Local Search Marketing – Case Study #2

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In the second case study for Local Search Marketing by Blend we are going to have a look at London Property Video Productions.

This is a new company that produce videos to promote the selling and rental of properties. Their service, already established in the USA and Asia is new to the UK market. A website was required to showcase their products and services B2B.

The keywords chosen were in a very competitive area producing nearly 64 million index listings. This makes it much harder to rank in Google or any other search engine.

A content rich site was constructed. A blend of SEO, vertical, local and social marketing techniques is used to rank the website. Within six weeks London Property Video Productions have established themselves in the front of their customer base by dominating Google page #1 and #2 with 8 Google page one listings and 6 page two listings.

Local Search London Property Videos 1

Local Search London Property Videos 2

Above Google Page 1 Domination with London Property Video Productions taking 8 out of 10 listings in a very competitive market place.

Local Search London Property Videos 3

Local Search London Property Videos 4

Above London Property Video Productions even have 6 index listings on Google Page 2 and note there are 63.8 million listing for this search term.

The methods we use to blend local search and market this company give the potential searcher rich content and relevant information on the business and its property video marketing services. Their competitors are simply not seen and are completely left out in the dark.

A website that ranks as well as the one above is a piece of company real estate commanding a high value and a tangible asset.

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