Local SEO Questionnaire

If you have been sent a link to this page, you are in the right place. Here we request your vital business information that will enable us to build and optimize web pages and business listings using ONLY your correct information.

It is essential we only use correct NAP’s (Name, Address and Phone number) online to avoid duplicate listings and confusing the search engines and website visitors.

All other information we request is to enhance your profile pages so they are the ones found in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) and not your competition while helping to convert your visitors to paying customers. As most business owners skip these steps, this gives you a far higher chance to be seen ahead of them.

On page 4-4 we will also require your business logo and photos, so please have them ready to upload before you start to fill in this form.

Questions? – Contact Perry here.

Local SEO Questionare

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  • Office Details

  • I need the account details for the Google accounts you claimed any Google listings with. Please list any gmail accounts you have that are associated with your Google My Business page(s):
  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Is there any chance that YOU, team member, spouse, web designer or previous SEO company has ever created any other Google My Business pages in any other Google accounts?

  • Critically important to search and give me any details on this as it could result in a ban or additional service fees if problems arise.

    Please list your office below, including name, address, zip code and telephone number.

    VERY IMPORTANT: NAP (NAME/ADDRESS/PHONE) is accurate, and as it may be listed in yellow pages and/or legally. Google is VERY data sensitive about EXACT match of Name, Address, and Phone number.

  • HISTORY: Have you ever had any problems like suspended, rejected, pending review, deleted listing, do not support location errors, duplicates, and incorrect data on your listing? Please explain.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please do not touch anything on your Places account while we are working on it. Google Places is like a huge complicated puzzle. Sometimes changing one little thing can impact everything or even get you banned. If something needs to be changed, please ask us.

Local SEO Questionare

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