Blogging with Hummingbird

How to Blog for Business Success with Google’s Hummingbird

Blogging with HummingbirdOf  late there has been a lot of talk on and offline about Google’s new Algorithm named ‘Hummingbird‘. Hummingbird unlike Penguin and Panda is not a algorithm update, but a whole new algorithm. So what does this mean for content marketing and search results?
I reached out to the professional blogging community and asked the question “In the light of Google’s new ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm, what would you say are the top three essential blogging techniques for success?” Here are some of the replied we received:

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online marketing

Tell a Good Story

“Marketing is about telling good stories. Social media marketing is about getting your customers to tell them for you.” – Corey Eridon

online marketing

In traditional forms of advertising we can see a big focus on telling a story so that it can connect with the customer. Connection to the customer is key and that loyalty in connection is what will eventually sell products. In new media telling a story is important as well but the main focus for advertisers who are utilizing platforms like Twitter and Facebook for advertising, is to get the customers to share stories about their products organically.

It can take some time to really get a company and their products to this point. It takes establishing brand loyalty and intense focusing on people within a products target market and area demographic. To target these groups many online marketers are turning to local SEO to produce engaging promotional material that targets people within a company’s demographic or their local area.

When a company has found a group of people or a local market that is extremely loyal it’s very important that they continue to market their new products to this group directly and this is what local search marketing is all about. By taking the time to focus posts on social media at a local audience and with customers directly, customers can begin to feel that loyalty connection with the company. When the loyalty grows stronger customers may begin to organically start talking about products as they are released and recommending them to friends and family.

As customers begin to talk about a companies products this is perhaps one of the best ways to see an increase in sales. Perhaps one of the most effective types of advertising is word of mouth advertising. We may see products each and every day and not even consider trying them until we hear about the same product from someone in our peer group. The same can be said when someone shares a product on Facebook. Getting a share and allowing customers to market your products for you is one of the greatest results that can come from social media marketing beyond increased sales numbers which will certainly follow.

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Tell a Good Story 

Online Marketing

Find Out How Batman and Robin Can Help you in Your Online Marketing Campaign

Online MarketingWhile you probably read this title and are wondering how you could ever learn something from Batman and Robin and then implement that lesson into your marketing campaigns, it is true. They have plenty of different things to them that we can take away and come up with a more successful online marketing strategy. So let’s take a quick look.

Have a Consistent Public Image

First off, the most important part about Batman is that his identity is a secret, but he puts a lot of effort into letting the public know he’s out there. Same thing should go for your company. You should come up with a public image that you would like to have, then prove that image to everyone. You want to be consistent with your branding. You Don’t see Batman trying to change his public image all of the time, so neither should you. The longer you work on your image, the stronger it will become.

Be Unique

Batman and Robin are as unique as you can get, which is why they stand out and get a lot of attention. If you are trying to attract as many people as possible in a niche where there is plenty of competition, then you are going to need to do something drastic to catch their attention. You can’t be the same as all of the other sites out there, come up with a way to attract your target audience that no one has thought of before. While this may be hard at first, after a while, you will start to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Get a Partner

You should try and find another site that is in your niche to partner up with. Most people think that everyone else in their niche is a threat and should be treated as such. This is untrue and you can come up with some truly beneficial relationships if you partner with the right people. You can come up with guest posting partnerships, to expose each other’s content to new audiences. Or you could always have a link building relationship where each of you has to post the other site’s links a few times a month. Although the links are coming from the same domain name, search engines will still count them, and those links will look more natural as well.

Try to Appeal to as Many People as Possible

Batman and Robin had ways of be able to attract everyone in Gotham city. Either by saving them, the press, or by shining a light in the sky, all of them worked. You can do the same thing. While you might not being shining a light up in the sky, you can still come up with ways to increase your visibility on the internet. Use social media, press releases, blogs, and other tools to help get as many people interested in your site as possible.

Plan Your Strategies and Go In Hard

Batman has always been very strategic, which is why he is so effective at beating bad guys. The same things works with online marketing. The longer you take to fully understand and plan your marketing strategies, the more effective they are going to be. You should be researching your competition, your audience, your conversion rates, traffic, and every other aspect of your site.

Although Batman and Robin are not online marketing specialists, they still have some pretty great lessons to teach us about how to become successful and attract more and more people overtime.

About the Author:

Ness writes articles on behalf of MakeAWebsite. They have reviews on the most popular web hosts so make sure to visit their website and read reviews if you are currently looking for the perfect provider to host your site.

Blend Local Search Marketing - We're Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

Blend Local Search Marketing - We're Hiring!

We Want: A dynamic individual to join our team who will report to our Social Media Manager.

You will ideally have experience with online B2C marketing, Blogging, WordPress and the leading Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube & Google+ etc.) this will be a distinct advantage although full training and ongoing support will be given to the right candidate.

The motivated individual we seek must be able to read and write English as a first language, have a positive ‘can do’ attitude, be reliable and have access to a laptop and an Internet connection (This is a remote position)

Flexible Working Conditions and a Whole Lot More…

We offer flexible hours, locations, development and remuneration dependent on experience.

To Apply:  Wow us! Send your 1 page application letter telling us why we should hire you and including links to any previous related work or websites you have worked on to: impecommerce @ gmail (dot) com

Deadline: 8 November 2013

Good Luck!

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conversion rates

Conversion Rates

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” Jeff Eisenberg


Companies today are extremely focused on building their customer base and establishing a massive market for their products. It seems as though traffic is king when it comes to online interactions and the focus for many marketing campaigns. Companies feel as though if they can draw someone to their page, they should be able to make a sale of their products. By making efforts to massively draw traffic into their page regardless of where it’s coming from, many companies are successful in making sales.
However if the end game is sales, does it not make more sense to reach out to a small customer base to ensure continuous sales and a higher conversion rate?
Continuous sales are every startup companies dream. It will take a long time to build up a customer base to the point where a company can feel comfortable enough to expand. While many companies are making efforts to simply branch out and find new customers they forget about their existing customers for whom they could sell extra products.
Focusing more so on the conversion rate for the sale involves a bit more work than simply directing traffic.

A good social media account will be able to establish real interaction and loyalty with new customers so that a company has a much better shot at the conversion rate for continuous sales. Drawing traffic into your website is a great way to help boost your websites ranking, get your name out there and gained more notoriety, however it is the sales that will ensure the longevity of your business.
If you are a company that is struggling for sales turned to social media accounts and methods that you can use to connect with your customer base. Looking into social media management as well as online newsletters as a strategy for connecting with customers is a great way to double your conversion rate and double your sales through existing customers and visitors to your website.
If you need anymore helpful tips you can read our blog, or alternatively contact us today to see how we can help your business grow online.
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Conversion Rates

Modern Advertising

“When you break down all the fluff, there are two ways to promote and market your business: dumber, slower, and expensive- or smarter, faster, and cheaper.”


Advertising has changed significantly even over the past five years. In the past advertising a business required the help of a large labor force. People would have to get in touch with ad agencies as well as television stations, publications, radio stations and more in order to advertise their products or their company. Today however posting your own advertisements online can be done for mere pennies or even better with an established relationship from a high ranking page. As such, advertising is now smarter faster and cheaper than ever before.


The problem with this new revolution in marketing and advertising is that many companies are slow to jump on the bandwagon. Many existing retailers still continue to use the old methods without embracing some of the newer methods that are available. New social media websites are emerging each and every day to help people connect and advertise, it is important to do constant research to determine areas where you can reach your customers faster.

Many companies are experiencing great results from social media advertising. The advantage to using social media advertising is that you can very easily connect with your customer base online and is very inexpensive. Any user driven creative business page on Facebook or on Twitter, it really only costs your time. For large companies, social media management can require paid staff in order to keep track of advertising campaigns and customer messages, smaller companies can keep this up throughout the working day.

Embracing change in technology is part of the modern business world and in order to effectively advertise for the next generation, companies must be willing to direct their focus from older styles of advertising into advertising with new media. Traditional advertising is still very effective but for businesses who are looking to generate engagement while minimizing costs, online advertisements through social media is smarter, faster and cheaper.

If you want to boost your online presence, and explore new modern ways of advertising your business, you can contact us by clicking here. Alternatively join the revolution and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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                                                                     Modern Advertising


Social marketing

Are you a Follower?

“On Twitter we get excited if someone follows us. In real life we get really scared and run away.”

Social marketing

Isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come with social media even within just the past few years. From the initial creation of a few websites where people could connect, eventually spawned more intuitive systems such as twitter that now connect us in ways we never thought possible. Twitter has started a revolution in connecting people across classes, cultures and creeds. Ultimately a follow online could be all that it takes to open up a new online community.

Twitter is also heavily used by celebrities, television shows and the news media to connect their content directly to users as well as hear feedback from members of the general public. With interfaces like twitter our idols, our news and the consumer businesses that we use every day are much more accessible.

As annoying as it may be to have someone constantly looking over your shoulder and following you, on Twitter this type of mentality is encouraged and celebrated. Keeping up on tweets and sharing tweets is what helps to gain you more followers. As much as we might hate having real-life stalkers, online stalkers can make us feel good and appreciated for the content that we are posting.


Because of these feelings it seems as though the twitter pages with the most online “power” are that with the most followers and supporters. Still it is amazing just how much a single tweet can spread throughout the community. With just one good insight, you can start a trend and trends happen on twitter hourly if not daily. While it is advantageous to build a large following so that content that you post on twitter is seen by a large community, you would be surprised just how far good content can go even if you are starting with just a few followers on your twitter page.

Understanding the best strategies for Twitter is really important for your business, so you should it wisely. In case you need more help, feel free to give us a comment or contact us here.

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Are you a Follower? 

marketing online

The Best Way to Engage Honestly with the Marketplace

“The best way to engage honestly with the marketplace via Twitter is to never use the words “engage,” “honestly,” or “marketplace.”

marketing online

So many companies and individuals get extremely hung up when it comes to connecting with their marketplace. While there are many people using Twitter for promotional materials it is very important to consider that you shouldn’t make your tweets overt advertisements.

People can get very tired of the same tweets over and over again and desire some type of engaging content in order to keep them following your page. Remember while it is important to advertise your product online is much more important to connect with your customer base to establish a brand loyalty and rapport.

Connect with your audience

Producing some promotional materials or even something as simple as answering some user questions online can really help to connect and make you more honest and engaging in your own marketplace. Social media is something that you have to work at it you may want to consider even using management systems to stay on top of all of the incoming tweets that you might get in a day.

Social media is not something that you can just automate or post out once a day. You need to make yourself available to respond to tweets and also to treat engaging content regularly. So many companies try to force interaction by asking questions and simply posting statements over and over again on their page. By producing excellent and engaging content for your Twitter page this is how you can form interaction.

When and how to tweet

Making timely responses, re-tweeting users posts and replying when they ask questions or all in good practice to developing a brand loyalty online. Twitter is a tool that is meant to be used for interaction and interaction isn’t something that should be forced. The best way to sell products using Twitter and beginning an interaction with the fan base is by not letting people realize that you are trying to sell them anything at all. A great product will sell itself with great marketing strategy.

There are plenty of ways to do online marketing but if you don’t know how to do it wisely you could be harming your business. Contact us today to boost your online presence.

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The best way to engage honestly with the marketplace 

social media

Social Media is About the People! Not About Your Business

“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.”

social media

“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” – Matt Goulart

Social media

Many companies focus on social media with the standpoint of increasing their business sales. In reality social media is all about increasing the notoriety of your business as well as establishing loyalty with your customers. You can certainly drive sales through social media by posting new products and offers through your Twitter page, Facebook page or any other social media account that you might have but social media isn’t all about the sales.

Establishing a direct link between your customer base and your company is the true purpose of social media. Creating engaging content and regularly responding to your customers is one of the best ways that you can provide a high-quality social media experience. Instead of continuously posting links to new products, pose questions about how your products could be improved, work on forging relationships with valuable customers, and produce promotional material that lets people feel more connected to your company.

Make it personal 

By providing people with a link to your company that makes it feel more personal to them and offers a real connection to your products, you can work at establishing more loyalty. When people know how a product is made, who is working at your company and the types of ideas that you may have for the future they will be much more on board with everything that your company is planning as well as any future releases that you might have in mind for your product lines.

Taking consumer feedback online is also a great way that you can rapidly improve your products and understand some faults that might exist within your current product line. By providing this link to the people who are regularly purchasing your product and visiting your store locations, you can work at making them part of your company family I providing for them. Sales will result from this type of connection.

We would love to hear your questions and your feedback is very welcome. If you want to understand more about Social Media or get more attention for your business, feel free to contact us here.

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Social Media is About the People! Not About Your Business

Ranked Tomorrow


Google Penguin

Google Reader Is Officially Dead Today :( | Search Engine Journal –


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microsoft exchange - email solutions

Office Email Solutions for Small Business

Lately we have had a number of clients in the orthodontic vertical that require a robust secure and frankly better email hosts. We though this information would also benefit other local company’s looking for email solutions for small business.

Today, even with all the rapid advancements in technology and communication, when it comes to business, the good old telephone and email are still King.

Smartphone apps, Jing and cloud computing all have their place in a busy office but we rely on email more than we realize, whether its to confirm appointments, make enquiries, ask questions, send information and media like videos, photos and the occasional joke to a colleague.

Email provides a manageable thread of communication that can be searched and archived for easy retrieval and modern offices couldn’t live with out it.

If you’re email has gone down or you are loosing valuable customer correspondences to your spam filter you know how annoying and costly this can be.

With these thoughts in mind your business email accounts need to be safe, secure and robust so you can effectively communicate with your employees and customers. Security and archiving is especially important to your business if you are an Orthodontist, Dentist or other professional where you need to keep correspondence records for a long period of time.

We have researched the top 3 business email solution providers, so you can decide which one fits your business and budget and never have to worry about loosing another email again.

FuseMail - email for businessesFuseMail

Fusemail are a US based company that provides a convenient email service for small businesses. They strive to provide a high quality, professional service that has built in maximum security.

Access to emails can be obtained from any device as long as you have an Internet connection. So whether you are in the office, at home on a laptop or even on your smartphone, you are always connected and will never miss an email again.

Fusemail prices start from as little as $2 user/month and for with extra benefits like email archiving for 7 years from $5 user/month

HyperOffice - Email SolutionsHyperOffice

HyperOffice is a cloud based business email service.

They provide a reliable cloud based email solution that requires no expensive hardware or complex software installations. With their business email service, you can send and receive email, sync with Outlook and mac, access advanced email tools, and stay connected to your business with just an Internet connection. If you prefer, you can even push and manage email from almost every major mobile device in the market.

HyperOffice also rises to your advanced business email needs such as email archiving. You can protect, index and search information assets contained across company mailboxes, to serve all your professional email security, compliance and discovery needs.

HyperOffice prices start from $7 per month per user.

microsoft exchange - email solutionsMicrosoft Exchange

You get what you would expect from a software giant like Microsoft. A huge 25 GB of mailbox storage as standard and the ability to send attachments up to 25 megabytes.

Security is second to none with their premier anti-spam and antivirus filtering systems. Exchange also automatically archives to reduce email clutter.

Additionally users can connect to Microsoft Outlook if they like the look feel and of that platform from the Outlook Web App so mobile access is easy too.

Prices start from $5 per month.

If you have any other suggestions or have experience with these or other email business solutions share them with us in the comments section below.

Notes by Perry Stevens the hot rockin’, tea drinking and SEO lovin’ son of a gun in Bangkok. Join his circles here or contact us here.

Office Email Solutions for Small Businesses

Important Announcement

After considerable thought and consideration about our business partnership, Mr. Lee S Bannister and I would like to inform all as effective from Tuesday 9th April 2013 at 3.00pm we amicable dissolved the partnership known as Blend Local Search Marketing.

The decision we made were are based solely on professional reasons as to what is best for the company I started in 2008 and the vision of where I want to take it.

Lee has many fine qualities that should serve him well in the future with whatever he decides to do and we wish him well on his path to success.

Perry Stevens - CEO Blend Local Search Marketing LtdThe company shall now be know as Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd. We still have the same aim and mission to create cutting edge websites that rank high in the search engines, establish our clients as the ‘go to experts’ in their field of expertise and convert traffic with a high ROI. We strive to deliver a open, honest and transparent service where the customer is always king.

Perry Stevens is the CEO of Blend Local Search Marketing specialize in helping small businesses with Website Design, Local SEO & Social Media Marketing

All enquires can be directed to +44 203 114 5119, the ‘Get Instant Help’ messenger at the bottom right of the screen or on our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

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online reviews

How To Get More Local Online Reviews For Your Business That Stick

Are You Loosing Reviews? Fed up of Google’s Ever Changing Guidelines? Don’t Worry Help is at Hand!

If you manage a local business; a restaurant, orthodontist or hotel, you know the importance of gaining positive reviews from real customers on 3rd party review sites like Google My business, Yelp and City Search etc.

online reviewsPeople search online and on mobile devices for products and services saving themselves time from visiting numerous locations to find the products and services they are looking for. These motivated buyers visit 3rd party review sites to find out what others are saying about your business and often make up their minds whether or not you will get their business on other people’s experiences.

Great online reviews also act as great touch points for consumers to find you and to be drawn into your sales funnel as they also rank highly in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s) like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

With that being said, there has been a lot of talk and confusion of late relating to online reviews and how to get them ethically without them disappearing within a few days, or simply not appearing at all on Google My Business.

With this in mind, we have addressed the subject to clarify any misconceptions and avoid any possible penalties.

With a growing trend in mediums being used such as iPads and smart phones in business premises, there has been a direct correlation in the number of reviews being filtered out by Google and other review websites alike. This hasn’t happened my coincidence.

Review sites, especially Google My Business and Yelp from our experiences, really are taking no prisoners when it comes to filtering out reviews. It could be conceived as being slightly draconian in nature, but they are willing to lay the law down in order to keep their sites ‘spam’ free of any dodgy reviews.

We understand that 90% of the time there was no genuine intention to commit any foul play, it was simply not being aware of their often grey guidelines; however we are faced with having to play to their rules if we are to succeed online and beat our competition, there is no other way.

Take a look at our slideshare presentation:

The ABC Review Strategy

Perry Stevens is the CEO and Giovanni Greenard is the lead SEO Strategists at Blend Local Search Marketing, an innovative Internet marketing company based in Singapore. Blend Local Search Marketing specialize in helping small businesses with Website Design, Local SEO & Social Media Marketing.

You can follow us on Twitter: @perrytheimp @greenard20

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ABC Review Strategy - paypal

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  • Get 5 bespoke Review Handouts in PDF format
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How To Get More Local Online Reviews For Your Business That Stick


blend local search

Giving Your Business The Celebrity Status Through SEO


The secret to success in almost all businesses is to get popular among the masses. Being known gives people a chance to experience your products and services. In order to give your enterprise the celebrity-like attention that it deserves on the web, what you need is the right Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, providers to help you out.

What is SEO?

keyword researcha. This process involves different steps that enable a website to become more visible in the World Wide Web.

b. Visibility is essential because there are millions of other businessmen and websites online. It is important to stand out and get noticed so that more people would become aware of what an enterprise has to offer.

c. The techniques focus on search engines since these are the most visited spots in the internet each day. People immediately visit Yahoo, Google, and other engines in order to make queries that could help them in their daily tasks and functions.

What happens to a website that is optimized?

a. Whenever a website is optimized, it gets to have higher ranks in the results page.

b. For instance, a person is looking for the best brand of cameras. He types in the keywords “best camera brand” in the query box. The engines would then scan the entire web for sites that may contain what the person is looking for. A camera shop’s site that is optimized would have more chances of ending up at the top of the list.

c. Having high ranks is essential since market surveys reveal that nearly 80 percent of individuals no longer visit the sites that are listed after the first page.

d. A high ranking does not mean that a webpage has the best content. It is only seen as relevant because the content that it holds is properly organized and tweaked by special SEO techniques.

e. Without optimization, no matter how effective an enterprise’s products and services are, they would still end up at the bottom of the ranks. This would make it difficult for them to score potential clients.

What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Why hire experts?

a. The entire process of optimization is a complex one. It requires special skills and tools to become reliable and effective enough for an enterprise.

b. When done by amateurs, it might defeat the purpose of competing against the millions of other websites in the internet.

c. Experts can effectively design a page, organize its contents, and market it effectively.

d. The money that you pay them is a useful investment since the exposure that your business could gain could definitely promise you with more sales.

These days, the internet has already become the people’s new shopping mall. Their purchasing decisions are also greatly influenced by what the different online sources has to offer. Being able to make your enterprise obtain a celebrity-like popularity status in this media can surely reward you with an abundance of profits.

Want to be a guest blogger on this site? Simply contact us here!

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Tel: +44 203 114 5119


Giving Your Business The Celebrity Status Through SEO


Super SEO

Bad SEO Practices You Need To Always Avoid

Bad SEO Practices You Need To Always Avoid

I have used website SEO for my application development business site to make it rank much better over the last year, especially in my local area of Cleveland, Ohio USA. I implemented a number of strategies including keyword research for competitive and relevant search terms, appropriate keyword density per page, keywords in the title tag, minimal use of headers and a naturally conversant style of page content with just a few keywords included. These are all appropriate onsite optimization techniques or what they call “white hat” SEO. But what about the bad practices aka “black hat” SEO.  I would like to discuss some counterproductive site optimization techniques that you should always steer clear of. They can get you “red flagged” if not banned from the search indexes. If your URL isn’t visible anymore, then that defeats the purpose of even having a website to begin with.

On-Site SEO

Super SEO“A flash website” can be visually stunning, but it won’t get you very far with the search engines. They are crawling your site in search of text that will assist them with configuring your search rank. Takeaway – a picture is not worth a thousand words to a search engine, so don’t bother with this one.

“Cloaking” means designing your website so the search engines see one version and visitors see another. A word to the wise – don’t!

“Doorway pages” are highly optimized for one topic, but then redirect you to another page containing unrelated content after you click on one from the SERPs. Hint – no one likes to be tricked and that includes the search engines.

“Duplicated content” is another problem area with regard to article syndication. This is less risky and may not even carry an outright penalty. However, this can lower the ranking of the page in your site. In other words, your page that contains the article that has been syndicated on other sites now has less leverage with the search engines since it is not unique. Google, Bing and Yahoo prefer unique content.

“Hidden text” is a big no-no. The search engines will wise up to this very quickly and you could find yourself in search rank hot water.

“Keyword stuffing” is a big red flag that can get you in real trouble with the search engines. I have heard that a keyword density of more than 10% is considered to be keyword stuffing. This can get you penalized or even banned from the search indexes.

“Swap links” are also called reciprocal linking and they are one of the oldest tricks in the book. They are also very easy for the search engines to detect, so don’t waste your time here. Swap links represent a form of barter to the search engines. They want to see one way back links to your site, because this is more indicative of an endorsement of your website.

“Use of session ids in web pages” will do a very good job of creating confusion among the search engines. If the web crawler sees one session id in your web page now and a different session id when it reaches it later on, then it thinks it has found two different pages on the same site. Neither version will be ranked and further, your website will be perceived as unstable. Search engine web crawlers like to see static pages when they reach your site.

What are some examples of SEO misinformation?

Good SEO Practices

There are other boo-boos I could mention here, but I think you get the idea from what was discussed. Search engines are designed to reward those who contribute substance to the internet. Keep this in mind when you orchestrate your SEO and you will be fine. Please be sure to also visit my website to learn more about my computer repair services.

Want to be a guest blogger on this site? Simply contact us here!

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Bad SEO Practices You Need To Always Avoid

how to blog for business

How to Blog for Business – 14 Top Blogging Tips

How To Blog For Business 101

“Which Of These 14 Deadly Mistakes Is
Your SEO Company Making When Adding Your Blog Posts

Which Can Kill Your Website Positions &
Your Online Profits?”


If you want to profit from online marketing there has never been a better time. The reason is because of Google’s recent changes in how they choose which websites rank at the top of search pages.

With so much conflicting information and lies, and hiding the truth about how websites are really ranked online, some SEO companies are stealing a small fortunes from local businesses and providing next to no value to their clients who are unaware of the facts. Companies like yours are not getting the results they desire, and we think enough is enough!

Today we have put together a FREE Guide – How to Blog for Business. In this report; Which Of These 14 SEO Mistakes Is Killing Your Blog we reveal what should be included on your blog posts. One of the corner stones in helping your website increase its ranking’s and help your business thrive is New relevant and unique content on your site!

You’re probably already aware success online is divided into two parts, first of all attracting visitors to your website and second, converting them onto sales.

One of the best ways to acquire new customers and attracting them into your sales funnel is from the search engines but here’s the thing…

Most businesses get little or no visitors to their website and some are losing online presence because they are not optimized correctly for the keywords that will make you money. Simple Changes such as adding a XML site map is often overlooked, but these are vital components of success online. Also adding unique titles, and descriptions to pages is a must if you want success.

Social media buttons must be added on your website and you must be a talked about and social business now. Why? Because this gives the important signals to Google that you’re a real business of authority and it also helps your online rankings.

Did you know that one of the biggest killers for your website is duplicate content, yes I’ll say it again DUPLICATE CONTENT! Many companies are throwing up posts, with little or no thought and the consequences can be disastrous, before you know it you could see your website fall from the search pages completely. So before we spill the beans on the 14 killer mistakes lets reveal the 3 reasons why all this is crucial to you business today.


Revealed: The 3 Reasons Why Adding A Blog Posts To Your Website The Right Way Is Crucial To Your Business Success

1. What is the first reason why adding a post the right way to my website is important?

When you discover how to blog for business the right way it’s a win-win-win situation for everyone because your readers will love your content and spend longer on your page, reading the content, watching videos, making a comment and sharing it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Linkedin and now even Pinterest!

You must
get social share buttons on your site and create a great content that is unique, relevant and keyword friendly. When this is done correctly, the best thing of all is that your readers will promote your business for FREE! It’s word of mouth advertising on steroids.

2.  What is the second reason why adding a post the right way is crucial to my online Success?

Google will see that your readers and people searching for your products and services spend a long time on your site. This is an indicator for the search engines that you have great content that is relevant to those online searches made by your potential customers and they will reward you accordingly with higher SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) in plain English, you end up higher on Google and push your competition down the page.

3. What’s the third reason adding a blog post the right way is important to my business success?

Google doesn’t just rank websites is ranks pages and posts too, so when you add posts that are valuable, optimized correctly and people read, you will be happy because you will get found more online. Your phone will be ringing of the hook with people who are ready to invest in your products and services, you’ll start to dominate Google with more and more listings and keyword phrases in SERP’s and you will start achieving multiple listings for similar phrases and leaving your competition high and dry and all the while getting an excellent ROI.

“Before We Reveal The 14 Killer Mistakes When Making A Post, Lets Look At A Typical Blog Post!”

how to blog for businessI’m not going pass comment on the blog post above, I’m sure you have seen dozens like it before. It’s not very exciting though is it?

Did you know that to cut and paste and article and add a photograph on a blog is only about 5% of the potential you can get out of it. There is little to no SEO benefit to it and it doesn’t invite any readers to invest any time it or indeed share it. Read on if you want to discover how to blog for business successfully…


“If Your Headline Doesn’t Exist You Are Leaving Money On The Table As Your Prospects Will Be Off In A Flash To Your Competitors Websites!”


Now, lets have a look how to make a blog post that ROCKS!


how to blog for business

…So What Were Those 14 Killer Website Mistakes That SEO Companies Make again?

1. Headline #1. First we need a compelling headline that includes the Keyword or phrase you want to rank for. This is called a H1 tag in SEO lingo. It works in two ways. Firstly like a newspaper headline it makes the post sticky and people stay on the site, and secondly it notifies the search engines what your post is about at helps the post rank online for that phrase.

2. Internal Links – We need 2 or 3 (anchor text) links that conect through to another relevant page on your website. These are often called hyper links by people, they are the  links that are in the actual text, In the example below the phrase ‘perfect teeth’ links to the ‘Before & After’ Page.

how to blog for business

3. Name You Photos – Photographs should be named with the keyword that you want to rank the page for when they are uploaded to your site.

This is called an ALT tag in SEO lingo. If the photo doesn’t load for some reason a name placeholder with the keyword will appear. More importantly the search engine bots reads it and this tag helps to tell Google what the page is really about, this increases the optimization of the page for the relevant keyword.

This is something that most websites are not optimized for and shows the difference between the experts and the cowboys.

how to blog for business

4. Video, Video, Video – Every blog post should have a video on it. If you don’t have a video you have produced yourself then take a relevant video from Youtube and embed it on the page. Try to find a relevant video with high viewing figures for best results.

Why do you want a video in your blog post? It’s what we call ‘sticky content’. What I mean by this is it will keep your viewers on the page longer. This helps to give a vote of confidence to Google that your site is a good site. This will boost your rankings, also remember Google own Youtube, so they like to optimize there own stuff, so do it!

Become The Known Local Expert With Video!

Now I’m only an armchair psychologist but the first point to note is people do business with people. We don’t do business with businesses! So you need to establish yourself as the rock star or celebrity in your area of expertise. The quickest and most effective way we can do this by using video

Video allows the viewers to get to know, like and trust you. When they know, like and trust you they will do business with you. That’s human nature.

Think about your business relationships for a moment. You probably meet some people and play golf, wine and dine others and even recommend them to your peers. You invest your time with these people because you know, like and trust them and then life becomes a little easier. We all would like an easier life, right?

5. SEO Trick – A cool little SEO trick that most people miss is to copy the name of the video and paste it above or below your video on the page. Then link the video name back to the Youtube page. Don’t ask me why this seems to work well, but it does!

how to blog for business

6 Headline #2 – Think of your blog post as a newspaper or magazine article. In magazines they break the copy up with headers, sub- headers and photos (and lots of ads). For the benefit of our readers and the search engine we use a H2 tag. Never use two H1 tags, as this will confuse the search engines.

7. External Link – Similar to the links in #2 but this time we don’t link to another relevant page on our website but we will link out to an ‘authority site’, a site liked by Google. Doing this is like making a vote of confidence to them but you get recognized and associated with them in Google’s eyes.

In the above example it’s the business Facebook page. It could be an industry association, University, Youtube Channel or even wikipedia. This demonstrates to the search engines that you are confident enough to allow your reader to further their understanding of your blog topic.

We only want one external link on the page as we don’t want to loose our reader. If possible make the link ‘no-follow’ so you don’t leak any Google juice from your site.

 8 See (3) ALT tags!!

“Are You Still With Us? Keep Going…Learning How to Blog for Business isn’t Difficult. To Do If You Have The Expert Knowledge…

But Many Don’t Know How To Do It… Or Have The Time or Invested Interest To Do It!

9. Headline #3 – The first headline is called a H1 tag, the second headline is called a H2 tag, the third headline is called a…. yep you guessed it, a H3 Tag (See #1 and 6)

10. Contact Us – At the end of every blog post ensure you have an internal link that takes your readers to your contact page. Remember we want to make it easy as possible for everyone visiting your blog to contact you by any means possible.

Your website is your shop window to the world. We need to entice them in and walk through the front door!

11. Call To Action – Have a clear call to action. Don’t be afraid to tell your readers what to do next. If you don’t tell them they will disappear. Tell them to contact you, write a comment below, tweet the blog post or share it on Facebook. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, but be nice!

(Hint, Hint!) If you like this report you may want to share it with your friends and business associates!!

12. Who Are You – Include your business name, full address and contact information at the foot of every blog post. This again will help you achieve better rankings in local search results.

“Nearly There… YES! It’s Time Consuming Reading. Let Alone Doing This For Every Post However…”

13. The Final Thing – Take the headline (H1) of your post and ensure it is the last thing on the page. This should be in the regular font and not a H1, H2 or H3. I like to change the color of the font too, don’t ask me why; I’m just strange like that!

14. There Isn’t A 14 – But I didn’t want to finish this paper on 13, I’m not superstitious but hey it’s the number 13 right!. So I thought I’d let you know that all the blogs we build have a ‘Translate’ button on them. Not everyone speaks English (I know I struggle sometimes) and as we are in the business of communication, it makes perfect sense to be able to communicate to as many people as possible. This little button goes some way of doing that.

“If You Want Success Online Would Do You Settle For Just 5% Or Insist On A 100% SEO’d Blog Post? Most SEO Companies Don’t Do It, It takes Time! But Doing It Right Can Make All The Difference To Enhance Your Profits, So At Blend Local Search Marketing We Ensure That It’s Done 100% Every Time”

So… we outlined in this guide the essential steps on how to blog for business, they are here to serve you, and show you the important factors when putting up a post on your website, to help you optimize the post and boost the rankings of your site.

At Blend Local Search Marketing we truly care about your success and we believe that by being open and transparent is the best way. We hope that you found this guide useful.

So you know your website is the foundation of success online but it is a little bit like baking a cake, you need all the pieces in the right place to get the recipe of success!

Want to Know How to Start a Blog?

We came across a wonderful free resource: The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Blogging. Check it out, we highly recommend you do!


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How to Blog for Business – 14 Top Blogging Tips

best online marketing methods

The Best Online Marketing Methods

The Best Online Marketing Methods

Attracting more people to your website is important if you want to enhance branding, increase your customers and enjoy higher profits. Of course, website promotion takes some work on your part. The good news is that you can use a variety of online marketing methods as a party of your website promotion strategy. If you’re just getting started or you need a better marketing strategy, here is a look at some of the best online marketing methods you can use for great website promotion.

Method #1 – Article Marketing

One of the top online marketing methods to use for website promotion is article marketing. This strategy works by writing articles on topics related to your website and then submitting them to an article website. When you submit your articles, you have the opportunity to add a resource box at the end of the article. Within this resource box, you can include your website address. People looking for good information on a particular subject often search for good articles that offer that information. Writing articles can help you establish yourself as an expert and you can get your website address out there, building helpful backlinks to your site.

Method #2 – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is another online marketing method you’ll definitely want to use. This method focuses on what you can do on your own website to optimize it for the search engines. You may have a great website, but if people cannot find you, you have a problem. Using SEO techniques on your website can increase your rankings on popular search engines, bringing in more targeted traffic to your website.

Method #3 – Social Media Marketing

best online marketing methodsSocial media marketing is one of the newer online marketing methods, but it’s proving to be one of the most effective. This includes using social networking and media websites like Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest. Connecting with people is important if you want to bring them to your website and convert them into customers. Social media marketing allows you to connect with people in new ways, increasing brand recognition and bringing more visitors to your website.

Of course, these are only a few of the online marketing methods you can use to successfully promote your website. Blogging, email marketing and publishing press releases are all excellent methods that you may want to use as well. Begin using these excellent marketing methods and you’ll begin to see great results on your website, boosting visitors, conversions and profit.


Local business from London to Los Angeles can contact Blend Local Search Marketing for website builds, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO) and bespoke, turnkey Internet marketing services. We are a results driven company and do not tie you into any contracts what-so-ever. Our clients stay with us because of our level of service and the high ROI they receive. But don’t take our word for it, click here to read some of our unsolicited testimonials or contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve and surpass your online objective.

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The Best Online Marketing Methods

Foursquare for Local Businesses

Foursquare For Business

The Foursquare for Business Mobile App

If you are a local business who want to attract and engage with new customers then you need to claim your Foursquare for business page. With many customers now using their smartphones to find local business, it pays to be on Foursquare. So what is 4Sq? Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform that makes cities easier to navigate and more interesting to explore. By allowing your customers to “check in” via the Foursquare Mobile app, users share their location (your business premises) with friends while collecting points and virtual badges.

Foursquare for Your Business

Foursquare for BusinessIt’s vitally important to claim your business on Foursquare. Foursquare guides real-world experiences by allowing users to bookmark information about venues that they want to visit and surf relevant suggestions about nearby venues. Businesses and brands can leverage the foursquare platform by utilizing a wide set of tools to obtain, engage, and retain customers and audiences.

With millions of people checking in every day, foursquare allows you to find new customers and form deeper connections with your best ones.

Whether you’re a restaurant, bookstore, bar, concert hall, garage, department store, coffee shop or anywhere else people can check in, this is the real deal for you. Foursquare have built in a bunch of free tools for your business: from offering ‘Specials’ to learning about your customers to keeping your foursquare listing updated.

Claim Your Business on Foursquare

To get started you need to register your business and verify that you’re the owner or manager of your location. Then create a ‘Special’

Once you’ve claimed your business on foursquare, you get full access to real-time data about your customers, including:

  • Total daily check-ins over time
  • Your most recent visitors
  • Your most frequent visitors
  • Gender breakdown of your customers
  • What time of day people check in
  • Portion of your venue’s foursquare check-ins that are broadcast to Twitter and Facebook

It’s super useful, and can be used to tailor your Specials (or even your business). And, of course, it’s all free.

The Foursquare Mobile App is available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android WebOS, Symbian, S40 and Windows Phone.

Discover more about the Foursquare for Business and get your Mobile App here

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 Foursquare for Business Mobile App

Inspirational Marketing Quotes #1

Top 5 Inspirational Marketing Quotes

Our Top 5 Inspirational Marketing Quote

We asked our team here at Blend Local Search Marketing for some of their favorite motivational and inspirational marketing quotes. We jotted them down on postits and stuck the up on a mac to photograph. Hope you enjoy them and let us know what is inspiring you at work or in business today.

Inspirational Marketing Quotes #1

Social Media is just a buzz word until you come up with a plan – Anon

InspirationalMarketing Quotes #2

Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology – B. Solis.

InspirationalMarketing Quotes #3

The future of local search is mobile. No-one leaves home without their phone – Perry Stevens.

Inspirational Marketing Quotes #4

We are currently not planning on conquering the world! – Sergey Brin.

Inspirational Marketing Quotes #5

New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium – Ben Grossman

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Top 5 Inspirational Marketing Quotes

how to use twitter for business marketing

How to use Twitter for Business Marketing

5 Twitter Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses to interact with customers and promote new products and services and, like most forms of social media, it relies on high quality communication and frequent updates. However, many businesses fail to understand Twitter, and aren’t able to successfully utilise the platform. Learning Twitter etiquette and avoiding some basic mistakes can ensure that a business has an effective presence on the social network.

How to use Twitter for Business Marketing

1) Make Sure It’s Active how to use twitter for business marketing

Twitter accounts require a lot of hard work and effort, and some businesses have dedicated staff working on there social media platforms. Although this is not feasible for some businesses, a Twitter account that has been created for the purpose of a few sporadic tweets has no value to customers or potential clients. Very few people will want to follow the feed and will quickly realise that it is an afterthought for the business. The Twitter account should also be advertised by the business on any other platforms that they currently have. Whether it be on the company website or through communication and documentation, a small footer linking to the Twitter account will let customers and clients know that it exists.

2) Follow Users

The quickest way to communicate to customers and clients is to follow lots of other users. New business accounts should follow other accounts that they typically would associate with their type of business. This way, new accounts can make quality tweets that may get retweeted by established accounts which will be seen by other users. It can be hard at first to reach customers directly, but a business following customers in the hopes of getting a new follower will seem strange to the customer. They will wonder why a business has chosen to follow them and read their tweets.

3) Always Be Searching

It is easy to find tweets that mention a business or a brand, even if they haven’t be sent as a ‘Mention’ or as part of a hashtag. The Twitter search function is incredibly useful, and it can be a good way to find tweets that don’t appear in the Twitter feed. It can reveal what customers or clients are saying about the business, and it gives a good opportunity to communicate with them directly if necessary.

4) Strictly For Business

Twitter accounts should always reflect the business they are representing. An account can have a voice and a personality to set it apart from other businesses, but it should never engage in conversations and arguments or have personal quips or anecdotes. This can seem unprofessional, and it may be difficult to affiliate this sort of account with the business.

5) Interact With Followers

Many telecommunication and technology companies use Twitter for customer support. Although they are limited by the 140 character count, they can reply to users with status updates or support. The support may be brief, but it lets customers know that Twitter is a viable and effective way to communicate with the company. As some simple support issues can be resolved by, for example, telling customers that there are national or local issues that are being looked at by engineers, Twitter can be an effective way to manage and deal with customer questions. Always try to reply to customers if there is a professional reason to do so.

Will Kurtz writes on wide range of marketing issues pertaining to both old and new media, always from a business perspective.

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 How to use Twitter for Business Marketing

Make Super Slick Video Marketing For Your Business

How Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business

Many online entrepreneurs ignore the power of video marketing and video SEO as a tool because they believe it’s either too expensive or too complicated.  Maybe you believe that the skills required to make great video ads are genetic traits.   The truth is you don’t have to be a Spielberg to make great videos.  Best of all, you can make professional video ads for your business using tools that are 100% free.

All Video Sites - The ListCreative Commons License HH-Michael via Compfight The approach I’ll be covering today isn’t a low-budget, webcam infomercial.  Those can work, but most of us would rather not step in front of the camera.  If we did, we’d be actors not entrepreneurs. What I’m going to share with you is a method for making polished video presentations with a few powerful, free tools.

Prezi – Like PowerPoint…Just Better and Free

The best tool in my video arsenal is Prezi, an online software application that allows you to create presentations similar to PowerPoint.  The difference with Prezi is that instead of working with slides, you build your presentation on an “art board.”

When creating a presentation in Prezi, you simply upload the images you want to use then add text and shapes.  The images, text and shapes can then be “framed.”  This creates a focal point for the Prezi camera.  The frames are then connected using the path tool to emphasize text and images via pan and zoom and create transitions from one frame to the next.

This approach creates a greater sense of movement than what can be achieved with PowerPoint and creates a more cinematic experience for the viewer.

Prezi has an incredibly intuitive interface that’s easy to learn and use.  Positioning, scaling and rotating images and text is all done with the click and drag of your mouse.  There are a variety of built-in templates for creating presentations that are a great starting point but don’t be afraid to start with a blank canvas and let inspiration be your guide.

The basic edition of Prezi is free and should be all you’ll ever need to create stunning presentations for your business.  There is a small Prezi brand watermark in the lower left hand corner of presentations made with the free edition of Prezi.  If it’s a bother, you can remove it by purchasing the $59/year subscription but the logo is hardly noticeable.

Adding Narration and Music

A picture may worth a thousand words, but adding sound to your presentation is a must.  Write a script to convey your marketing message and then find some suitable music to play in the background.  You can find a large catalog of free music online at sites like  Be sure to pay attention to the creative commons licensing and be only use those tracks that are licensed for commercial use.

To edit the audio tracks together, you can use a free audio editing software tool called Audacity which can record your voice through your built-in PC microphone.  Good quality audio is important, so if you don’t like the sound you’re getting from the built-in mic then consider buying a decent computer microphone.

Once you’ve recorded your narration, you can add the music track in Audacity and export the tracks to an .mp3 file format.

Converting Your Prezi to Video with Audio

Your Prezi can’t be uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing sites without being converted to an accepted video file format.  In order to do this you will need to use screen capture software.  There are a variety of free screen capture applications available that will output to .avi, .wmv or .mp4 file formats accepted by YouTube.

To convert the Prezi you will use the screen capture software to record the Prezi as it plays along with the audio file you recorded using Audacity.   While there are plenty of free options out there for screen capture, I prefer an inexpensive tool from TechSmith called SnagIt.  It’s $49.95, but you can use it free for 30 days.  That’s plenty of time to make tons of video ads.

If your on a budget, check out CamStudio, an open-source video screen capture tool that works well.

The Process Step-by-Step

Here’s the steps one more time:

  1. Create a presentation using Prezi.
  2. Record your narration track and add background music using Audacity.
  3. Play the full screen Prezi presentation and narration mp3 at the same time and capture with SnagIt or CamStudio as an mp4 file.
  4. Upload to your YouTube channel and other video sharing sites.

The author of this article is an e-commerce store owner and big advocate of video advertising for free traffic and improved search engine rankings for your site.  Check out Rob’s info-packed e-commerce book, E-Commerce Blueprint:  The Step-by-Step Guide to Online Store Success, available at Amazon’s Kindle Store now. 

Allow us to help you dominate online for your profitable keywords using the power of video marketing. Contact Blend Local Search Marketing today!

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Video Marketing for Business

Can Local Businesses Afford Not To Be in The Google Top 3 Search Results?

20% of Google Searches Have Local Intent

In May of 2012 Google had 11.3 Billion explicit searches – up 3% (Comscore) It’s be reported by Google that 20 percent of all searches across its properties are of local intent. And not surprisingly that figure jumps up to 40 percent when we’re talking about searches from mobile devices.

Comscore Search Report May 2012

What is more interesting to note is that 60% of local searches that take place on Google result in a sale. So now more than ever, it is clear to see customers are searching online and buying offline and if your business isn’t found in the top 3 places in Google search results you are missing out on huge profits now and in the future.

Case Studies


Elizabeth is a busy working mom. She is looking to have her daughters teeth straightened and wants to find a local orthodontist. Will she:

a) Take here daughter out of school and drive around to 3 or 4 orthodontists to ‘check them out’ and have a free consultation. Along the way incurring fuel and parking costs and the loss of time from both school and work.


b) Search Google for an Orthodontist. View the top 3 websites, watch their videos, read their reviews, check them out on Facebook and schedule an initial consultation. All from the comfort from her home or office while enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Of course option b) wins every time.


Giovanni and his friends want to find a sports bar to watch the big game. Do they:

a) Walk aimlessly around the streets asking for directions and recommendations and miss the first half…


b) Take out the smartphones and search on Google for sports bar in their current location. They also check out foursquare for local deals and discover a sports bar nearby that has a 2-4-1 offer on bottled beer during the big game.

Again option b) wins every time and Giovanni and his friends enjoy their beers and the game while the bar owner is raking in healthy profits from his new found customers.

You customers are out there looking for your products and services online and from the mobile devices and if you’re not on page 1 of Google in the top three positions you are missing out on huge profits every single day.


So How Do You Get in the Top 3 Positions on Google?

– Firstly you need to claim your Google+ Local listing (formerly Google Maps and Google Places) and complete the page with your business name, address and contact details, opening times, method of payment, photos and videos.

– Secondly you need to have a website and ensure it is optimized for the keywords people are typing into Google to find your products and services.

– Thirdly you need to have a search engine optimization strategy that Google likes and will reward you with higher results on its pages.

– And fourthly you will need to get more social on the web on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare and Pinterest.

When you take action and consistent interaction you will start seeing results in your business as more customers find you a whole lot easier.


Blend Local Search Marketing Are Here to Help You!

We are passionate about helping local businesses succeed online and have a proven track record getting business in the UK and USA more customers and more profits. We can help you to!

We are currently offering serious business owners a complete overview of their business online that includes: a complete website analysis, profit keywords recommendations, social media influence/engagement and search engine optimization.

We pull no punches in our reports and tell you honestly, warts and all, the exact state of your online presence. You are free to take our recommendations and hand them to your webmaster to implement or enlist our help. Either way you are under no obligation but we believe our continued help and advice will work wonders for your business.



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Can Local Businesses Afford Not To Be in The Google Top 3 Search Results?

The Art of Creating Blogs That Get Results Right From Day One!

The Art of Creating Blogs That Get Results Right From Day One!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant (Guest Blogger)

Blogs are in! Blogs are omnipresent! Blogs are the future of the ‘net! All true but what is a blog… and how do you profit from it?

Purists may offer a different definition (purists usually do)… but to me, the complete capitalist, a blog is and always will be about one thing: making money. Every day. All the time.

Let me say this another way because for far too many people blogs are an unbridled (and correspondingly horrifying) excess of vanity, self-gratification, arrogance, not to mention an avalanche of incredibly boring stuff and Things You Don’t Want To Know. Yes,  too many smart people use them as a cheap form of venting and therapy.

But (my recommendations in hand) you won’t. You’ll stay forever focused on the main chance: using your blog to generate prospect leads… and make money. Now… dig in. I am about to deliver an embarrass du choix  for big blog bucks.

Train your readers to be responsive

Blogs for BusinessCreative Commons License Brett L. via Compfight If you intend to use your blog to make money, you must train your readers to be responsive. Otherwise, you will dramatically curtail and limit your responses (and blog profits)… which is the exact opposite of what you want.

The Internet is, at its best,  the best interactive tool in the galaxy. But what if readers don’t understand that? Why, then, mon frere, you must remind them of their duty… you must remind them that yours is a fully interactive endeavor and that the responsibility of EVERY reader is – to respond. Ensuring this result is your #1 objective.

A blog is NOT a standard newspaper or magazine… as readers must be told and trained to use.

Consider the case of your morning newspaper. It is packed with articles. How many do you respond to? Silly question, right? Periodical readers, except on the occasions they have  a bee in their bonnets and write a Letter to the Editor, never respond to articles. They just read ’em.

But a blog is essentially different. You want to bring articles and information of interest and importance to your readers; you want them to respond. In other words, blog content should trigger a continuing stream of reader commentary… and help build knowledge about these readers as well as build the relationships that deliver business effortlessly.

Establish a confidential tone from the get-go

Your readers (whether they ever say so or not) will read your blog (as opposed to a million others) because you give them interesting copy that the rest of the world cannot deliver. It’s not just that Enquiring Minds Want To Know: it’s that these minds want to know things they cannot easily get anywhere else.

Thus your tone is everything: let the reader know that yours is a fresh, new, entirely compelling voice. The more you let them know that yours is an “insider” place, a locale of smart commentary delivered with wit, insight, good humor and progressive outlook, the better.

Always use the second person — YOU! —  in your blog content

Blogs are the most person-centered of media. Thus, you must always speak to your readers in the second person, that is with an explicit or implied “you” (the blog reader). This will immediately establish the right tone… and the right focus.  Your readers must understand that you are writing to them, for them.

Whenever possible, too, use your blog as a means to speak to individual readers BY NAME, just like Ann Landers, the famous “gossip” columnist used to do, with such devices as “Special for Lola Mae in Seattle.” You should regard each issue as incomplete that does not address some pertinent, personal comment to at least one reader by name.

Share (select) personal data and reflections about yourself

Remember, blogs are, by definition, personal. That means you should share (some) personal information with your readers; asking them to share (some) personal data with you.

This policy, while establishing stronger and more enduring links with your readers, also has in it the seeds of embarrassment,discomfort, even disaster. Reason? It’s easy to put things in your blog about yourself which are too personal, too intimate. And by the same token, your readers might share such things with you, for publication.

Actung! Cuidado! Beware! Think long and hard before you publish. Once you hit the send key, your thought and candid revelation belong to the world.

Ask especially for reader comment on all articles you publish

Blogs - Why Aren't You Blogging for Business? The articles you publish in your blog may be, of course, on any subject you regard as significant. But blogs by business people should be about how to run such a business with such-and-such products for maximum profit. In other words, if you’re selling automobiles… blog articles (“content”) should be germaine to this topic, above all.

As you publish such articles, ask readers to comment. As comments come in be sure to use (and then later reuse) them. What people say in reference to your blog content is worthy of publication… and your comment.

Make sure that you request responding readers to include complete name, business name (where appropriate), email address, and phone. Remember, reader comments are not so much about the substance of the comment, as they are about getting the reader to respond, tell  you what interests her, and provide complete follow-up details. This is absolutely essential. Creative Commons License Mike Licht via Compfight

Follow up blog comments and responses at once

What more business? Following these steps ensures you will get a steady stream of the best prospect leads in the world… from people who already “know” you (or at least think they do), are interested in what you offer, and have provided you with complete follow-up details.

Thus, pick up the phone and call readers (now prospects) who respond to you… unless, of course, you have been the smartest cookie, given them your phone, and advised them to CALL you.

The telephone, you see, is essential for making your blog profitable for you. You must say and constantly reiterate the need to call you, as Jeanette McDonald sang, “I am calling you……………. will you answer true…….? Get the picture?

Last words

Face it. Blogs are here to stay. People love ’em. Thus, the real question is: will you do the necessary to ensure that the time and money you invest in  your blog pays off? To ensure that it does, implement these recommendations ASP… if not  sooner. Then blog your way to profits that increase as fast as your list.

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Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online.

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