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Are you happy with your internet presence?


Do you want to be No. 1 in Google searches?


Do you want to completely of Google so your competitors don’t get a look in?

Here is the truth, the Yellow Pages are dead! Everyone searches for products and services using the power of the internet with Google being the # 1 search engine of choice.

Take a look at your own business, how do you find products and services? You Google them, right?

Google use sophisticated algorithms and rewards its customers by giving them exactly what they want. We all search using keywords and keyword phrases i.e. London Property Videos.

How would you like to own page 1 of Google? Think about it… owning page one of Google effectively ‘shuts down’ your competition.

What would that mean to you in regards to new business, sales and the bottom line?

Do you want to boom your business?

Do you want to skyrocket your sales?

Do you want more 10, 100 or 1000’s of new customers?

Most consultants and SEO experts do only one thing. They optimize ONE static website for a client to get it on page one. This usually takes about a minimum of three months to see any results.

We are offering far more value and a higher return on investment. Our tactics will take over MULTIPLE page one rankings and eliminate almost all competition.

It’s like taking a magic marker to every yellow pages in every household or turning the lights out, locking the door and throwing away the key to your competitor’s premises. We can quite literally blow them out of the water!

With our SEO insider knowledge and the diverse cutting edge tools at our disposal, we can guarantee page 1 domination of Google for your business now and maintain that ownership for months and years to come.

By positioning your website at Google page number 1 and covering other multiple rankings makes your website virtual realty gold with a high value of its own.


Why Local Search?

local business online marketing

According to a Piper Jaffray 2008 research paper, 30 percent of all queries contain a city, state or postcode.

With 2.6 billion local searches performed each month, the Internet has now surpassed print Yellow Pages and newspaper as a primary source for local consumer service information.  The adoption of smart phones will only add to these numbers, currently 27 % of all mobile searches are for local information.

Blend use a verity of methods to dominate Google Page 1 in local search for small and medium sized businesses. We create a universal, local search, online presence to the companies we work with that give the searcher rich content and relevant information on the business and its services they seek.

Competitors are simply not seen and are completely left out in the dark.

Contact Blend to skyrocket your business, generate more leads, gain new customers and make more sales now!

Don’t delay – For more information on Local Search Marketing read our case study # 1 here and #2 here and contact Blend before your competitor does!

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