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Blend Local Search Marketing CEO, Perry Stevens and Operations Manager Giovanni Greenard were recently invited to be guest on an upcoming webinar for 150 leading orthodontists.

A short survey was sent out to the members via Survey Monkey and 30 people responded. The answers were particularly interesting in getting to know the audience, find out where they needed help online and deliver a benefit driven webinar. Read more

Blogging with Hummingbird

How to Blog for Business Success with Google’s Hummingbird

Blogging with HummingbirdOf  late there has been a lot of talk on and offline about Google’s new Algorithm named ‘Hummingbird‘. Hummingbird unlike Penguin and Panda is not a algorithm update, but a whole new algorithm. So what does this mean for content marketing and search results?
I reached out to the professional blogging community and asked the question “In the light of Google’s new ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm, what would you say are the top three essential blogging techniques for success?” Here are some of the replied we received:

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Ranked Tomorrow


Google Penguin

Google Reader Is Officially Dead Today :( | Search Engine Journal –


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how to blog for business

How to Blog for Business – 14 Top Blogging Tips

How To Blog For Business 101

“Which Of These 14 Deadly Mistakes Is
Your SEO Company Making When Adding Your Blog Posts

Which Can Kill Your Website Positions &
Your Online Profits?”


If you want to profit from online marketing there has never been a better time. The reason is because of Google’s recent changes in how they choose which websites rank at the top of search pages.

With so much conflicting information and lies, and hiding the truth about how websites are really ranked online, some SEO companies are stealing a small fortunes from local businesses and providing next to no value to their clients who are unaware of the facts. Companies like yours are not getting the results they desire, and we think enough is enough!

Today we have put together a FREE Guide – How to Blog for Business. In this report; Which Of These 14 SEO Mistakes Is Killing Your Blog we reveal what should be included on your blog posts. One of the corner stones in helping your website increase its ranking’s and help your business thrive is New relevant and unique content on your site!

You’re probably already aware success online is divided into two parts, first of all attracting visitors to your website and second, converting them onto sales.

One of the best ways to acquire new customers and attracting them into your sales funnel is from the search engines but here’s the thing…

Most businesses get little or no visitors to their website and some are losing online presence because they are not optimized correctly for the keywords that will make you money. Simple Changes such as adding a XML site map is often overlooked, but these are vital components of success online. Also adding unique titles, and descriptions to pages is a must if you want success.

Social media buttons must be added on your website and you must be a talked about and social business now. Why? Because this gives the important signals to Google that you’re a real business of authority and it also helps your online rankings.

Did you know that one of the biggest killers for your website is duplicate content, yes I’ll say it again DUPLICATE CONTENT! Many companies are throwing up posts, with little or no thought and the consequences can be disastrous, before you know it you could see your website fall from the search pages completely. So before we spill the beans on the 14 killer mistakes lets reveal the 3 reasons why all this is crucial to you business today.


Revealed: The 3 Reasons Why Adding A Blog Posts To Your Website The Right Way Is Crucial To Your Business Success

1. What is the first reason why adding a post the right way to my website is important?

When you discover how to blog for business the right way it’s a win-win-win situation for everyone because your readers will love your content and spend longer on your page, reading the content, watching videos, making a comment and sharing it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Linkedin and now even Pinterest!

You must
get social share buttons on your site and create a great content that is unique, relevant and keyword friendly. When this is done correctly, the best thing of all is that your readers will promote your business for FREE! It’s word of mouth advertising on steroids.

2.  What is the second reason why adding a post the right way is crucial to my online Success?

Google will see that your readers and people searching for your products and services spend a long time on your site. This is an indicator for the search engines that you have great content that is relevant to those online searches made by your potential customers and they will reward you accordingly with higher SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) in plain English, you end up higher on Google and push your competition down the page.

3. What’s the third reason adding a blog post the right way is important to my business success?

Google doesn’t just rank websites is ranks pages and posts too, so when you add posts that are valuable, optimized correctly and people read, you will be happy because you will get found more online. Your phone will be ringing of the hook with people who are ready to invest in your products and services, you’ll start to dominate Google with more and more listings and keyword phrases in SERP’s and you will start achieving multiple listings for similar phrases and leaving your competition high and dry and all the while getting an excellent ROI.

“Before We Reveal The 14 Killer Mistakes When Making A Post, Lets Look At A Typical Blog Post!”

how to blog for businessI’m not going pass comment on the blog post above, I’m sure you have seen dozens like it before. It’s not very exciting though is it?

Did you know that to cut and paste and article and add a photograph on a blog is only about 5% of the potential you can get out of it. There is little to no SEO benefit to it and it doesn’t invite any readers to invest any time it or indeed share it. Read on if you want to discover how to blog for business successfully…


“If Your Headline Doesn’t Exist You Are Leaving Money On The Table As Your Prospects Will Be Off In A Flash To Your Competitors Websites!”


Now, lets have a look how to make a blog post that ROCKS!


how to blog for business

…So What Were Those 14 Killer Website Mistakes That SEO Companies Make again?

1. Headline #1. First we need a compelling headline that includes the Keyword or phrase you want to rank for. This is called a H1 tag in SEO lingo. It works in two ways. Firstly like a newspaper headline it makes the post sticky and people stay on the site, and secondly it notifies the search engines what your post is about at helps the post rank online for that phrase.

2. Internal Links – We need 2 or 3 (anchor text) links that conect through to another relevant page on your website. These are often called hyper links by people, they are the  links that are in the actual text, In the example below the phrase ‘perfect teeth’ links to the ‘Before & After’ Page.

how to blog for business

3. Name You Photos – Photographs should be named with the keyword that you want to rank the page for when they are uploaded to your site.

This is called an ALT tag in SEO lingo. If the photo doesn’t load for some reason a name placeholder with the keyword will appear. More importantly the search engine bots reads it and this tag helps to tell Google what the page is really about, this increases the optimization of the page for the relevant keyword.

This is something that most websites are not optimized for and shows the difference between the experts and the cowboys.

how to blog for business

4. Video, Video, Video – Every blog post should have a video on it. If you don’t have a video you have produced yourself then take a relevant video from Youtube and embed it on the page. Try to find a relevant video with high viewing figures for best results.

Why do you want a video in your blog post? It’s what we call ‘sticky content’. What I mean by this is it will keep your viewers on the page longer. This helps to give a vote of confidence to Google that your site is a good site. This will boost your rankings, also remember Google own Youtube, so they like to optimize there own stuff, so do it!

Become The Known Local Expert With Video!

Now I’m only an armchair psychologist but the first point to note is people do business with people. We don’t do business with businesses! So you need to establish yourself as the rock star or celebrity in your area of expertise. The quickest and most effective way we can do this by using video

Video allows the viewers to get to know, like and trust you. When they know, like and trust you they will do business with you. That’s human nature.

Think about your business relationships for a moment. You probably meet some people and play golf, wine and dine others and even recommend them to your peers. You invest your time with these people because you know, like and trust them and then life becomes a little easier. We all would like an easier life, right?

5. SEO Trick – A cool little SEO trick that most people miss is to copy the name of the video and paste it above or below your video on the page. Then link the video name back to the Youtube page. Don’t ask me why this seems to work well, but it does!

how to blog for business

6 Headline #2 – Think of your blog post as a newspaper or magazine article. In magazines they break the copy up with headers, sub- headers and photos (and lots of ads). For the benefit of our readers and the search engine we use a H2 tag. Never use two H1 tags, as this will confuse the search engines.

7. External Link – Similar to the links in #2 but this time we don’t link to another relevant page on our website but we will link out to an ‘authority site’, a site liked by Google. Doing this is like making a vote of confidence to them but you get recognized and associated with them in Google’s eyes.

In the above example it’s the business Facebook page. It could be an industry association, University, Youtube Channel or even wikipedia. This demonstrates to the search engines that you are confident enough to allow your reader to further their understanding of your blog topic.

We only want one external link on the page as we don’t want to loose our reader. If possible make the link ‘no-follow’ so you don’t leak any Google juice from your site.

 8 See (3) ALT tags!!

“Are You Still With Us? Keep Going…Learning How to Blog for Business isn’t Difficult. To Do If You Have The Expert Knowledge…

But Many Don’t Know How To Do It… Or Have The Time or Invested Interest To Do It!

9. Headline #3 – The first headline is called a H1 tag, the second headline is called a H2 tag, the third headline is called a…. yep you guessed it, a H3 Tag (See #1 and 6)

10. Contact Us – At the end of every blog post ensure you have an internal link that takes your readers to your contact page. Remember we want to make it easy as possible for everyone visiting your blog to contact you by any means possible.

Your website is your shop window to the world. We need to entice them in and walk through the front door!

11. Call To Action – Have a clear call to action. Don’t be afraid to tell your readers what to do next. If you don’t tell them they will disappear. Tell them to contact you, write a comment below, tweet the blog post or share it on Facebook. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, but be nice!

(Hint, Hint!) If you like this report you may want to share it with your friends and business associates!!

12. Who Are You – Include your business name, full address and contact information at the foot of every blog post. This again will help you achieve better rankings in local search results.

“Nearly There… YES! It’s Time Consuming Reading. Let Alone Doing This For Every Post However…”

13. The Final Thing – Take the headline (H1) of your post and ensure it is the last thing on the page. This should be in the regular font and not a H1, H2 or H3. I like to change the color of the font too, don’t ask me why; I’m just strange like that!

14. There Isn’t A 14 – But I didn’t want to finish this paper on 13, I’m not superstitious but hey it’s the number 13 right!. So I thought I’d let you know that all the blogs we build have a ‘Translate’ button on them. Not everyone speaks English (I know I struggle sometimes) and as we are in the business of communication, it makes perfect sense to be able to communicate to as many people as possible. This little button goes some way of doing that.

“If You Want Success Online Would Do You Settle For Just 5% Or Insist On A 100% SEO’d Blog Post? Most SEO Companies Don’t Do It, It takes Time! But Doing It Right Can Make All The Difference To Enhance Your Profits, So At Blend Local Search Marketing We Ensure That It’s Done 100% Every Time”

So… we outlined in this guide the essential steps on how to blog for business, they are here to serve you, and show you the important factors when putting up a post on your website, to help you optimize the post and boost the rankings of your site.

At Blend Local Search Marketing we truly care about your success and we believe that by being open and transparent is the best way. We hope that you found this guide useful.

So you know your website is the foundation of success online but it is a little bit like baking a cake, you need all the pieces in the right place to get the recipe of success!

Want to Know How to Start a Blog?

We came across a wonderful free resource: The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Blogging. Check it out, we highly recommend you do!


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How to Blog for Business – 14 Top Blogging Tips