How Much Does SEO Cost in Singapore?

As someone who is determined to promote their business and succeed, you might be wondering, “How much does SEO cost in Singapore?” Without investing in proper SEO, you run the risk of not being discovered—and that is bad for business. By harnessing the power of SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, you can target the people who are most interested in your business, no matter you niche, and start building your success faster than before.

Let’s have a look at the price of SEO in Singapore, so you can decide how much time and money you wish to invest.

How Much Does SEO Cost in Singapore?

The question does not have a single answer, nor are the answers straightforward. The cost of SEO in Singapore depends entirely on your needs and goals. While SEO companies can certainly provide you with affordable programs that get you seen, there are a few things that determine just how much SEO will cost you:

  • The number of keywords you want to promote
  • The time frame in which you want to see growth and better rankings
  • The current status of your website
  • The level of competition of your current niche or industry

A great SEO company will consider these factors then create a strategy that speaks to potential customers, increases traffic, and gets you the exposure you want and need.



Estimated Cost of SEO in Singapore

While the numbers can be less or more, the general range of SEO services are usually $500-$1,500 a month for lower end packages. Some major enterprises may even pay $5,000 a month and up in an attempt to beat the competition.

There is often an onsite optimization fee you pay once. This includes enhancing load speed, changing navigation, adding alt-text, and cleaning up content. Depending on the size and complexity of the website, this can cost anywhere between $500-$1,500 as well.

While you can find agencies that do SEO work for less than $200 a month, you should be aware of the danger. Cheap SEO practices usually mean illegal or unethical practices. It’s definitely not worth the risk.

How Much Does SEO Cost in Singapore

Why is SEO paid monthly?

Now, you may be thinking, “Why isn’t SEO a one-time fee?” The reason is that SEO is a never-ending process. Algorithms from Google and other search engines change constantly. Additionally, your competition never stops growing and adapting, so you can never rest either.

By paying a monthly fee for SEO, you are constantly ensuring security, a decent user experience, and preventing the competition from getting too far ahead of you.

Are there alternate pricing models?

There are other ways to pay, however. Some companies will offer services that allow you to pay as you rank. Performance-based packages are more expensive than monthly payments, though. You must be certain that traffic is going to offset the high cost.

You can also pay by commission. This is where a percentage of the revenue that comes from a marketing campaign is attributed to the SEO company. Many agencies will require a lock-in period for this, and you will need to determine how much to attribute per sale.

SEO is worth it

In the end, while SEO is expensive, your business cannot be found without it. By investing in SEO, discovery is guaranteed.

Find SEO too technical? Have questions? Contact us for a complimentary consultation and learn more about our Singapore SEO services.

How Much Does SEO Cost in Singapore?

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