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Several years ago I set up a production company, IMP Film Co. and I, like most people wanted to get my business seen online and so needed a website building. I didn’t know anything about HTML, PHP, CSS, Flash and all the other coding scripts so I bought The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Website

Even struggling to get my head around the simplest applications, I could see this was going to take a long time to get to know and master and finally build a functional and good looking website.

So I enlisted the help of a friend who builds sites instead. He built my first website and charged me a fare price. My only trouble is I’m always looking  to change things around or I wanted new content such as videos and photos uploading to the site. Each time I had to ask my friend, book in some time and several weeks later I would get the desired results.

I found all the waiting around very frustrating but knew there must be a better way of being in control of my own site and business and have the ability to update it as often as I wished. That’s when I discovered… WordPress.

WordPress is an open source web blog, meaning literally hundreds if not thousands of people contribute to developing the style and functionality of the code and continue to do so.

No two WordPress blogs need ever be the same as there are thousands of designs, widgets and themes to mix and match around. They are totally customizable and incredibly search engine and design friendly. It’s the perfect fusion between, design, functionality and SEO.

You can have a free wordpress and host it on their platform or a self hosting wordpress giving you unlimited functionality. To self host your wordpress (it’s what I would recommend) all you need to do is purchase a domain name from a domain name company such as Namecheap. (more about domain names and web hosting in future posts) Once you have your domain name for example: you need to host it somewhere. Never purchase a domain name and host it with the same company.

I highly recommend Hostgator as a hosting company for your domain. (More about web hosting in future posts) They have 24/7 customer service that is second to none and fantastic training videos. So if you want to learn how to carry out any task by watching over someone’s shoulder, you can start/pause and teach yourself.

You will need to point the DNS (Domain Name Servers) to your host servers and wait for it to propergate. When this is done (can take 20 minutes or up to a day) look for the Fantastico DeLuxe logo in your control panel. Click on this logo and follow the easy instruction and in 30 seconds you will have a live WordPress blog style website.

It really is that easy, I mean if I can do it just about anybody can! And as I say there are excellent videos showing you each simple step.

If you would like help building or designing a wordpress blog or you require some assistance purchasing a domain name and hosting, contact Perry at Blend Local Search Marketing.




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