Silver Profit System

Silver Profit System Set up

The Silver Profit System includes all the benefits of the Bronze Profit System +

~ We set up a Youtube channel + produce 4 videos, bookmark and rss

~ Twitter – Set up twitter account ad 250 targeted followers and send 2 tweets per day.

~ Facebook page, add  video we made add business information, and  photographs,

~ Picassa we set up a profile and add photographs to help the position of the website for targeting your local customers

~ We Set up a profile on Blogger we add a video and photos and business description.

~ We create many 3 mini websites with an article video and photograph

~ We build 50 links to the site


Silver Profit System Monthly Service

~ We produce 1 video with plus video plus rss feed add it to 20 channels + youtube, Facebook page, Blogger, twitter, buzz,

~ Twitter we add 250 targeted followers per month and organise 2 tweets to drive traffic to Facebook your website or another opportunity for create revenue for the business.

~ Youtube add 100 friend or subscribers to the channel and manage all comments and messages

~ Build 50 links to the site

~ Articles commission 3 unique articles and put on mini websites with photos, videos and links.

~ Submit an article event or announcement to 1 online local internet community site or forum.

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