Giving Back

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With every video SEO website audit we produce for you, we donate half the fees to Happy Dogs Koh Chang.

Perry, our CEO is a big dog lover and his morning routine always includes walking or swimming with his dogs; Money (Pomeranian) and Cobain (Golden Retriever). He believes every dog deserves a safe and loving home.

For more information about how our video SEO Audit on your website can help you and an abandoned pet, click here now.

Don’t have a website? Fur (pun intended) further details about how you can help home, feed, support or adopt a Thai dog, visit Happy Dogs Koh Chang here.

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Giving back to the community we live in is very important to us all at Blend Local Search Marketing. Whenever possible we do this by supporting local businesses.

We encourage everyone to buy their coffee, not from large multi-national corporations but family run cafes (it taste better too), avoiding the ‘fast food’ chains and getting a far healthier and tastier alternative from a local restaurant and buying fresh fruit, vegetable and meat from the market or directly from your local farmer. In fact, when we are at the point of purchase we always ask ourselves “Can this be bought locally?”

This isn’t only better for our health but keeps the money in the local community, builds stronger bonds with our neighbours and just plain feels good… the right thing to do!

Sponsor a Child

Our CEO, Perry Stevens has even taken this philosophy one step further and is sponsoring the education of a child in the Rustic Pathways Children’s Home.

Perry takes up the story – “I have had the amazing opportunity and privilege to travel the world and have been looking for a way to ‘give back’ for all the kindness I have received from total strangers especially in the more remote parts of the world.

I first found myself in Northern Thailand many years ago and fell in love with its natural beauty and kind people with generous smiles. After living in Bangkok for a number of  years, I decided to sponsor a deserving local child and started a quest to find an organization here in Thailand that could help me. The Rustic Pathways Children’s Home was exactly what I was looking for.

Rustic Pathway’s mission over the years has been to assist northern Thailand hill tribe children as they grow into young adults and transition into independent living situations and meaningful, ethical employment.

Now I sponsor Pansak. He is a 10th grade student who studies at the regional high school in Mae Sariang. Pansak is a bright young man from a farming family with strong studies habits and a motivated work ethic. He is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs assistance and his wide smile is contagious to all.

Team Blend and I are very happy to lend a hand and be a part of the support network in helping Pansak and Rustic Pathways strive towards their goal of educating the youth of northern Thailand and giving them access to an education, a healthy lifestyle and nurturing care”.

If you would like to find out more about the success of this program, sponsor a child yourself or help Rustic Pathways continue their success for many more years to come, contact them here or support their Facebook page with a ‘Like’ and follow.

Giving Back

After living in Bangkok for 3 years, my wife and I decided to move to our favorite tropical island, Koh Chang.

Here we discovered the Cambodian Kids Care Center and have supported it with our time and energy ever since.

Collecting food donations from expats, supervising beach parties, organizing international comedy nights and transport are just a few ways we find to help out.

These kids parents work in the local hotels, resorts and building developments and because of their status with immigration, their children are not legible to attend the local schools.

The center is run by retired teacher Uan who provides a safe, nurturing environment, food and schooling to 50 children on Koh Chang absolutely free who would otherwise be home alone or worse.

If you would like to visit the Cambodian Kids Care Center, offer to teach English or make a donation, contact them on their Facebook page here.

Giving Back

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