Local or Social… It’s a Media Revolution

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Local or Social… it’s a Media Revolution

Social Media is having a massive impact on the way we connect with others, market our businesses and sell to local and global markets. But like all things there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. It’s not called Social Media for nothing… and that’s where some people get it wrong.

Social is as social does. It does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s social, it’s not called selling media. The first rule of social media is that you never sell anything. The second rule of social media is you never sell anything and the third rule… you get the picture.

Social media is a way of connecting, networking, sharing, engaging, highlighting, informing and influencing. It’s all these things and a whole lot more but never selling. Well, not in the old way!

Imagine if you will a long lost friend contacts you and invites you over for dinner. You accept and a few days later your friend is seating you at his table. You make small talk over the starters and before the main course arrives he tries to sell you an insurance policy, gets you to buy into a dodgy business venture or offers you a once in a life time opportunity to join a MLM scheme. How uncomfortable is the rest of the dinner going to be?

It’s the same with social media. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube or any other network, never ever sell on these platforms. Instead engage and build relationships, pass on sound advice, jokes, news and videos of cats up trees. Be active and post comments, reply to comments, give things away for free, start groups and fan pages, subscribe to other channels and support your online friends.

Those in your social network will know what you do if you have completed your profile correctly and when the time is right they will approach to buy from you so you never have to sell to them.

Most people do business with others within a 20 mile radius of their place of work or home. Social media allows you to broaden your social circle and reach more people. It also allows you to reach your friends friends. Friends talk so good recommendations are very important in social media. After all who would you rather do business with, a stranger or a friend or of a friend?

Be Local, Be Social, Blend

If you would like more information about any of the issues in this article please leave a comment below. We promise never to try and sell you insurance, a dodgy business venture or MLM.

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