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How Can You Support Local Business This Holiday Season

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Are you a small business owner or manager? If you answered yes, you are in this exclusive club of people who drive our economy. You are one of the 15.6 million Main Street business people that contribute roughly 52% of the US GDP. If that does make you proud, you have a chance to support other people like you to feel proud.

There are those of us that are celebrating a century in the industry. At Blend, we are celebrating 10 great years of service. There are also those who are starting. All of us offer something valuable. If we don’t support each other, we will leave our friends in the community who are relatively new here to the big bad wolves of the street.

Why is it Important to Support Local Businesses?

  • We Are the Backbone of the Economy

We create about roughly 1.25 million jobs every year. At least half of the American workforce starts their careers in our businesses. We number about 27 million companies and counting. We are proud of our statistics, but we know there are those who have fallen out of the wagon.

  • We Are the Drivers of Innovation and Craft

For variety and quality, small businesses lead the pack. Most of the services we offer require an interpersonal connection. If you want a haircut, you have to be at the barber. Do you need orthodontic braces? You have to go to a local orthodontist. Because we cannot mass manufacture or use machines to make our products and services, we rely on innovation and artisanship. We may charge a little more, but we ensure your satisfaction.


  • You Support Local Families

We depend on these businesses to put food on our tables, take our children to school, pay for utility bills, and many other things. Unlike big corporations, we don’t stash money away to avoid taxes. Our money revolves amongst us. We buy from each other; we sustain a healthy ecosystem of business owners.


  • You Get Quality In Return

We don’t just tell you to buy local because it is nice to do it, we can confidently dare you to try our service and compare them with chain stores and franchises out there. Some of our crafts and trades are passed uniquely through generations. We know you cannot get the brand of origin anywhere else.


  • Empower Local Economy

Out of every $100 you spend, $68 stays in this local community. You will not get a better return on community investment than what we offer.

Now that you know we are a valuable cog to the society, how can you support our efforts? We hope you can use any one of these methods to help. Your input will go a long way.

Shop Local


  1. Buy From Local Businesses

It starts by localizing your search efforts. Whatever you want to buy, there is a possibility that there is a local carrier who has it. Is it a car service, apparel, handmade craft, tool or equipment, painting service, dental care, or cookie? Almost anything you want, the local business community has it.

We don’t just have it; we don’t stop until you are satisfied. We are a community when it comes to small business ownership. You buy local search services from me, and in return, I buy dental services, groceries, coffee, etc. from your business.


  1. Support the Small Business Saturday

At least one in every five small businesses that close attributes the closure to low sales. The Saturday after Thanksgiving offers the small business community a chance to join hands to promote each other by providing discounts and offers. You can join the effort by joining the preparation committee for your community.

On that day, be generous with your offers. However, do not put your business at risk. Give what you can afford. It is a good time to rake in sales. You can start your efforts by searching Small Business Saturday near me.


  1. Support Local Charities

Such charities are products of local people, by the locals, to benefit the community. Sporting events, a celebration of local cultures, support for children and vulnerable populations, and many others require your input.

A small contribution towards any of the events ensures that our communities stay strong. You can organize a charity fund if you have the resources. You can liaise with those who are starting to make it a success.

  1. Initiate and Support Local Business Online Efforts

During the holidays, you can participate in many online efforts. Some are lying idle after last year’s festivities. You can rekindle them and breathe in fresh air in them. Today, it is easy to collate and distribute information on virtually anything.

If you want to do a local guide and promote it on Facebook or Twitter, you can do that comfortably. You can create community maps, publicize local art, curate event photos, make videos or even host local parades.


  1. Sponsor Discount Coupons, Giveaways and Freebies

The holiday spirit lives on. It involves extending a hand to your neighbor. It also calls us to be mindful of our less-fortunate brothers and sisters. Some businesses are struggling. Festivities offer them a chance to stay one more year afloat.

If you can organize or be part of giveaways and coupons, you can motivate people to shop around. This will infuse a new lease of life for the struggling businesses. Those who may not afford a service or product during regular prices can buy at that time. A person who has postponed a dentist’s visit can now afford. Eventually, we will end up with a robust community.


  1. Host and Participate In Events That Support Small Business

The events will come thick and fast from Thanksgiving. If you want to participate, you need to get your head into the game. You have to lend a hand to the planners and organizers to make it worthwhile. You cannot let things like local fairs, craft shows, and free medical camps to fail when you have expertise and resources to lend the community.


  1. Collaborate With Other Small Businesses

The spirit of collaboration is the ultimate measure of the cohesiveness of a community. It also shows the resilience of the people and businesses in an area. If you have a job, you have specialist skills that the neighborhood can use. If you join hands with others, you learn from others and share with others your skills. We all stay interconnected.

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Supporting local businesses is a noble thing. At Blend we encourage you to support local business. We know you have valuable resources you can lend to the cause for a better and more prosperous community.

You can join us in commemorating our 10-year anniversary, which coincides with the Small Business Saturday event. We offer all local search marketing services including search engine optimization, websites, and review management. Call us today or visit our service page for more information.

How Can You Support Local Business This Holiday Season

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