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Local Search Marketing is for you!

If you have a business with or without an online presence in the form of a website, you should be marketing where your customers are searching for products and services, and that’s on the net.

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Google, CNN and AOl to name but three search engines have put their business model behind local search. Increasing numbers of consumers use a PC or mobile phone to find products or services. We call mobile phone users ‘Hyper Locals’. How can you harness the upward trend of local search for your company?

Blend Local Search Marketing can tailor a sustained online marketing campaign for your business whatever the size of the company or budget.

To emphasize the depth and scope of local search marketing we have produced a presentation video in two bite size chunks – Local Search Explained Parts 1 & 2. They can be viewed below.

Local SearchExplained Part 1-2

Local Search Explained Part 2-2

Can you afford to do it? Can you afford not to do it?

“Businesses that get in to local search sooner rather than later will get the greater returns on investment!”

You do what you do best – running your business!

Blend Local Search Marketing will tell the world about your business.

If you are serious about marketing your company online, finding new customers, skyrocketing sales and increasing profits with an excellent ROI, simply contact us here.

For more information about local search trends and figures follow these links.


Local Search Outpacing Regular Search

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