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A Strategic Partnership to Get More Online Reviews

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Review Concierge_sloganIf you are in orthodontics and you want to expand your online marketing presence, then you will be happy to hear about the new strategic partnership between Blend Local Search Marketing and Review Concierge. This offers some exciting new options for orthodontists to improve their performance on local searches as well as use the review management tools from Review Concierge to make sure they address any and all concerns that patients discuss in reviews.

review-concierge- orthodontist reviews It is already important for doctors of all kinds to make sure they stand out from the competition in local searches, because these searches are how many patients find their doctors. However, that is only one part of the equation of having a strong online presence. It is also important to build up a good reputation. That way, when patients look for a local orthodontist, they can see that you have good reviews and that many people trust you to care for them. This is a crucial aspect of attracting new patients to the practice. When it comes to something as serious as a relationship with a new orthodontist, patients want to be sure that they are doing the right thing before they commit.

Get More ReviewsWhat Does Review Concierge Offer?

Review Concierge has a lot of useful tools that can make this task simple. For example, the Review Link is a short, permanent link that you can put on business cards or anywhere else so that patients can leave feedback quickly and easily. Review Concierge can add pre-screening tools that will encourage happier patients to leave public reviews and steer unhappy ones towards private reviews. There are also tools to help you find and address negative reviews. Those consist of important feedback, so simply ignoring them is not a good solution.

5 Star Reviews Convert!

Having 5 star reviews online should also be part of your evergreen sales funnel. When people are looking for your products and services in your area they will look at your website, competitors and online reviews to see what your patients are saying about you. Having a steady stream of great reviews will ensure you have a busy practice now and a long time into the future.

Reviews are also how patients tell you what you might need to improve, and by taking those steps you will build a better and more attractive practice. That is what you get from Review Concierge and its new partnership: the ability to manage your reputation and ensure that you are doing your best to help your patients.

Online reviews provide excellent incites and data to help you grow your business, so a service that helps you make the most of that information is extremely valuable.

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A strategic Partnership to Get More Online Reviews

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