Blend Article Marketing Service

Blend Article Marketing Service

In these times of austerity every penny counts and marketing budgets are no exception. Our feedback shows customers quite rightly want to increase their brand awareness and search engine visibility online to reach new prospects but with the minimum expenditure and a high ROI.

“Did you know Article Marketing is a highly effective and proven method used to promote your online business or websites?”

We are always looking at ways to streamline our Internet marketing services and give our customers the biggest bang for their buck! We now have the solution you have been waiting for…

The Blend Article Marketing Service.

If you want to:

*Effortlessly Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

*Auto-Pilot All Your Link Building Efforts

*Establish New Customers From Each Article Posted

*Increase Your Site Traffic From Article Readers

read on…

The Blend Article Marketing Service allows you to take control of your search engine marketing (SEM) by self-submitting your articles and press releases to hundreds of our network sites with a couple of clicks. This is an easy and effective way to quickly build targeted links for your websites and landing pages. We’ve made is so simply, even a 7 year old could do it!

We offer balanced link placement across our private network of domains that ensures we can build you inbound links that carry Page Rank and relevance to your website. You only place links on domains that we directly own and control so you are always assured of quality and integrity.

Article Submission Control Panel

When you Signup you will receive your own Article Submitting Control Panel (ASCP). This control panel will allow you to submit your articles with ease online. You can promote any website or business by simply writing an article or press release and submitting it into our network. Your submission will instantly begin to saturate and spread across our network which will provide you with thousands of newly created in bound links over time.

Try the Blend Article Marketing Service for FREE.

Signup now to the Blend Article Marketing Service and get access to your Article Publishing Control Panel that will allow you to publish your articles to our network of thousands of domains. Once you signup you will be able to simply and instantly publish new press releases and articles.

Right now we’ve even giving you 2 free credits to get you started because we want you to see how quick and easy the service is to use and the benefits it will have on your website rankings.


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