Ride the Wave in Local Search

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We’ve seen the future… and it’s local search!

Get ahead of the curve and ride the wave.

Google wave logoThe Google Wave.

Google are releasing a real-time communication platform called Google Wave. This will transform the way we work and communicate online in the very near future.

We think the open source platform will render social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter to history as it combines elements of email, IM, web chat, video and photograph hosting, wikis, social networking and project management in one friendly in-browser communication tool.

Sharing files, editing documents and viewing videos with friends or business partners will be simplicity itself. These element will no doubt add more ammunition to the box of tricks we use for promotion in Local Search Marketing.

Google Apps can be added to existing websites to promote too and communicate more effectively with customers and colleagues alike. You should be using video as one of your marketing techniques to promote your business and services now to stay ahead of the curve. If you are using video already, you will be ready to ride the Google Wave.

More information about Google Wave can be found here.

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