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Local SEOLocal SEO Domination

For serious businesses only, if you want to transform your profits, dominate online and get a consistent return on your investment; if you want to take your business to the next level and become the authority in your area for your products and services, ask us about how we rank our clients in Google with Local SEO! Since launching our Local Search Marketing services in 2008 in the UK, USA and Asia, we like to think we know a thing or two about marketing local businesses online. In that time there have been many changes in Google and in the way SEO has evolved but we have maintained and grown our client base while ensuring they get a healthy return on their investment by keeping abreast of the changing landscape of online marketing. Contact Us here to get Rock Star status for your business.

Local SEOOnline Expert Consultancy

Want to be guided to success online? Internet success is about taking specific actions to get you desired effects. With our Online Consultancy a dedicated account manager will be at your side to Audit your Website, define and evaluate your online target market, core business and competition. We will then look at all aspects of your Internet marketing strategy and provide onsite training, Skype training or video training to help you use your resources to benefit your company effectively. If you prefer, after agreeing our approach of a proven online marketing strategy, you can sit back and we will do it all for you by creating a turn-key Local SEO – SEM solution for you. Taking all these proven steps for Internet mastery will result in more profits for your business in the short, medium and long term.

Local SEOLocal SEO Services

Want more customers?  Then speak to us about our extensive and truly unique bespoke Local SEO and search engine optimization services. Local search engine optimisation, if applied to an well designed website, and targeting the right market, is a great way to get a high return on investment. Instead of paying per click (PPC) your investment will grow your presence online organically, so your site shows up when people are looking in Google. While some companies talk of the benefits of SEO, here is a warning of note; If all the ingredients aren’t in the mix for example, the use of the right targeted keywords, the SEO won’t be effective. Don’t do this yourself; get an expert to do it!  Get the right design of website not a designer. Get unique, relevant and converting copy on your website, otherwise it can have disappointing results. Our uniqueness is that we help you through the whole process so that you end up with great results, rather than you paying for a service that doesn’t work or provide a significant return. If we don’t think it will work for you, we won’t do it and that’s a promise! And that’s why we like to build an ongoing relationship with our partners. After all, your success is our success.

Local SEOWebsite Design and Build

Without an effective website strategy for your business, it’s hard for your business to be the success you’ve worked so hard for.
Most businesses struggle with their websites, local SEO, social media and Internet marketing. The three typical problems faced are ineffective web designs, the frustration of how to get visitors to it and worse still, of those who do visit the site are they the right customer? Do they spend money?
Internet Success is like baking a cake – if you have the perfect recipe, it rises and is a success but without the right ingredients, or if the ingredients are being used in the wrong order you can end up with a flop and a feeling of overwhelming frustration. Your decision to allow us to guide you down a path starting with a responsive and mobile friendly website design will help you ensure that you have the right recipe for success and the profits that come with it.

Local SEOSocial Media for Business

If you are a business person and have heard of social media but don’t know where to start or you know what you should be doing but simply don’t have the time, contact us and we can discuss what you want to achieve using social media and we will offer the best solutions to effectively manage your business expectations. This could be growing your fan base on your Facebook business page, using twitter for customer service or Pinterest to engage with their main demographic. Each network works in a different way. We will use the best that work for you!

Local SEOGet Followers on Twitter

Are you curious about Twitter but don’t know how to use it to maximise its potential?  Perhaps you don’t have time to organise all the strategies, respond to tweets, retweet or simply you don’t even know where to start or if indeed it can benefit your business. Or maybe you send out some tweets but you have no followers and no results. Send us an email and we can show you how to connect to new customers, grow a loyal, local following and increase those all important social signals to your website..

Local SEOYouTube & Video Marketing

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the Internet. A place where millions of people are looking for information about products and services or are seeking for a solution to a problem they want solving. We can help you and your customers by using our proven local SEO and video marketing strategies. First of all, we produce videos for you and place them in front of your target market. Then we will duplicate those videos on other video channels like Vimeo and Daily Motion so they get found in the organic listings where your customers are looking. Starbucks’s would not be the success it is with only one outlet, and it is the same with having only one website and no videos. We produce captivating videos then market those videos for you – this is a super fast way of creating more exposure (more shop windows or ‘touch points’), citations and it also helps to send customers to your website with a strong call to action. And that means more customers and more profits!

Local SEOAbout Facebook

Imagine getting more customers from Facebook, or perhaps stretching your brand by having a Facebook business page that matches the look and feel of your website. A professional looking Facebook page will allow you to engage with new and existing customers while building your brand trust and rapport. Facebook is now growing in the Local space and is a great place to get 5 star reviews. Contact us here to discover more about how we can help you to effectively use your time to engage and build your fan base with Facebook.

Local SEOGoogle My Business

80% of local searches used to be done by your customers in paper directories but now 80% of local search marketing is conducted online in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Unleash you hidden profits by targeting the most motivated buyers – people looking for your products and services locally – and not the tyre kickers.  Connect with local people who are ready to spend. With us by your side, we make sure it’s your business they find and not your competitor’s.

Local SEOPublic Speaking

If you’re looking for an expert speaker to enthrall your delegates at conference and to talk to them with passion about how local SEO can really work for their business, Contact us today.

Also available for hands on workshops and SMB bespoke training days.

Local SEO for YOU!

The above are just some of the local SEO services Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd can provide for your business and website. Contact us for a no obligation consultation and find out how we can specifically help you get found online. Get more customers and more profits with our proven online marketing strategies starting today.

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