How to Create More Marketing Ideas for Orthodontic Offices [Adding Value & Patient Benefits]

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The economy is diverging, and costs are rising. You’ve put together a successful orthodontic practise, and we have some information to even things out a bit. You need more clients walking through the door. Doing that is much more complicated than it seems. That’s why we wrote this for you. There are a few steps you can take to make the most of what you already have. Let’s take a look:

– Bring Your Team Together To Begin Brainstorming

You have an effective group of intelligent people.

We suggest that you bring these professionals together.

Marketing requires a certain insight that can only be gained through perspective.

The collective views of your employees and partners are important. These people know more about the patients in your region than you might have given them credit for. We don’t guarantee any overnight success, but we will ensure that your practise  changes dramatically after taking these steps.

Bring your most valuable resources together. Have your staff sit down, and tell them about the transformation you want to undergo. Give them each the chance to share their ideas by brainstorming.

Marketing Ideas for Orthodontic Offices - Brainstorming

Here’s What You Need To Ask:

– What Sets Us Apart?

The basic idea is to generate more leads. You need more clients in your waiting room.

Have you thought long and hard about the competitors you have and how successful they are? We are not only talking about rival orthodontic practises near your office location, but also the new trend of ‘teeth straightening at home’ and ‘DIY clubs’ that are popping up, not to mention family dentists offering Invisalign treatments. These are all competitors that effect your business one way or another. You need to ask yourself about why you stand out. Harness this difference, and make it a focal point for the new message you create.

– What Other Benefits Can We Offer?

Now challenge yourself to think beyond the brand you’ve established. You may not need new clients, but a small challenge here can make a wonderful difference in your bottomline. Continue to ask for input from everyone involved. Benefits are things that patients get in the end. You might use the latest technology, but the benefits would be a brighter smile, a more calming environment… etc.

– How Can We Provide More Value?

Value is about getting a “bang for your buck.” We don’t suggest that you put everything on discount (no one wins a price war), but you and your team should be able to deliver more perceived value at your current rates. Think about what’s most important to your patients, and bring value to their concerns. The more we improve during this process, the larger our potential rewards are.

– What Are Our Current Strengths And Weaknesses?

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Defining yours gives you a trajectory. Defining your competitions gives you leverage! We have more for you to consider that ultimately gets more business through the doors. The direction we take is based on the foundation you already have and based on what you’re already successful with. Be sure to define these, and then discuss them further with your team.

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Put Your Data To Use: More Marketing Ideas For Orthodontic Offices

Great, your have some ideas that we can use to devise what becomes the perfect marketing campaign. We’re a top-tier orthodontic marketing agency and have reached our status by working where technology does since 2008. Technology is redefining how everything is being done in every field and practice. You can take advantage of this!

– Mobile, Smartphones and Devices:

We live in a digital era. It’s clear that the transformation your business will make will come about, in part through this technology. You just sat your team down to brainstorm in an effective way, and you can now put that data to use in the real world and online. We make a difference because we go directly to where the consumer is.

The consumer is an industry term that represents your future patients. It doesn’t matter what their orthodontic treatments are, how long their oral medical history spans or if they’re a Baby Boomer versus a Millennial. Society has advanced to where we all must “be connected.” The connection we make with them is through web and mobile technology.

We do this by studying what you and your team have discussed regarding strengths, your benefits, your service and the value you provide and convey these messages in engaging or disruptive ways.

– Native Advertisements:

Reaching your consumer where they are is possible through native ads.

Have you considered the perfect measurement? The measure is one where the message we send out is only justified after it’s been tested. To test an ad is to ensure that it will convert before you invest more time and money on it. There is no blind guessing in this process and no wild assumptions.

We measure because your time and investment is important.

We are not talking about Google Ads where you pay for every click or impression. We are talking about producing targeted content that’s provides value, that leads back to our sales funnels to convert site visitors to scheduling an appointment. We monitor this traffic, crunch the data and drill down to get the maximum benefits for you. The data we accumulate becomes priceless! There’s technology that gives us direct access to profiles and people who actually need your orthodontic services. We don’t have to seek out new clients while wearing a blindfold. The information you provide us from your team pow-wow gets put into our larger strategy that will get results.

– Social Media:

It’s OK if you don’t indulge in social media yourself. Our new society does, however, and requires that your practice “gets online.” The fact is, your service is grounded on locality. The people in your city, state or town are your main focal points. There are channels in social media that let us find those people.

Your time won’t be wasted searching the entire web only to come up short. Let’s cut down on time and boost your marketing 10-fold. We do it by making you a relevant issue and an authority online.

– Websites:

An optimized website is paramount to making this campaign complete. You might have a site up and running now. Our work is to ensure the optimization of that site and to use organic local SEO to build a larger consumer base. We brought our focus as digital marketers to the orthodontic industry because of the enormous space for growth. Let us transform your business with our 10 years of experience in this niche.

Capturing Your Target Audience

 – Who Are They?

We now focus on the people that will become your new patients. We do this to understand who they are and not just the technology they’re using.

– What Does Your Region Say About Them?

There’s a specific character to the people you serve, and we tap into that to increase the rewards of our work.

The Power Of Local Search Marketing

 – Putting You On A Map:

Local search result puts you on a map that the entire world can identify with. Your world being local and social!

– Adding Visual Appeal:

The visual aspects of getting found for targeted keywords in online searches is priceless. You’ll get a larger boost in website traffic and new patients as a result.

Why Today Is The Day You Make Choice

Now is when you make your final consideration. Our doors are open, and we want to hear you out. We’re giving you a free consultation. Get a better understanding of the transformation that your orthodontic office can achieve with our professional help. We’ll give you insights on what to do with that data and how your bottomline can increase with greater ease than you can now imagine.

If you are an orthodontist who is serious about growing your business, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

How to Create More Marketing Ideas for Orthodontic Offices [Adding Value & Patient Benefits]

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