Google 7 Pack v Directory Marketing

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A Symbiotic Relationship

A few days ago we posted an article ‘Directory Marketing 5* Google Juice for Local Search’.

We explained how directories were effectively the new search engines in local search. We carried out a test on the words ‘restaurants’ and Brighton’ and revealed that 9 out 10 results were directories. Proving the importance of directory marketing and why every business, if they have a website or not, should use directory marketing to gain an online presence.

What we failed to mention was the Google 7 pack in this local search experiment. The following video presentation explains the importance of the Google 7 pack and how you can use directory marketing to rank highly in it.

Google 7 Pack v Directory Marketing

Of course if you are serious about promoting your business and dominating google page 1 in local search contact us here at Blend. We will be happy to exceed in all your SEO and online marketing needs.

FREE to You.

We featured the directory ‘Yelp’ in the video presentation. Get you free directory listing here The five-photo limit applied to business owner accounts has been lifted. What does this mean?

You should start taking great photos of your business, your products, your smiling staff and upload away.

Hair stylist or auto body shop? Upload before-and-after shots.
Restaurant? Upload an image file of your menu.
Orthodontist service? Upload some pictures of your smile.

Putting your best foot forward by visually messaging your business is a powerful way to convert your page traffic into new customers. Did I mention it’s free! So what are you waiting for? ; )

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