Local Search Domination Winner!

2017 Wins and Predictions for 2018 Local Search Domination  

What were the biggest take-aways from twelve months of search data from 2017? How do you achieve local search domination in 2018? We’ve been crunching our orthodontist’s annual search result data and Blend’s Gio Greenard lays it all out before us.

2017 was definitely the year of the reviews. It’s often the case that Google rolls out trial runs in certain countries/areas to gauge the impact on the search engines before implementing an algorithm change across the board. 

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Google penalty

Is Paying and SEO Agency Worth It? [Case Study Included]

Before we start going into detail, check this out!

Google penalty

Have you ever experienced the blue screen of death on your computer before? The above is pretty much the SEO equivalent. Ouch!

As you can see the website in question received a major telling off from Google, and consequently put in the naughty chair (zero organic traffic) in late August/early September. When this orthodontic practice joined us in May we began to resuscitate the once buoyant website. With that being said there is an insane amount of competition for the first page on Google for an orthodontist in New York.

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Invisalign Top 1% - Marketing for Orthodontists

Should I License an Invisalign Brand Domain Name?

Congratulation – You have reached Invisalign Top 1% status.

As an orthodontist, reaching Top 1% status in the Align Technology Advantage Program is no mean feat. To qualify for the Top 1% status an orthodontist has to have 800 historical qualifying Invisalign treatments and maintain another 100 semi annually.

Invisalign Advantage Program

Having attained Top 1% status an orthodontist qualifies for a number of benefits. One of the many benefits offered is the eligibility to license up to 5 available domain names that incorporate the Invisalign brand name.

Before you start investing in these Invisalign vanity URL’s, let’s look at the benefits for and against.

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