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The Local Search Marketing Monster


Geo Loco – The Local Search Marketing Monster is the new face and blue furry body of Blend Local Search Marketing’s new 20 part online viral video campaign – The Geo Loco Show.

The Geo Loco Show - The Local Search Monster

During the first seasons series of videos, all less than one minute in duration, Geo Loco answers the top 20 frequently asked questions about Local Search Marketing with a focus on small and medium sized businesses.

The GEO Loco Show

Season 1 Show 1

In addition to the 20 viral videos, Geo Loco will feature in out-takes and blooper videos taken from the set of the two day shoot in London.

Perry Stevens explains further “The videos are fun but they do have a serious intent. The idea of the videos series is to introduce, educate and explain the benefits of local and social search marketing to small and medium sized business owners/managers in a non techie, entertaining and informative way”.

Geo Loco was born to be the alternative antidote to all the noise, slick presentations and so-called experts of Local Search Marketing. Of course behind the big blue hairy monster is Blend Local Search Marketing, a real company with real clients who have benefited from Blends Local Map Strategy and other online local search marketing solutions such as video, web 2.0 and social networks’.

Discover how your business can be get seen online, attract new customers and benefit from local search marketing using video and an arsenal of other tried and tested SEO and SEM strategies we use to dominate Google in SERP’s (search engine results pages).

25% and growing of all Internet traffic is from videos. Do you want to be in a dead end street staring at a wall or cruising down a super highway?

This is really a call to action. You’re online and watching video of a puppet. If you’re are watching it, you can bet your bottom dollar others are too. Now just imagine instead of watching a blue furry puppet you were watching a video that sells the benefits of your business, product or service.

Blend Local Search Marketing has a successful 20 X 20 Video Strategy that is designed to dominate in SERP’s and establish you as the Go-To business expert in your profession.

Here is what we do in 5 easy steps…

* We produce 20 videos.

* We host each video on 20 video sites

* We bookmark each video on each hosting site to 20 social bookmarking sites

* We submit each video on each site to 10 RSS feeds

* We Ping each and every video submission.

You win big when Blend implement their 20 X 20 Video Strategy. Here are just 7  amazing benefits…

1) 1000’s of high ranking and permanent back-links that you own pointing to your website

2) Each video is optimized with your keywords and phrases

3) Each video description is optimized with your keywords and phrases

4) Your videos pop up all over the place in organic search results.

5) Your videos get muliple listings in organic search results.

6) Your videos will dominate in Youtube Videos, Google Videos, Yahoo! Videos and many, many more.

7) All these ‘satelite’ videos give you more chances of being seen online and funnel traffic back to your website.

In a later post we will provide a case study so you can see for yourself how our video strategy dominates search results for our clients.

Thinking about starting to use online video to market your company?

* Do you want to establish yourself as the expert in your field?

* Want to dominate search results for your keywords?

* Do you want 1000’s of quality and permanent back-links that you own?

Don’t be a puppet, Contact Us Today.

Look out for Geo Loco – The Local Search Marketing Monster! Watch more videos and subscribe to The Geo Loco Show on Youtube.

The Geo Loco Show is recorded using Flip Video mino HD. Discover Flip Video Here

FYI – Inspiration for Geo Loco comes from Animal ‘The Muppets’, Mr. T. ‘The A Team’, Yoda ‘Star Wars’, Zig and Zag, Fraggle Rock, Motley Crue and of course Robert DeNiro.

Be Local. Be Social. Blend.


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