Celebrity Landing Page Design - Drew Logan 25Days

Celebrity Landing Page Design on Top with Singapore’s Premier Internet Marketers [Press Release]

Singapore, Republic of Singapore – Vast online presence translates to higher return on investments and better business reputation. However, it can be hard to create web pages without getting buried over thousands of similar ones on the internet. Blend Local Search Marketing PTE LTD provides full internet marketing campaign with the goal of landing page design at the top of search engine results.

Celebrity Landing Page Design - Drew Logan 25Days

“Blend Local Search Marketing is not just another search engine optimization (SEO) company. We provide a full range of online services that transforms your business to an online rock star and the most known establishment in your local area. From aesthetic websites, social media management and SEO, we take a holistic approach and landing page design to success,” says Perry Stevens, the company founder. They pride themselves with results that are freely available online any time. Blend Local Search Marketing PTE LTD starts with web audit and produces a comprehensive report about the visibility of their client’s website and what it looks like in the client’s point of view.

They just do not take customers, but also forge long-term partnerships with them. Due to their excellent work ethics and ability to derive excellent website design inspiration, known personalities have also come to seek their expertise. In fact, they recently collaborated with Drew Logan, Hollywood celebrity trainer and cast member of NBC’s hit show Strong. Logan’s survival story made him devise a program that is even more effective that complicated diet plans he tried in the past. He decided to publish a book entitled 25Days to share tips on keeping a healthy body. With their brand of internet marketing, Blend Local Search Marketing PTE LTD believes Logan can make his first book launch a success.

The company believes that a website should possess optimization and conversion to translate high online traffic to money. Current trends show that location-based searches are on the rise and Blend Local Search Marketing PTE LTD helps their business capitalize on it. Their former clients experienced a boom in their business either by increased sales or more recognition. The company also creates website design inspiration that is compatible on multiple platforms. Websites that look good on computers may look disorderly when viewed on a smartphone.

To discover more about how 360° marketing campaigns can help your business, contact Blend Local Search Marketing here.

Blend Local Search Marketing PTE LTD is located at 1557 Keppel Road, #03-07 Singapore, Republic of Singapore. Clients may request for quotation by filling out the online forms on their website or send inquiries to: here2help@blendlocalsearchmarketing.com.

Celebrity Landing Page Design on Top with Singapore’s Premier Internet Marketers [Press Release]

New Website for New York Cosmetic Orthodontist

The Schulhof Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics Logo - Cosmetic Orthodontics in New YorkNew York, NY We can all appreciate a beautiful smile with perfectly positioned, healthy teeth when we see one. The specialty of medicine that deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of malpositioned teeth and the jaw is called Orthodontia. Also known as orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, it is one of the most demanded professions in medicine requiring special training for a dentist to qualify as an orthodontics. Located in New York City in New York, the Schulhof Center has the most advanced Orthodontic offices also serving New Jersey. This exceptional orthodontics practice just announced the launch of their new and improved website, designed and developed by Blend Local Search Marketing.

This website redevelopment is aimed at improving the patient’s experience right from the first point of contact, ensuring faster and smoother online presence and appointment scheduling. Doing this, the company hopes to reach more patients with excellent service both online and offline. According to the company’s representative, Dr. Adam Schulhof, “The Schulhof Center provides an exceptional approach to orthodontics, regardless of whether the patient wants traditional treatment, clear aligners (Invisalign NYC and Invisalign Teen) or lingual braces. Because each patient is unique, he or she deserves individualized and personalized treatment.” He also added, “The staff at The Schulhof Center look at each patient’s natural shape and customize the wires and treatment so that it results in the best possible outcome.”

The Schulhof Center believes that orthodontics shouldn’t just be a treatment but a wonderful experience leaving a patient with the best smile possible. This has inspired the practice to add a special interactive chat to its website to ensure that all patients are serviced fast and conveniently. Also, compared to other orthodontics offices in New York City, The Schulhof Center has the latest technology and fastest esthetic options.

Being a world renowned lingual orthodontist in NYC, Dr. Adam Schulhof conducts tutoring programs for doctors internationally with the main goal of seeing that the dental health of all patients is outstanding. The practice also participates in various dental programs in New York City aimed at giving back to the society. The Schulhof Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics has two offices located at 400 Kinderkamack Rd. Oradell, NJ 07649 and 125 East 69th Street, New York, NY 10021.

The Schulhof Center has a team of orthodontic professionals waiting to receive calls or emails today to answer any queries or schedule appointments. Call them at: 212-861-1859 or email them at: info@theschulhofcenter.com. Interested personnel may also visit their website for more information.

New Website for New York Cosmetic Orthodontist 

Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club Logo

Press Release – Launch of Lingual Braces Membership Site

Blend Local Search Marketing Launches ELOS Site Press Release


Blend Local Search Marketing Designs, Builds and Launches New Specialist Lingual Braces Orthodontist Membership Site for Elite Lingual Orthodontists

Intuitive design features include members map, brand pages and blog to make online portal an authority for all things “lingual” with regard to the best lingual braces specialists in the U.S. and Canada.

Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club Logo - Lingual BracesSingapore – January 9, 2017 – Blend Local Search Marketing PTE Ltd., a local SEO and online strategy agency focused on helping clients get found by prospective customers looking for businesses such as orthodontists, dentists and accountants, has recently designed, built and launched a new specialist lingual braces orthodontist membership site for ELOS (Elite Lingual Orthodontists Study Club, Inc.).

ELOS has been marketed as the best way to find a lingual braces expert, and its website – located at mylingualbraces.com – represents a membership roster comprised of professionals who have been through a highly selective process, including many recognized speakers and educators in lingual orthodontics in the U.S. and Canada.

Blend Local Search Marketing designed ELOS’ membership site to reflect the organization’s expertise in all things “lingual” with regard to the best lingual braces specialists in America and Canada, incorporating key design features such as a members map, brand pages and blog.

Perry Stevens - CEO Blendlocalsearchmarketing“Traditionally, 80-percent of customers searching for something used to look in paper-based directories such as the Yellow Pages, but now very few people use that antiquated method to find local business like orthodontists, dentists and accountants,” says Perry Stevens, CEO of Blend Local Search Marketing. “That’s where we come in for clients such as Elite Lingual Orthodontists, creating websites that not only connect with customers but establish and stretch a business brand online to achieve more qualified customers for them.

“Put simply, we are helping ELOS’ target customer find their services at the top of Google when searching for lingual orthodontists.”

The Meet the Doctors members map section Blend Local Search Marketing created for ELOS’ new site boasts an intuitive filtering system that allows visitors to search by regions in the United States and Canada, divided amongst Midwest Region, Northeast Region, South Region, West Region, Canada and All. A graphical user-movable map is joined by descriptions of the practices found in ELOS’ membership roster, their addresses and clickable “Read What This Orthodontist Has to Offer” buttons for additional information.

Brand pages on the ELOS site include information about the companies getting behind the lingual braces revolution, such as Harmony Braces, while an informative Blog section showcases such hot topics as “The Sublime Subtlety of Lingual Braces 2017” and “Seven Things You Should Know About Lingual Braces.” The site’s design was finished off by Blend Local Search Marketing with About Lingual Braces, Before & After, FAQ, Reviews and Contact sections.

Blend Local Search Marketing PTE, Ltd. is headquartered at 1557 Keppel Road #03-07 in Singapore and can be reached by here. For more information visit www.BlendLocalSearchMarketing.com. For more information concerning Elite Lingual Orthodontists visit www.MyLingualBraces.com or email info@MyLingualBraces.com.

Press Release – Launch of Lingual Braces Membership Site





dr-panucci - New Website

New Website and New Address for Beach Braces

New Website, Even Greater Service

Beach Braces Set To Move To New Location and launch New Website

dr-panucci - New WebsiteManhattan Beach, CA- Summer brings smiles, particularly for those lucky enough to be spending their summers beachside. Beach Braces knows that now is the perfect time for their clients to get a perfect, brilliant smile to show off for summers to come. The Manhattan Beach orthodontics specialists announced recently that they will be moving to a new, purpose built residence in the South Bay area.

Beach Braces recently announced that they would be launching a redesign to their website by Blend Local Search Marketing as well, in order to reflect their growing business in the South Bay area. But with all of these changes, the company vows to maintain their friendly, fun environment and top shelf services to the area. Beach Braces is a leading Invisalign Elite provider, along with Invisalign Teen, Esthetic (clear) Braces, traditional metal braces, and Lingual Braces.

“We pride ourselves on providing not only the latest in orthodontic technology, but the best service in the area as well,” beams Dr. Patricia Panucci, of Beach Braces. “Our new office is only the next step forward in our goal to keep providing the highest quality orthodontic care in our region. We might be getting a new office for our growing practice, but it’s just going to help us to keep providing the best care in a family-based setting, and the latest orthodontic technology.”

Recent trends in orthodontics have seen a growing number of patients seeking near invisible ways to straighten teeth. Although Invisalign is a front runner for this type of service, it isn’t the only option. Invisalign systems consist of a series of aligners that must be put on and removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. By contrast, Lingual Braces are lower maintenance. Lingual Braces are traditional metal braces that fit behind the teeth, making them invisible to the eye. Unlike Invisalign, Lingual Braces are not removed for eating, brushing, or flossing.

Beach Braces provides a fun and caring atmosphere for their patients, taking the stress out of orthodontist visits. The combination of the website redesign and the opening of their new office in May 2016, Dr. Panucci and her team hope to provide the latest in orthodontic technology to new and returning patients alike. Beach Braces’ mission is to provide radiant, lasting smiles to the entire Southern California area.

We wish Dr. Panucci and the Beach Braces team continued success at the new office and with their new website.

New Website and New Address for Beach Braces

Singapore SEO Company Blend Local Search Marketing – Press Release

Singapore SEO – Blend Local Search Marketing, a marketing agency focused on increasing orthodontists organic local business listings in search engines such as Google, has announced that they will be rolling out a new website for their company to showcase their services. The website will be mobile responsive with adaptive elements and will also go into greater detail on marketing for orthodontists.

“Orthodontists just do not have time to market themselves effectively” said Perry Stevens, the owner of the Singapore SEO company, “They need to spend time performing high quality services for their patients and making sure they are getting the highest quality treatment. That is their focus, as it should be. Most of these people have no desire to learn the often complex intricacies that goes into online marketing. That is something I totally get, and that is why my agency provides marketing services specifically for these individuals. We take it off their plate, and they can rest easy knowing they have an entire team of professionals on board to help grow their businesses using sound marketing practices.”

Blend Local Search Marketing will be specializing in a range of various marketing services for orthodontists. This includes web design where they will help private practices to update their designs to be more visually appealing across devices, as well as providing search engine optimization services to help rank the newly designed client website high in Google for “buyer” keywords.

These services will be launched from the newly rolled out website that Blend Local Search Marketing has and promoted through various funnels such as content marketing and SEO done to the site to reach new orthodontic practices with their services.

Singapore SEO – Local with a Global Reach

While based out of Singapore, Blend Local Search Marketing will be taking on clients in the international space, already claiming several orthodontic practice owners in the United States amongst their roster of search engine optimization clients.

The website relaunch will showcase more of these clients as examples of their work, and they will use content marketing to reach new professionals in the industry. This will include new press releases, blog posts, and articles within journals and on industry websites pertaining to running and growing an orthodontics practice.

Perry Stevens - CEO Blend Local Search Marketing - Singapore SEOFor more information about Blend Local Search Marketing, you can visit their website at: http://www.blendlocalsearchmarketing.com/

About Blend Local Search Marketing

Started in 2008 by Perry Stevens, the company originally was based out of the United Kingdom. It has since expanded internationally, following Perry Stevens in to ASEAN. The company is based out of Singapore, although Perry heads his team from remote locations around the world to service the roster of clients Blend has in the orthodontics space. For more information about Blend Local Search Marketing, feel free to visit their About page.

Singapore SEO Company Blend Local Search Marketing – Press Release

Website Hosting with Siteground

Press Release: Secure Website Hosting with Siteground

Blend Moves Hosted Domains to Siteground

Website Hosting with SitegroundFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

June 11, 2015

Blend Local Search Marketing Moves Hosted Domains to Siteground

Blend Local Search Marketing, a company that specializes in Internet marketing and Local SEO (search engine optimization), has transferred all of its existing hosted domains to Siteground. Read more

Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics Launch New Cutting Edge Website

For Immediate Release – Singapore April 04, 2015 — Blend Local Search Marketing PTE LTD, a firm specializing in online marketing, recently designed a desktop and mobile-friendly website for Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics, a practice in located in Larkspur Landing Circle, Marin, California. Read more

Dr. Stephan Tisseront

PRESS RELEASE: Blend Local Search Marketing Builds Interactive Website for Tisseront Orthodontics

Tisseront Orthodontics Launch New Look Website

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release 27 April 2015

Dr. Stephan Tisseront

Dr. Stephan Tisseront

With advancing technologies, having interactive, mobile friendly websites is essential for all types of businesses, including dental companies. Customers’ decisions on whether to go with a company are often heavily influenced by the information and design of a company’s website. Read more

Yext Certified Partners

Yext Certified Partner – The Local Business Listings Service

Yext Certified PartnersSINGAPORE – Blend Local Search Marketing advanced the cost-efficiency value of its innovative and proven-productive  online marketing strategies  today with the announcement of joining the rapidly growing Yext Certified Partners network. Read more