search engines love consistency – we feed them with more content month after month.

9) Search engines love authority – we ensure you are the authority by volume and quality of content.

10) Your online marketing is working for you 24/7 365 days of the year. (The perfect employee).

11) The web properties we build for you are always there growing, bigger, deeper and stronger month after month, year upon year, unlike many links that are annual.

  1. a. Google loves history

12) Exclusivity – we only work with one business in a profession in any one area.

13) You’re investing in long lasting real estate – a company asset.

14) Web property links have a high page rank value.

15) We work with your 20 best keywords and phrases including local search terms.

16) Flexibility.

17) We provide monthly reports and updates.

18) We are open and transparent in all we do for you.

19) We are real people who you can contact on a phone, Skype or IM. We can even sit down over a nice cup of tea!

20) Our success is built on your success.

Is local search marketing right for my business? I bet your competition is thinking the same thing!

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