Is Facebook Working for You ‘Like’ You Know it Should?

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Facebook – it’s a Phenomenon!

Is Facebook Working for You ‘Like’ You Know it Should?

If Not You Are Missing Out On What the High-Impact, Low-Cost Viral Marketing Tool Can Do For You!

Whenever someone interacts with your page, Facebook automatically notifies that person’s friends through their ‘news feed’. The average Facebook user has around 150 friends. That means that the more people who interact with your page, the more people will find out about you from their friends, virally and for free… It’s like ‘word of mouth’ but online and better!

Facebook Has Turned Business on it’s Head

Are you leveraging this unstoppable power to reach more customers, skyrocket sales and produce more profit?

The key to marketing success on Facebook is to offer high value content that encourages positive dialogue and enthusiastic interactions between your friends and customers. These ‘brand advocates‘ will promote your brand to their friends and so on…




Do you want your company page to look just like every other?

Or do you want it to stand out from the crowd, reinforce your brand and provide more information for your customer with a higher ROI?

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Custom Landing Page on Facebook:

1. Drive more traffic to your website

2. Generate leads and build your email list

3. Sell more products/services

4. Announce special offers

5. Announce upcoming events


And 5 more:

6. Share photos and videos

7. Get feedback from customers

8. Chat & engage with customers

9. Improve your relationships with your customers

10. Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Get Your Brand, Message, Product or Service to More People Faster and Cheaper Than Ever Before!

Blend Custom Landing Pages Accelerate Your Success by Growing Your Business Virally on Facebook.


Your Custom Landing Page on Facebook will include a video, opt-in box, photo, links and description for only – *£497

Include a second custom page for only – *£297

Search online and and see similar products for twice the price!

*This is a time sensitive offer and only available on orders before 31 December 2010. Order Now to avoid disappointment!


  • Drive More Traffic To Your Website
  • Build Your Email List
  • Wow Clients with Video
  • Sell Products on Facebook
  • Turn visitors to Fans and Fans into Long Standing Customers

‘Like’ it or not, your customers are talking about you. Don’t you want to lead the conversation? Get Facebook working for you ‘Like you know it should! Contact Blend here and remember our unbeatable price offer is guaranteed on orders before 31 December 2010. Don’t miss out!


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