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Blend Moves Hosted Domains to Siteground

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June 11, 2015

Blend Local Search Marketing Moves Hosted Domains to Siteground

Blend Local Search Marketing, a company that specializes in Internet marketing and Local SEO (search engine optimization), has transferred all of its existing hosted domains to Siteground.

The decision to move all their business and client domains comes after a rough year between Blend and its previous web hosting company. Blend’s CEO Perry Stevens explains the reasoning behind the company’s decision:

“Our old hosting company (over 6 years) had deteriorated considerably over the last year, so we decided to find a new dynamic company to host our sites which was scalable, secure, provided fast load times and CDN’s. Siteground ticked all the boxes and more”.

Blend expects their new hosting company to be able to compensate for what was lacking in the previous year. Security and speed will help ensure Blend’s ability to deliver top-quality marketing and search engine optimization services. Blend also expects the new host to provide the company with the room that it needs to expand in the coming years.

Perry Stevens seems very optimistic about the benefits that Blend and its clients will experience with the switch to Siteground:

“We reviewed dozens of website hosting providers but Siteground came to our attention by one of our Developers. Turns out they also provided the best solution for us and passed all our litmus tests with flying colors”.

Siteground is a highly reputable web host that is ideal for growing companies like Blend. With its fast servers and WordPress-based build, Siteground provides the flexibility that many companies need to move forward while covering the needs of clients. Clients can expect a website developed Blend and hosted by Siteground to be quicker and more efficient than ever. The host’s close attention to detail and security also allows Blend to focus its efforts on marketing and other needs of the clients.

About Blend Local Search Marketing:
Blend Local Search Marketing is a Local SEO, Web Development and online marketing company that specializes in attracting targeted consumers to businesses. Blend starts at the local level of a business and expands to a broader consumer base.

Blend can be contacted by using the contact page on their website.

Siteground can be contacted here.

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Press Release: Secure Website Hosting – Siteground

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