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Tell a Good Story

“Marketing is about telling good stories. Social media marketing is about getting your customers to tell them for you.” – Corey Eridon

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In traditional forms of advertising we can see a big focus on telling a story so that it can connect with the customer. Connection to the customer is key and that loyalty in connection is what will eventually sell products. In new media telling a story is important as well but the main focus for advertisers who are utilizing platforms like Twitter and Facebook for advertising, is to get the customers to share stories about their products organically.

It can take some time to really get a company and their products to this point. It takes establishing brand loyalty and intense focusing on people within a products target market and area demographic. To target these groups many online marketers are turning to local SEO to produce engaging promotional material that targets people within a company’s demographic or their local area.

When a company has found a group of people or a local market that is extremely loyal it’s very important that they continue to market their new products to this group directly and this is what local search marketing is all about. By taking the time to focus posts on social media at a local audience and with customers directly, customers can begin to feel that loyalty connection with the company. When the loyalty grows stronger customers may begin to organically start talking about products as they are released and recommending them to friends and family.

As customers begin to talk about a companies products this is perhaps one of the best ways to see an increase in sales. Perhaps one of the most effective types of advertising is word of mouth advertising. We may see products each and every day and not even consider trying them until we hear about the same product from someone in our peer group. The same can be said when someone shares a product on Facebook. Getting a share and allowing customers to market your products for you is one of the greatest results that can come from social media marketing beyond increased sales numbers which will certainly follow.

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Tell a Good Story 

conversion rates

Conversion Rates

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” Jeff Eisenberg


Companies today are extremely focused on building their customer base and establishing a massive market for their products. It seems as though traffic is king when it comes to online interactions and the focus for many marketing campaigns. Companies feel as though if they can draw someone to their page, they should be able to make a sale of their products. By making efforts to massively draw traffic into their page regardless of where it’s coming from, many companies are successful in making sales.
However if the end game is sales, does it not make more sense to reach out to a small customer base to ensure continuous sales and a higher conversion rate?
Continuous sales are every startup companies dream. It will take a long time to build up a customer base to the point where a company can feel comfortable enough to expand. While many companies are making efforts to simply branch out and find new customers they forget about their existing customers for whom they could sell extra products.
Focusing more so on the conversion rate for the sale involves a bit more work than simply directing traffic.

A good social media account will be able to establish real interaction and loyalty with new customers so that a company has a much better shot at the conversion rate for continuous sales. Drawing traffic into your website is a great way to help boost your websites ranking, get your name out there and gained more notoriety, however it is the sales that will ensure the longevity of your business.
If you are a company that is struggling for sales turned to social media accounts and methods that you can use to connect with your customer base. Looking into social media management as well as online newsletters as a strategy for connecting with customers is a great way to double your conversion rate and double your sales through existing customers and visitors to your website.
If you need anymore helpful tips you can read our blog, or alternatively contact us today to see how we can help your business grow online.
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Conversion Rates

Changes in Google Places, Your Business & Local Search

Changes in Google Places, Your Business & Local Search

Google are at it again and the effect could alter your position in local search results. They have changed the way Google Places looks. It’s now cleaner and has more emphasis on customer reviews and photos/videos. The ‘Write a Review‘ button is now in red in a prominent position on the page. (Fig 1. Why did I added an arrow to this screen shot? Ed) This demonstrates the importance and weight that Google give to reviews on your Google Places page in local search results. HINT: They want you to get reviews for your business… lots of reviews… the more the better… get the picture? Good read on…

Google Places

If we scroll down the Google Places page a little further we notice another prominent ‘Write a Review‘ button (Fig 3. What do Google want us to do?) but this is where the story takes a sudden twist.


The Change in Local Search Listings post Google Places Changes

Google used to pull in reviews from third party review sites like Yelp, Qype and Local.Yahoo and feature them quite heavily. Now they have all gone except for a couple of nondescript links at the foot of the page. (Fig 4. Indicated by my 4th and final arrow ; )

Some say that Google built Google Places scraping review content from third party sites using an unfair advantage but now, as ‘Google Places‘ has enough content of it’s own they can stand alone and no longer need the 3rd party support. Google couldn’t have built this service without the 3rd parties and have now abandoned them. Whether this was ethical or morally right or wrong is another debate but they have now changed their policy.

One other thing to note is that you may have had 100’s of reviews on your Google Places page only to see that number now reduced to just a handful as the 3rd party reviews are no longer being counted. We are still investigating how this has effected rankings and place positions. Also take into consideration that only gmail account holders can write reviews on Google Places.

I’m currently beta testing Google + and wouldn’t be surprised if Google Places features in this new social phenomenon in the near future. So what does all this mean to your business listing on Google Places and your position in Local Search?

Local Search

Google Places Should Be the Cornerstone of your Local Search Strategy

At Blend Local Search Marketing we have always treated Google Places as the primary business listing for our clients. Now more than ever, it is essential to claim your Google Places listing and complete all sections fully including photographs, videos, and a comprehensive description of your local business.

Once your Google Places listing is set up correctly, actively encourage your customers to visit the page and write a review. They need a gmail account to do this.

You can even email your Google Places page to your customers. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1) Simply click on the ‘More‘ button (Fig 2.) underneath your business address and a small window appears.

2) Click on ‘Send‘ and add an email address and short message.

3) Press send again.

In the same window you will also find a URL link. You can cut and paste this link into the ‘Signature box’ in your email account. Then every time you send an email, you will be actively promoting you Google Places page.

Remember, Google want you to get reviews and will reward you by giving your Google Places page a higher ranking in customer search results. This is a sure fire way of getting a number 1 ranking in Google local search results.

We want you to succeed in your local search marketing efforts. If you want your business to be found for your local search keywords by hungry customers in Google Places we can help you set it up right now so you can benefit immediately.

To see what we do and how we can help you click here. To contact me or one of my associates click here. Alternatively leave a comment below – Perry.

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Local Search Marketing starts with Google Places

Local Search Marketing, Your Business and The 2012 London Olympics

Local Search Marketing, Your Business and The 2012 London Olympics

Are You a Winner?

Local Search MarketingBe a winner with Local Search Marketing! There is an amazing, once in a life-time opportunity opening up for London businesses especially if those business are located in the East London boroughs of Hackney, Greenwich, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Waltham Forest.

In case you haven’t heard (where have you been?), the 2012 Olympic Games are being held in London from 27 of July followed by the Paralympics until 9 September.

Thousands of athletes and millions of people will descend on the capital and will need products and services that you can provide as a business owner. So now is the time to make sure your business is ready for this huge influx of people and to ensure that it benefits from this rare opportunity.

Most visitors to London 2012 Olympic Games will be searching on websites for the products and services they will need during their stay long before they get of the plane at Heathrow.


Local Search Marketing Winner! Have You Claimed Your Google Place Page?local search marketing

To win the Local Search Marketing game, the first thing to do is to claim your Google Place page and ensure you complete every section. This will include you business name, address and telephone number, a business description, opening hours, payment methods, photos, videos and much more.

This is the single most important thing you can do for your business today, Olympics or no Olympics. Why? Because it can catapult you to page 1 of Google in local search. Do you want to be on page one of Google?


Optimize Your Website or Blog with Local Search Marketing Content.

When people search for products and services near the Olympic venues you need to ensure that it is your content that gets seen in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s).

You can do this by making sure you include your location, full address, postcode and phone number in all your posts and pages.

Of course, not everyone speaks English, so why not get some of your web pages translated to one or two other languages. If you have built your blog on WordPress you can easily install a Translation plug-in.

Make it easy for people visiting your site and your business and you will be rewarded especially when you competitors are doing nothing to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Local Search Marketing

Sell Your Self and Your Business With Video

Everyone loves video and they are very easy to make and share online. You can record yourself selling the virtues of your business and upload it to Youtube.

If you are not comfortable in front of the camera get a member of staff or a friend to do it for you. Better still if you can speak another language or have family of friends that can, ask them to do this also. Then upload all the videos to Youtube.

Once you have uploaded your video(s) use a title with a local search keyword in it. Also remember to include a link to your website in the description. For more information about optimizing videos on Youtube click here.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It goes without saying that your website needs to be seen by as many people as possible, so it is essential to ensure every page is optimized for the search engines with your local geo targeted keywords.

Once you’re on-page optimization is complete you can look at off-the-page optimization to help rank your site even higher. This can include many things from online Press Releases, Videos, Social Media and Directories. Consistently building relevant links to your website will ensure it stays at the top of Google for all your keyword search terms.


Converting Website Traffic to Paying Customers

It isn’t as simple as having a number one website on Google if people can’t navigate the site, find where you are or even call you. You’re site needs to convert that traffic into customers.

You’re website not only needs to be optimized for the search engine with keywords your prospects use to find you but also optimized for converting them into customers.

*If your business requires people to visit you  (i.e. restaurant, car hire, guest house) can they find you? Do you have a map on your website with your specific location and clear directions?

*Is your address clearly visible? Can people find your phone number? Does anyone pick up the phone when it rings? If not maybe you can hire a Telephone Answering service or use Skype.

*Do you check and respond to emails?

*Do you have an email opt in form on your website? Maybe you could encourage people to opt in by offering them some free advice about the area or service.

If people visit to your site but can’t find a way to contact you, they will move on and once they are off your site you have lost them for good. With just a few tweaks and a little bit of testing you can optimize your conversions and increase your profits.


More Local Search Marketing and Social Media Marketing

To compliment your website and dominate your search terms in Google set up a Facebook Fan Page, Youtube Channel and a Twitter account.

These are all great ways to find, engage and socialize with your customers and offer them exclusive deals through each channel.

I would recommend you start to implement some or all of these recommendations today because before we know it, the 2012 Olympic Games will be but a distant memory. One that will leave your business a gold medal winning enterprise for having taken part if you get things moving now!

However, remember that building up a strong Internet and social media presence is a Marathon not a race. It takes time to grow and nurture online relationships but when done correctly will pay dividends for a long, long time.

Blend Local Search Marketing can set up and manage all your social media channels and implement proven winning Internet marketing strategies that will get you more customers and more profits. Contact us today to discover how we can help you.

To your gold medal local search marketing success,

Local Search Marketing

Blend Local Search Case Study #1

Local SEO Case Study

In our first case study for Local Search Marketing by Blend, we are going to have a look at Perry’s Aquatic Centre.

Perry’s Aquatic Centre is a tropical, marine and cold-water fish shop in Lincolnshire. The business has been around for over 18 years but had no website.

Blend started by discussing with the owner what they wanted to achieve with an online presence and together decided on what search terms they wanted to be found by. We then build a Blog website that allowed the owners to manage content and communicate with their customers on a regular basis in the future.

In less than two weeks Blend had positioned Perry’s Aquatic Centre on Page 1 of Google and within three weeks had 7 out of 10 listings for the keyword search terms. A further 4 listings were recorded on Page 2 of Google.

The first new customer the website produced purchased goods from the centre with a ‘Print-off and Present’ voucher on the second weekend after the websites launch.

Blend also opened an affiliate account with Amazon and built an online store on the website. This generates a revenue stream of passive income for the owners. In other words they earn money for doing nothing. Amazon looks after all the sales and posts Perry’s Aquatic Centre a commission check every month. All they have to do is cash it.

Local Search aquatics centre1

Local SEO

Above The end-of-week 1 screen shots using the keywords ‘Aquatics Centre Lincoln’. The search term turns up 151,000 listings. Notice Perry’s Aquatic Centres website has yet to rank on Google Page 1 but directory listing are present.

Local Search

Local Search client

Above At the end of week 3, Perry’s Aquatic Centre completely dominates Google Page One with 7 out of 10 local search listings including #1 and #2. There is also a map, directions and the company’s telephone number and full postal address.

It also has two video listings further down that catch the eye of the searcher. Also notice the #2 listing is indented. If you click on ‘show more results’ button another 5 pages of Perry’s Aquatic Centre are opened.

The methods we use to blend local search and market this company give the searcher rich content and relevant information on the business and the competitors are completely blown out of the water.

More Local Search Marketing Case Studies.

To skyrocket your business, generate more leads, gain new customers and make more sales contact Blend now.

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Affordable Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Blend Local Search Marketing – Press Release.

London, England (Press Release) 18 May 2010. It’s still a tough and uncertain time for trading in any business sector post election but small local businesses can now finally compete with the big companies and beat them at their own marketing game.

While top end grocers (TEG’s) are not content to dominate with their hyper stores and continue to pursue their growth with ‘Local’ and ‘Metro’ brands, Google now offer small and medium size businesses a golden opportunity to get seen where the customers are searching… and that’s on the net.

One London based internet marketing company is aiming to provide all the internet marketing strategies these small companies need at affordable rates to dominate in online local search. Perry Stevens founded the company, Blend Local Search Marketing in 2009. Prior to establishing Blend, Perry worked in marketing with some of the biggest household brands in the world before running his own successful small business, IMP Film Co. a production company again in London. Perry Stevens - Blend Local Search Marketing

Blend was born of the advertising shift from TV, radio and traditional print media to online, viral, social and local marketing. Small businesses are now able to claim and build their own real estate in the form of web properties and utilize the growing trend for social networking, video and map marketing to lazer target new customers and elevate their company profiles to rock star status in local search.

‘It’s very important for business to claim their brand online. This means claiming a listing in Google local, registering websites and having accounts and profiles in all the major social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube’. Perry continues ‘If you don’t claim your brand, there is a strong chance someone else will ‘hijack’ it and create all kinds of problems for you down the line’.

Blend Local Search Marketing is not an SEO company in the traditional sense. Blend build and optimize web properties and directory listings for small companies with or without a website. However they strongly recommend a website or Blog for maximum effect in local search results to stay ahead of their competition, help build their brand with video and create invaluable company awareness.

Blend offers three affordable packages to get any small business on the first page of Google in local search – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Blend claim your business listings and then build and fully optimize each web property with videos, photos, keyword rich copy and use a whole suite of tools to rank you higher then your competition, using the keyword phrases your customers use to find you.

Every small business today should have a web presence and Blend’s ‘Local Map Marketing Service’ is the affordable first steps to be seen were the customers are searching and that’s online.

A reported 86% of all local searches are onlinewith 90% of these searches resulting in offline activity. 61% of this offline activity results in a purchase with 90% of these consumer purchases being made within a 20 mile locality of where people live or work. If you run a local company wouldn’t you want those customers coming to you? Your competition certainly would!

If your company isn’t seen on the first page of Google, the fact is you are not going to get any customers from online. Can your business afford to miss out on new customers, growth and sales?

The real beauty of investing in local and social marketing is three fold:

* Firstly, it’s working for you 365 days a year all round the clock (sounds like  the perfect employee!) and continues to grow and evolve over time.

* Secondly is the invaluable dialogue you can have with your customers. You want them to be talking about your products and services so why not lead the discussion and build long lasting relationships with them?

* Thirdly, most people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. By stamping your personality all over your web properties, searches get to know you and long standing, trusting relationship are formed. These customers want to do business with you.

A strong Local Map Marketing strategy will raise your company profile above your competition, engage and inform your customers which in turn result in retaining old and creating new customers, more sales and a healthy ROI.

For more information on internet marketing for small business in the UK contact Blend Local Search Marketing.

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Contact Us here.

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Local & Social Search Blueprint

The Local and Social Search Blueprint

Confucius said ‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime’

At Blend Local Search Marketing we really believe that we have simply put together the strongest local search marketing packages available at the most affordable price and that your success is our success. We’ll take care of your online local search marketing while you do what you do best, running your business and capitalizing on your new customers.

However, we know how rocky the business landscape is at the moment. The thought of committing to an monthly marketing strategy is maybe out of your reach. Building and ranking highly in the Google Local Map 7 Pack and in organic local search, although an essential must today and very attractive, may not be financially viable for some small businesses at the moment. Maybe you have one resource you could use more effectively and efficiently… your staff!

Introducing… The Local and Social Search Blueprint

Do you have staff members with time on their hands?

Do you want your staff to retrain and learn new skills?

Do you want to utilize down time to promote your company and services online?

blueprint social-media

The Local and Social Search Blueprint is an essential investment in your staff and your business.

Blend Local Search Marketing Consultant Perry Stevens will visit your place of work and coach a small number of your key staff members on how to implement and effectively use Local and Social Search as an effective marketing solution for your business.

“During the two day course I’ll teach one on one or a small group of your workforce how to build and implement an effective online local search marketing strategy”.

The day starts with and will continue to focus on Google as they are by far and away the biggest search engine with around 65% of the market.

“We encourage a best practice approach and

record management from the start”.

The course is ‘hands on’ meaning we will be:

*Listing and optimizing your business in Google Local Maps

*Building a Facebook Group page

*Opening a Twitter profile and optimizing it

*Constructing Web 2.0 properties and adding relevant content

*Opening a Youtube Channel and uploading a video

*Starting a Flickr account

*Building a blog

Once we have built the web properties we look at how social bookmaking can help you achieve your goals, build links, drive traffic to your sites and customers to your business.

We will also look at the free tools and software available to maximise the exposure of your web properties and make an attention grabbing video.

While we encourage students to take notes throughout the course we also provide full course details, step by step instructions and resource notes at the end of the day in a PDF format.

Blend Local & Social Search Blueprint

The Local and Social Search Blueprint (2 Days) is a one time investment of £1497 for a lifetime of rewards.

YES I want to make that investment in my staff and my company by booking The Local and Social Search Blueprint in my workplace.

Please contact us here  now.

“Those who take advantage of this offer sooner rather than later will make the greater returns on investment”.

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Local Search For You.

Local Search Marketing is for you!

If you have a business with or without an online presence in the form of a website, you should be marketing where your customers are searching for products and services, and that’s on the net.

search local online

Google, CNN and AOl to name but three search engines have put their business model behind local search. Increasing numbers of consumers use a PC or mobile phone to find products or services. We call mobile phone users ‘Hyper Locals’. How can you harness the upward trend of local search for your company?

Blend Local Search Marketing can tailor a sustained online marketing campaign for your business whatever the size of the company or budget.

To emphasize the depth and scope of local search marketing we have produced a presentation video in two bite size chunks – Local Search Explained Parts 1 & 2. They can be viewed below.

Local SearchExplained Part 1-2

Local Search Explained Part 2-2

Can you afford to do it? Can you afford not to do it?

“Businesses that get in to local search sooner rather than later will get the greater returns on investment!”

You do what you do best – running your business!

Blend Local Search Marketing will tell the world about your business.

If you are serious about marketing your company online, finding new customers, skyrocketing sales and increasing profits with an excellent ROI, simply contact us here.

For more information about local search trends and figures follow these links.


Local Search Outpacing Regular Search

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