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Re: Local Search Marketing System – Bronze System
Internet Marketing is about CHANGE- Marketing truth says you either adapt or die!
I know it’s a bold claim, but it’s 100% the truth .YES! with All marketing you either adapt when Google changes things and move on, or die sitting there.
Stagnation is nature’s way of weeding out the failures who don’t take action and stand still and the successful business owners who do. This natural law is even more prevalent on the Internet and you must grab a place as the train as already left the station and you need to grab a seat Right Now!
What worked 12 months ago, DOES NOT necessarily work today!

In July 2009 Google set up Google business places on the Internet and now if your listing is set up correctly and with a few hidden secrets, you can jump above your competition, and it can appear in the normal search listings too! That’s two listings for the price of one and more bang for your investment!

Imagine the extra profits if your business was here for FREE!

Yes you can be at the top of Google without paying for every click. Not only do I love Google places because it was proven to make my phone red hot but now I am one of its promoters. This listing is at the top of Google for FREE in the normal listings! The listings above it are costing companies £20.00 per click!
Google Place Maps is New in Internet Marketing terms and now is the right time to take advantage.

Think about it… There is no better way to get your message in front of your prospect’s eyes. A real person who has clicked Google place maps has done so because they are highly motivated buyer. They are ready to go to your business address and spend real hard cash right now.
Or equally brilliant they are already on route and are searching for you on their sat-nav or their mobile device – these searches are increasing month on month too.

Here is where the problem lies…

All business owners know you must be at the top of Google and hit the consumer dead in the face with your offer to get tremendous results but this is where 99% of businesses haven’t got a clue. Worse Still the companies charging for search engine optimisation haven’t got a clue either!


Cold Hard Facts Don’t Lie!

  • Forgive me but most small business are sad and frustrated with their results online as nothing seems to work
  • 36% of your customers looking for a local business are searching on the maps are you being found?
  • People are looking for your business on sat-navs and mobile phone devices your business listed there?
  • 80% of local searches are now done online not in paper directories
  • Successful business owners grab opportunities when things change – Why ?

June 2010 Google had 10.29 Billion Searches!
If these are the facts, what should you do you about it?

Think about this for a moment…
As of right now, 27% of searches online are local and if they don’t find your prodcucts or services they will be ringing up your competitors.

Google Maps means the way YOU should Market On Google has changed!

As stated previously, the underlying principle of Google is time tested and proven .Right now you can access a hidden “opportunity” and overcome the problem of how to market your business locally.


Introducing Local Search Marketing
the next wave of online advertising.

A Simple-To-Use System to
take back what you have lost from paper directories

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Due to the overwhelming numbers of customers who used to look in paper directories and call you there was a need for a solution to place “YOUR BUSINESS” on an even playing field once again and even get our edge back, and now you can demolish your competition too!

Utilize the “same” Internet Marketing Goal
WITHOUT trying to compete Globally – Local Search
Marketing instead!

The Bronze System Local Search Marketing system is what Business Owners world over have been looking for.
Remember if your on a tight budget our systems create more shop windows where your customer are searching, they can then pick up up the phone and call you, or visit your website for information. 80% of local searches used to be with paper directories now they are online, you have to take action to survive!

This is EXACTLY what Local search Marketing System Does !

Here are just some of the features about Bronze local search marketing

  • Most business haven’t a clue how to maximise the listing so your at an advantage
  • For a limited period we make you your own FREE video commercial valued at £247.00
  • Your business can jump above the completion with some secrets we take for you
  • We do all the work so you can focus on running your business
  • You can get enquiries before their even visit your website
  • You can use Local search marketing to attract more customers to you
  • Instead of using P.P.C leading you to poverty you can as many clicks as you like without paying extra
  • Imagine using millionaire Marketing secrets on a local business!

Internet Experts around the world are calling this the opportunity for to help businesses success its a Win Win!

You need to be quick to get on this amazing launch offer including Free Video


“Lee Bannister has made a difference again” “The marketing that you have done for the business is the single biggest breakthrough I’ve seen since I started marketing on the Net. No matter what you sell online, it pays to let Lee get your hands on your marketing online. We have received hundreds of leads that would of cost us £20.00 per click. I recommend him to all my business associates.

Micheal – Top Property Investor


“Lees stuff is nothing short of remarkable I know to get more customers I have to rank high on Google. I wasn’t even featured on the top 5 pages for any of my products or services.
I’m now thrilled and delighted its brilliant! We now have a map on Google and are ranked on page 1 many times in the normal search listings. Yes we have listing positions 1,2,3,4, and 5. As a business man that’s astonishing! We are now featured 5 times for our key phrases on the first page of Google and have already sold a place in the first week thanks to Lee and got more than a return on the investment. This in one sale has paid for 2 years of bronze system.

Tim Dingle

Ok, why should you trust me, when I say this is HUGE!

I have personally invested £15,000 in the last 18 months learning from the World’s best internet marketers and spent 2 years learning cutting edge strategies and am continually investing time and money staying up to date. When I applied these strategies to my business my business flew.

If you want to Get More Customers & Profits you need to >>Click Here Now .

My business transformed because of being “in front” of current trends in the market place and taking action with Local search marketing. As I stated earlier, I created this bronze system out of people begging me to do it. When I said all the things that need to be done they said…

Can you do my marketing for me” I kept hearing from people.

YES! I eventually said, you see I have got new customers nd boosted my profits because of being “in front” of current trends in the market place. As I stated earlier, I created this bronze system to help businesses on a tight budget.

My prediction is this…

Local search Marketing will grow and grow but now is the Right Time!


Global marketing online is highly competitive but Google is putting businesses with Google places set up correctly at the TOP of Google.”

This is the top of Google in the normal search listings
notice the link to the Google place page…

Yes its one of my businesses, see the little flag above to show it has a Business Map set up also.

Jump on board now and we will use the same strategies for your business!

Let’s face it, some systems are not for some people, that is just a fact.

Only purchase this system if you meet the following criteria:

  • You want to increase the responsiveness to your online presence.
  • You know you want more customers
  • You Want a strategy that doesn’t cost you for every visitor who sees you online
  • You want several shop windows like having more websites where your customers are looking!
  • You want an exciting video made for FREE (limited offer)
  • You happy to rise above your competitors and get more profits

These qualifications may seem quite simple, but opportunities are here right now, some people will continue struggling , and wasting their money while smart successful businesses will spot this as an opportunity and will dominate the search listings

If you do not qualify, this system simply isn’t for you.

If you ARE qualified, you need to Click Here Immediately

You Will Receive 100% Continued Local Search Marketing!

We truly stand behind all of our systems. I feel that many online marketing companies  really haven’t got a clue, I know I wasted thousands of pounds until I unlocked the secrets of millionaires.

My opinion is that when you place your trust in me and my system you will be glad you did.

What exactly are you going to receive when
you order bronze local search Marketing system today?

When you order today, I will get a few details from you and your away its simple its fast its easy and before you know it you will see your maps set up and maximised and appearing more importantly you will hear the phone ringing…

Bronze Set up £497.00 £247.00

Claim your bronze package or above and get a £247.00 video promotion made for FREE!

  1. Bronze System Local Search Marketing System – includes Set up and enhancement of the Google maps & placement listing to connect with more customers.
  2. Your very own Gmail account set up within Google enabling us access to your map listing and set up of all directories, and activate them so you can get on running your business.
  3. Expert setting up of your business details, on Google to maximise your potential.
  4. Your business added to 50 of the very best business directories. Not just your name but we list many of your products and services too this is where real people are searching for your products and services.
  5. Your very own commercial made promoting your business and its services.
    (standard price £247.00)
  6. Get your video  distributed to 20 video hosting sites for greater customer visibility and online domination.
  7. Having a video on your Google Places listing puts you above most of your competition!


~Free internet expert website review not from designers or programmers point of view!
~Free expert website analysis for your primary target market revealing the profits you could be missing out on


Bronze monthly- we continually protect your business online!

Damage Limitation – We manage and maintain your Google Place listing and the other Online Directories we have set up for you. We monitor reviews and alert you to any negative comments so you can make a management response turning any negatives into positives.

We add 25 Directory listings per month– to help you stay at the top of Google

We update your top 5 local directories with current seasonal offers and coupons enabling you to shout out your message and get more customers

Every 90 days we produce a new video promoting your products and services. Your video will be uploaded to 20 video hosting sites, it is then bookmarked and submitted to 10 RSS feeds. Why? This means 1 video can be accessed from 2000 places! this helps your business connect with a greater number of customers and boosts your chances of profits.

Not only that it produces multiple listings on Google knocking your competitors of the page, and creates thousands of links back to your website, which helps your site rank higher in Google.

Ongoing Skype or telephone support.

Wouldn’t it be worth a simple easy payment to get new enquiries month on month and have all the work done for you?

If you are serious about getting more customers:
I am sure you would agree, any price would be worth it. After speaking with countless Internet Marketing experts, we all decided, anything less than £497 would be high-way robbery.

I concluded £497 is too much of a price for the “average” small business to pay in these hard times.

Right now, you can put your hands on Bronze System  for only £247 and for our marketing roll-out save £200 off the retail price and claim a FREE video valued at £247.00 pound too!

YES! That means the price of the set up works out Free!


What do you do next?

Let me tell you what you should do next…

  • Contact Us by sending us an email by clicking the link below and we will make you your FREE video and we will get your listed in 72 hours!

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