How to Tweet to The Number One Spot

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How to Tweet to The Number One Spot

Here is a screen shot of BlendLSM (that’s Blend Local Search Marketing on twitter). We made the number 1 position for the keyword ‘Namecheap’. Namecheap for those who don’t know are a domain name company, a very good one in our books, but this is irrelevant in this post. But if you want to take advantage of their huge discounts, click here! : )

I received an email from Namecheap informing me of their huge price reductions, up to 59% off domain names. I tweeted this out to our followers on twitter as I thought it was relevant to them and hey, we all like to save a few dollars, right! (and make a few affiliate commissions lol)

As you can see in the screen shot, BlendLSM achieved a number 1 position for the keyword Namecheap with a single tweet. Out of interest, my business partner Lee sent me this screen shot from Oslo, Norway, I’m in Bangkok Thailand.

So What Does This Mean?

So it seems that Google are placing some weight to real time searches. What the recency v’s relevancy ratio’s are is anybodies guess. How long it stayed there at number 1 is unknown too. ( I wasn’t going to sit up all night refreshing the page)

I tried to repeat the listing later and only managed a number 10 spot on page 1 (still incredible) but again how long it stayed there is still open to question. This screen shot was taken from a computer in Bangkok.

It does seem that twitter conversations predict Google searches and influence the traditional news media. Remember how stories of the tsunami in Japan spread across the world – twitter or the demise of Osama bin Laden was revealed to the world more than an hour before President Obama’s address from the White house – twitter.

So What Can We Take From This?

While we can’t predict the news it demonstrates that Google are putting huge emphasis on breaking stories. So keep tweeting regularly, always put your keywords in your tweets and look our for breaking stories either from world/local news or a hot new offer from your favorite band or brand. By making your tweet relevant to these breaking stories you could expose your twitter to millions of potential new followers.

If you’ve achieved a number 1 listing in Google for a big keyword using twitter, why not share your story with us too. Your comments are always welcome. Perry.

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