AOSC2019 Ask Us Anything

Ask Us Anything at the Association of Orthodontists Singapore Congress

[PRESS RELEASE 06-02-19] Blend Local Search Marketing have been celebrating 10 years in business by helping orthodontists smile, while building on their reputation of great work and unrivalled results.

During February 22 – 24 Blend Local Search Marketing will be exhibiting at the Association of Orthodontists Singapore Congress (#AOSC2019).

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Celebrity Landing Page Design - Drew Logan 25Days

Celebrity Landing Page Design on Top with Singapore’s Premier Internet Marketers [Press Release]

Singapore, Republic of Singapore – Vast online presence translates to higher return on investments and better business reputation. However, it can be hard to create web pages without getting buried over thousands of similar ones on the internet. Blend Local Search Marketing PTE LTD provides full internet marketing campaign with the goal of landing page design at the top of search engine results.

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Singapore SEO Company Blend Local Search Marketing – Press Release

Singapore SEO – Blend Local Search Marketing, a marketing agency focused on increasing orthodontists organic local business listings in search engines such as Google, has announced that they will be rolling out a new website for their company to showcase their services. The website will be mobile responsive with adaptive elements and will also go into greater detail on marketing for orthodontists.

“Orthodontists just do not have time to market themselves effectively” said Perry Stevens, the owner of the Singapore SEO company, “They need to spend time performing high quality services for their patients and making sure they are getting the highest quality treatment. That is their focus, as it should be. Most of these people have no desire to learn the often complex intricacies that goes into online marketing. That is something I totally get, and that is why my agency provides marketing services specifically for these individuals. We take it off their plate, and they can rest easy knowing they have an entire team of professionals on board to help grow their businesses using sound marketing practices.”

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BLSM Happy new year

A Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year


Out With the Old and In With the New – Happy New Year

December is a great time to reflect and look back on the year that has past. At Blend towers, while compiling our client’s monthly reports, we also have been crunching analytical data for the year and movement from December 2014 to December 2015.

We are pleased to report that all clients bar none are in a healthier position in SERP’s with more relevant keyword rankings, more site visitors, more positive reviews and organic v PCC spend up by a whopping 700% in some cases. Read more

Website Hosting with Siteground

Press Release: Secure Website Hosting with Siteground

Blend Moves Hosted Domains to Siteground

Website Hosting with SitegroundFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

June 11, 2015

Blend Local Search Marketing Moves Hosted Domains to Siteground

Blend Local Search Marketing, a company that specializes in Internet marketing and Local SEO (search engine optimization), has transferred all of its existing hosted domains to Siteground. Read more

Happy Half Christmas

Happy Half Christmas!

Happy Half ChristmasYo Ho Ho

I wanted to take this opportunity at this special time of year, to thank each and everyone in team Blend for their hard work and dedication that goes a long way towards delivering happiness to our amazing clients.

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online marketing

Tell a Good Story

“Marketing is about telling good stories. Social media marketing is about getting your customers to tell them for you.” – Corey Eridon

online marketing

In traditional forms of advertising we can see a big focus on telling a story so that it can connect with the customer. Connection to the customer is key and that loyalty in connection is what will eventually sell products. In new media telling a story is important as well but the main focus for advertisers who are utilizing platforms like Twitter and Facebook for advertising, is to get the customers to share stories about their products organically.

It can take some time to really get a company and their products to this point. It takes establishing brand loyalty and intense focusing on people within a products target market and area demographic. To target these groups many online marketers are turning to local SEO to produce engaging promotional material that targets people within a company’s demographic or their local area.

When a company has found a group of people or a local market that is extremely loyal it’s very important that they continue to market their new products to this group directly and this is what local search marketing is all about. By taking the time to focus posts on social media at a local audience and with customers directly, customers can begin to feel that loyalty connection with the company. When the loyalty grows stronger customers may begin to organically start talking about products as they are released and recommending them to friends and family.

As customers begin to talk about a companies products this is perhaps one of the best ways to see an increase in sales. Perhaps one of the most effective types of advertising is word of mouth advertising. We may see products each and every day and not even consider trying them until we hear about the same product from someone in our peer group. The same can be said when someone shares a product on Facebook. Getting a share and allowing customers to market your products for you is one of the greatest results that can come from social media marketing beyond increased sales numbers which will certainly follow.

Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd, Overseas House 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath Hertfordshire WD23 1GG,  Phone: +44 203 114 5119

Tell a Good Story 

Important Announcement

After considerable thought and consideration about our business partnership, Mr. Lee S Bannister and I would like to inform all as effective from Tuesday 9th April 2013 at 3.00pm we amicable dissolved the partnership known as Blend Local Search Marketing.

The decision we made were are based solely on professional reasons as to what is best for the company I started in 2008 and the vision of where I want to take it.

Lee has many fine qualities that should serve him well in the future with whatever he decides to do and we wish him well on his path to success.

Perry Stevens - CEO Blend Local Search Marketing LtdThe company shall now be know as Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd. We still have the same aim and mission to create cutting edge websites that rank high in the search engines, establish our clients as the ‘go to experts’ in their field of expertise and convert traffic with a high ROI. We strive to deliver a open, honest and transparent service where the customer is always king.

Perry Stevens is the CEO of Blend Local Search Marketing specialize in helping small businesses with Website Design, Local SEO & Social Media Marketing

All enquires can be directed to +44 203 114 5119, the ‘Get Instant Help’ messenger at the bottom right of the screen or on our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd. Overseas House 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire WD23 1GG


how to blog for business

How to Blog for Business – 14 Top Blogging Tips

How To Blog For Business 101

“Which Of These 14 Deadly Mistakes Is
Your SEO Company Making When Adding Your Blog Posts

Which Can Kill Your Website Positions &
Your Online Profits?”


If you want to profit from online marketing there has never been a better time. The reason is because of Google’s recent changes in how they choose which websites rank at the top of search pages.

With so much conflicting information and lies, and hiding the truth about how websites are really ranked online, some SEO companies are stealing a small fortunes from local businesses and providing next to no value to their clients who are unaware of the facts. Companies like yours are not getting the results they desire, and we think enough is enough!

Today we have put together a FREE Guide – How to Blog for Business. In this report; Which Of These 14 SEO Mistakes Is Killing Your Blog we reveal what should be included on your blog posts. One of the corner stones in helping your website increase its ranking’s and help your business thrive is New relevant and unique content on your site!

You’re probably already aware success online is divided into two parts, first of all attracting visitors to your website and second, converting them onto sales.

One of the best ways to acquire new customers and attracting them into your sales funnel is from the search engines but here’s the thing…

Most businesses get little or no visitors to their website and some are losing online presence because they are not optimized correctly for the keywords that will make you money. Simple Changes such as adding a XML site map is often overlooked, but these are vital components of success online. Also adding unique titles, and descriptions to pages is a must if you want success.

Social media buttons must be added on your website and you must be a talked about and social business now. Why? Because this gives the important signals to Google that you’re a real business of authority and it also helps your online rankings.

Did you know that one of the biggest killers for your website is duplicate content, yes I’ll say it again DUPLICATE CONTENT! Many companies are throwing up posts, with little or no thought and the consequences can be disastrous, before you know it you could see your website fall from the search pages completely. So before we spill the beans on the 14 killer mistakes lets reveal the 3 reasons why all this is crucial to you business today.


Revealed: The 3 Reasons Why Adding A Blog Posts To Your Website The Right Way Is Crucial To Your Business Success

1. What is the first reason why adding a post the right way to my website is important?

When you discover how to blog for business the right way it’s a win-win-win situation for everyone because your readers will love your content and spend longer on your page, reading the content, watching videos, making a comment and sharing it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Linkedin and now even Pinterest!

You must
get social share buttons on your site and create a great content that is unique, relevant and keyword friendly. When this is done correctly, the best thing of all is that your readers will promote your business for FREE! It’s word of mouth advertising on steroids.

2.  What is the second reason why adding a post the right way is crucial to my online Success?

Google will see that your readers and people searching for your products and services spend a long time on your site. This is an indicator for the search engines that you have great content that is relevant to those online searches made by your potential customers and they will reward you accordingly with higher SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) in plain English, you end up higher on Google and push your competition down the page.

3. What’s the third reason adding a blog post the right way is important to my business success?

Google doesn’t just rank websites is ranks pages and posts too, so when you add posts that are valuable, optimized correctly and people read, you will be happy because you will get found more online. Your phone will be ringing of the hook with people who are ready to invest in your products and services, you’ll start to dominate Google with more and more listings and keyword phrases in SERP’s and you will start achieving multiple listings for similar phrases and leaving your competition high and dry and all the while getting an excellent ROI.

“Before We Reveal The 14 Killer Mistakes When Making A Post, Lets Look At A Typical Blog Post!”

how to blog for businessI’m not going pass comment on the blog post above, I’m sure you have seen dozens like it before. It’s not very exciting though is it?

Did you know that to cut and paste and article and add a photograph on a blog is only about 5% of the potential you can get out of it. There is little to no SEO benefit to it and it doesn’t invite any readers to invest any time it or indeed share it. Read on if you want to discover how to blog for business successfully…


“If Your Headline Doesn’t Exist You Are Leaving Money On The Table As Your Prospects Will Be Off In A Flash To Your Competitors Websites!”


Now, lets have a look how to make a blog post that ROCKS!


how to blog for business

…So What Were Those 14 Killer Website Mistakes That SEO Companies Make again?

1. Headline #1. First we need a compelling headline that includes the Keyword or phrase you want to rank for. This is called a H1 tag in SEO lingo. It works in two ways. Firstly like a newspaper headline it makes the post sticky and people stay on the site, and secondly it notifies the search engines what your post is about at helps the post rank online for that phrase.

2. Internal Links – We need 2 or 3 (anchor text) links that conect through to another relevant page on your website. These are often called hyper links by people, they are the  links that are in the actual text, In the example below the phrase ‘perfect teeth’ links to the ‘Before & After’ Page.

how to blog for business

3. Name You Photos – Photographs should be named with the keyword that you want to rank the page for when they are uploaded to your site.

This is called an ALT tag in SEO lingo. If the photo doesn’t load for some reason a name placeholder with the keyword will appear. More importantly the search engine bots reads it and this tag helps to tell Google what the page is really about, this increases the optimization of the page for the relevant keyword.

This is something that most websites are not optimized for and shows the difference between the experts and the cowboys.

how to blog for business

4. Video, Video, Video – Every blog post should have a video on it. If you don’t have a video you have produced yourself then take a relevant video from Youtube and embed it on the page. Try to find a relevant video with high viewing figures for best results.

Why do you want a video in your blog post? It’s what we call ‘sticky content’. What I mean by this is it will keep your viewers on the page longer. This helps to give a vote of confidence to Google that your site is a good site. This will boost your rankings, also remember Google own Youtube, so they like to optimize there own stuff, so do it!

Become The Known Local Expert With Video!

Now I’m only an armchair psychologist but the first point to note is people do business with people. We don’t do business with businesses! So you need to establish yourself as the rock star or celebrity in your area of expertise. The quickest and most effective way we can do this by using video

Video allows the viewers to get to know, like and trust you. When they know, like and trust you they will do business with you. That’s human nature.

Think about your business relationships for a moment. You probably meet some people and play golf, wine and dine others and even recommend them to your peers. You invest your time with these people because you know, like and trust them and then life becomes a little easier. We all would like an easier life, right?

5. SEO Trick – A cool little SEO trick that most people miss is to copy the name of the video and paste it above or below your video on the page. Then link the video name back to the Youtube page. Don’t ask me why this seems to work well, but it does!

how to blog for business

6 Headline #2 – Think of your blog post as a newspaper or magazine article. In magazines they break the copy up with headers, sub- headers and photos (and lots of ads). For the benefit of our readers and the search engine we use a H2 tag. Never use two H1 tags, as this will confuse the search engines.

7. External Link – Similar to the links in #2 but this time we don’t link to another relevant page on our website but we will link out to an ‘authority site’, a site liked by Google. Doing this is like making a vote of confidence to them but you get recognized and associated with them in Google’s eyes.

In the above example it’s the business Facebook page. It could be an industry association, University, Youtube Channel or even wikipedia. This demonstrates to the search engines that you are confident enough to allow your reader to further their understanding of your blog topic.

We only want one external link on the page as we don’t want to loose our reader. If possible make the link ‘no-follow’ so you don’t leak any Google juice from your site.

 8 See (3) ALT tags!!

“Are You Still With Us? Keep Going…Learning How to Blog for Business isn’t Difficult. To Do If You Have The Expert Knowledge…

But Many Don’t Know How To Do It… Or Have The Time or Invested Interest To Do It!

9. Headline #3 – The first headline is called a H1 tag, the second headline is called a H2 tag, the third headline is called a…. yep you guessed it, a H3 Tag (See #1 and 6)

10. Contact Us – At the end of every blog post ensure you have an internal link that takes your readers to your contact page. Remember we want to make it easy as possible for everyone visiting your blog to contact you by any means possible.

Your website is your shop window to the world. We need to entice them in and walk through the front door!

11. Call To Action – Have a clear call to action. Don’t be afraid to tell your readers what to do next. If you don’t tell them they will disappear. Tell them to contact you, write a comment below, tweet the blog post or share it on Facebook. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, but be nice!

(Hint, Hint!) If you like this report you may want to share it with your friends and business associates!!

12. Who Are You – Include your business name, full address and contact information at the foot of every blog post. This again will help you achieve better rankings in local search results.

“Nearly There… YES! It’s Time Consuming Reading. Let Alone Doing This For Every Post However…”

13. The Final Thing – Take the headline (H1) of your post and ensure it is the last thing on the page. This should be in the regular font and not a H1, H2 or H3. I like to change the color of the font too, don’t ask me why; I’m just strange like that!

14. There Isn’t A 14 – But I didn’t want to finish this paper on 13, I’m not superstitious but hey it’s the number 13 right!. So I thought I’d let you know that all the blogs we build have a ‘Translate’ button on them. Not everyone speaks English (I know I struggle sometimes) and as we are in the business of communication, it makes perfect sense to be able to communicate to as many people as possible. This little button goes some way of doing that.

“If You Want Success Online Would Do You Settle For Just 5% Or Insist On A 100% SEO’d Blog Post? Most SEO Companies Don’t Do It, It takes Time! But Doing It Right Can Make All The Difference To Enhance Your Profits, So At Blend Local Search Marketing We Ensure That It’s Done 100% Every Time”

So… we outlined in this guide the essential steps on how to blog for business, they are here to serve you, and show you the important factors when putting up a post on your website, to help you optimize the post and boost the rankings of your site.

At Blend Local Search Marketing we truly care about your success and we believe that by being open and transparent is the best way. We hope that you found this guide useful.

So you know your website is the foundation of success online but it is a little bit like baking a cake, you need all the pieces in the right place to get the recipe of success!

Want to Know How to Start a Blog?

We came across a wonderful free resource: The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Blogging. Check it out, we highly recommend you do!


Get your Website Analysis Here!

P.S. So Do Want An Honest Website Appraisal Including:

  • Website analysis to tell you the truth about how to increase your
    onsite optimization and how to boost your profits!
  • Discover what your competitors are doing online and how to beat them!
  • How to jump-start you social media activity to give Google the online indicators it needs to increase your website positions and grow your brand and following!
  • The profitable keywords for orthodontists in your market area

And much more.

Limited Offer: This is only available for the next 7 days for the first 10 people only!  We will create a report which includes an honest analysis of your website, secrets about your market opportunity and how to beat your competition!  Plus we will go through it with you personally in a 1 hour Skype or telephone consultation and you can ask any questions you like!

When you order today for the first 10 people only, you can receive this amazing value report, advice and support for not the standard price of $197.00 but just $97.00!

We are here to help! So call us today or send us an email if you have any questions or fancy a chat about anything to do with your online marketing…


If you like this report and have friends and business associates who would also benefit from it, feel free to pass it on to them. Sharing is caring!


Perry Stevens - Phuket 2012About the Author – Perry Stevens is the founder and Chief Operations Director of Blend Local Search Marketing. He likes to travel, drink tea and listen to rock music and when he can do all three at the same time is a very happy chappy indeed. He lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

Skype: Perrytheimp

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eMail: Contact Us Here

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Founder & Chief Operations Director: Perry Stevens


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How to Blog for Business – 14 Top Blogging Tips

Internet Marketing Resources

Internet Marketing Resources

We could all do with a little help online from time to time so today I thought I’d share some of my Internet Marketing Resources with our readers.
I committed 26 of my Internet marketing resources to a PDF and aptly titled it ‘The A2Z of Cool Internet Marketing Resources, Websites and Apps” so it was easy to share and syndicate on document sharing sites like
You can find it below and download it for future reference, embed it in your website or read it directly from the page.
Incidently, using the and/or similar sites, is a great way to repackage and position your content, spread your messages, build links back to your site and drive new traffic to your website.
If you have old content of PDF’s on your hard drive you can quickly get them up online and get them working for you at next to no cost.
Remember to use your keywords in the title and in the keyword field then away you go, no description to write or like videos, long upload times.
Internet Marketing Resources
In less than 24 hours our shared document was seen almost 200 times (see above) on Slideshare alone. We actually uploaded it to a further 20 similar document sharing sites like scribd and docstoc but there is no way of telling how many times it has been downloaded or embedded into other sites without paying for the Pro version of the service on Slideshare.
Low and behold! Those nice people at Slideshare sent me an email after reaching 100 views and offered a free 1 month Pro Account so I can find out where those views are coming from: )
document sharing
So now I hope you have seen the power of document sharing for getting your message out to a new audience and driving traffic back to your website or offer. Document sharing also makes good SEO as I’ve seen some of them appearing on page 1 of Google, which is always a good thing too!
If you like this great Internet marketing resource and found it of value, post it to your friends or share it on Facebook, twitter or all your other favorite social networks.

A2Z of Cool Internet Marketing Resources Websites & Apps

View more documents from Perry Stevens

internet marketing resources

About the author of The A2Z of Cool Internet Marketing Resources, Websites and Apps

Perry is the founder and Chief Operations Director of Blend Local Search Marketing. He’s guest blogs on other SEO and Marketing websites, drinks tea, loves travel and currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand.
To get your business seen online so your website brings in more customers and more profits contact Team Blend Today!

Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd.
Overseas House, 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, WD23 1GG
Tel: +44 203 114 5119

Internet Marketing Resources

Seasons’ Greetings from Blend Local Search Marketing

Seasons’ Greetings from Blend Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

Wow what a year it’s been for local search marketing! We’ve experienced unprecedented growth in our industry, within our own company and all our clients have grown, taken on new staff and reported their best years profits to date. Not bad when all we hear in the media are stories of doom and gloom! It just goes to show that if you are set in your ways and doing the same old thing, you’ll only at best, get the same results. Those with the for-sight to embrace local search marketing, use video and actively get involved with social media are reaping the benefits of getting more customers and more profits with a healthy ROI.

Next year will see the chasm between the old ways and the new ways of reaching customers getting even bigger and those businesses who embrace mobile local will be the main beneficeries.


Inside Blend Local Search Marketing

Early in 2011 saw some major changes in Blend Local Search Marketing with the appointment of Lee Bannister as the New Business Manager while the founder Perry Stevens – now Chief Operations Manager, left London behind and relocated to Bangkok, Thailand in April to oversee the day-to-day running and direction on the company. Blend are now servicing more clients in the UK and North America then ever before with a large proportion of new business coming from word of mouth from their existing client base.

Blend Local Search Marketing have a number of exciting ‘things‘ in development and will be launching a series of new initiatives in the first quarter of the new year. There are certainly some exciting times ahead both personally and professionally for the team behind Blend Local Search Marketing.

Merry Christmas from Blend Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

“We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends, families, staff and local search marketing clients and associates a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!”

– Lee & Perry – Blend Local Search Marketing.

Join us Facebook. Contact us here.


Blend Local Search Marketing



It’s Movember – We Need Your Help to Raise Awareness of Prostate Cancer

Our Chief Operations Director – Perry Stevens is teaming up with his fellow Mo Bros, LA based actor Marc Crumpton to grow a hairy upper lip for Movember, but don’t worry, it’s all for a good cause.

Marc ‘Crumpy’ Crumpton (Los Angeles) and Perry Stevens (Bangkok) are growing hairy upper lips to raise awareness and some money for The Prostate Cancer Charity throughout the month of Movember.

Oh yeah, they are both going to look pretty stupid doing it: )


What is Movember, we hear you cry!

Above a short video by Perry explaining what Movember is all about and how you can get involved!

During the month of November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

On Movember 1st, both Perry and ‘Crumpy’ registered at with clean-shaven faces and then for the rest of the month, they will grow, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery.

Mark Crumpton

They need your support, our Mo Sistas and Mo Bros, to help them raise funds by seeking out donations for their Mo-growing efforts.

They aim to raise a modest £500 collectively for their Movember team – City of Mo Fo’s.

Visit their Official Movember Page  and make a donation to Perry or Crumpy or collectively or for the team – City of Mo Fo’s..

Go team City of Mo Fo’s!!

Perry Stevens


How Else Can You Support!

Mo Bros – if you want to join their team and help raise Mo money and awareness they would be happy to see you and welcome you into the City of Mo Fo’s.

Click here to join City of Mo Fo’s Official Movember Page or make a donation.

Click here and ‘Like’ the City of Mo Fo’s Official Facebook Movember Page.

Please help us raise awareness and Mo money for The Prostrate Cancer Charity by Retweeting, Liking and Sharing on Twitter and Facebook with your friends.

The Prostate Cancer Charity is a charity registered in England and Wales (1005541)

Blend Local Search Marketing News

Blend Local Search Marketing News

Today – Monday 2 May Blend Local Search Marketing launch their new look website and officially welcome their new Director to the company.


Local Search Marketing

Perry Stevens – Founder

Perry Stevens, founder of Blend Local Search Marketing has now taken up residence in Bangkok, Thailand and has assumed the position of Chief Operations Director of the company. Perry’s new role will allow him and his team to focus on all clients local search marketing, social media, video production and SEO from their new South East Asian base in one of the world’s most vibrant capital cities.

Blend Local Search Marketing – New Look Website

The new look website consolidates the key principals that Blend Local Search Marketing passionately believe in, what they can do for customers and what the customer can expect to achieve by investing in their Profit Systems for their businesses.

In a little over 18 months Blend Local Search Marketing have built a proven track record of what works, not only to get you to the top of Google in local search but to also dominate the search engines and convert new traffic to customers. All their clients without exception are not only bucking the economic downturn but actually achieving month on month growth, making bigger profits and employing new staff. That’s something we are immensely proud off.

Local Search Marketing Goes Global

Blend Local Search Marketing are now servicing clients on three continents with their local search and SEO tactics, proving that local really is the new global!

Feel free to look around the new look site, there’s a wealth of information in our blog that you can take and implement for your company benefit. Better still allow us to show you how we can help you achieve online success, convert more customers and bank bigger profits using proven local search marketing strategies.

You can contact Perry or Lee at Blend Local Search Marketing here.

Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd.
Overseas House, 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, WD23 1GG
Tel: +44 203 114 5119


Local Search Marketing

Happy New Year from Blend Local Search Marketing

I would like to take this opportunity to personally wish all our clients, subscribers and visitors to this blog a very happy and prosperous new year.

Last year was a great year for Blend Local Search Marketing as we grew steadily throughout the year and can now boast of a client base on three continents, Europe, North America and South East Asia. The former is where I am writing this post from this morning – the beautiful and rugged island archipelago Koh Chang in Thailand.

Perry – Koh Chang Thailand 2011

Blend have worked closely with our clients throughout the year and share in their success when they tell us they have more new customers, more sales and profits than the previous year. Not bad at all considering the state of the world economy! We promise our clients new and old, to continue to innovate and reach more customers online with our Internet marketing strategies throughout 2011 and beyond.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information or help with marketing your business online, staff training, local search marketing and search engine optimization etc.

Here’s to your success in 2011

Perry Stevens – Head of Internet Marketing – Blend Local Search Marketing.

PS. We all know Google loves video sharing sites, after all they own Youtube and Google Video, but did you know that Google bots crawl video sites hundreds of times and hour? Did you also know that Google will list your new video in search engine result pages (SERP’s) in less than an hour and rank it very high?

And did you also know Google will list the same video more than once in SERP’s as long as it is posted to other video hosting sites like Daily Motion or social networking sites like Facebook

I will be posting a blog tomorrow that will help you with your Internet video marketing. Implement the strategy on all your new and old videos and be ahead of 99% of the others who don’t do it and reap the results – more listings on SERP’s, more traffic to your website and more customers finding your business over your competition.

Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd.
Overseas House, 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, WD23 1GG
Tel: +44 203 114 5119

Local Search Marketing Services Press Release

London, England (Press Release) 1 July 2010. It’s still a tough and uncertain time for trading in any business sector post election but small local businesses can now finally compete with the big companies and beat them at their own marketing game.

While top end grocers (TEG’s) are not content to dominate with their hyper stores and continue to pursue their growth with ‘Local’ and ‘Metro’ brands, Google now offer small and medium size businesses a golden opportunity to get seen where the customers are looking… and that’s on the net.

One London based internet marketing company is aiming to provide all the Internet marketing strategies these small companies need at affordable rates to dominate in online local search. Perry Stevens founded the company, Blend Local Search Marketing in 2009. Prior to establishing Blend, Perry worked in marketing with some of the biggest household brands in the world before running his own successful small business, IMP Film Co. a production company again in London.

Blend was born of the advertising shift from TV, radio and traditional print media to online, viral, social and local marketing. Small businesses are now able to claim and build their own real estate in the form of web properties and utilize the growing trend for social networking, video and map marketing to laser target new customers and elevate their company profiles to rock star status in local search.

‘It’s very important for business to claim their brand online. This means claiming a listing in Google local, registering websites and having accounts and profiles in all the major social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube’. Perry continues ‘If you don’t claim your brand, there is a strong chance someone else will ‘hijack’ it and create all kinds of problems for you down the line’.

Blend Local Search Marketing is not an SEO company in the traditional sense. Blend build and optimize web properties and directory listings for small companies with or without a website. However they strongly recommend a website or Blog for maximum effect in local search results to stay ahead of their competition, help build their brand and create invaluable company awareness.

Blend offers three affordable packages to get any small business on the first page of Google in local search – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Blend claim your business listings and then build and fully optimize each web property with videos, photos, keyword rich copy and use a whole suite of tools to rank you higher then your competition, using the keyword phrases your customers use to find you.

Every small business today should have a web presence and Blend’s ‘Local Map Marketing Service’ is the affordable first steps to be seen were the customers are searching and that’s online.

A reported 86% of all local searches are onlinewith 90% of these searches resulting in offline activity. 61% of this offline activity results in a purchase with 90% of these consumer purchases being made within a 20 mile locality of where people live or work. If you run a local company wouldn’t you want those customers coming to you? Your competition certainly would!

If your company isn’t seen on the first page of Google, the fact is you are not going to get any customers from online. Can your business afford to miss out on new customers, growth and sales?

The real beauty of investing in local and social marketing is three fold:

  • Firstly, it’s working for you 365 days a year all round the clock (sounds like the perfect employee!) and continues to grow and evolve over time.
  • Secondly is the invaluable dialogue you can have with your customers. You want them to be talking about your products and services so why not lead the discussion and build long lasting relationships with them?
  • Thirdly, most people like to do business with people they know. By stamping your personality all over your web properties, searches get to know you and long standing, trusting relationship are formed.

A strong Local Map Marketing strategy will raise your company profile above your competition, engage and inform your customers which in turn result in retaining old and creating new customers, more sales and a healthy ROI.

For more information on internet marketing for small business in the UK and the USA (you don’t have to be local to us to have a successful local search marketing campaign) contact Blend Local Search Marketing.

45 Bridge Meadows, London England SE14 5SU

T: 0207 635 0549

E: blendlsm @

Perry StevensPerry Stevens – Founder of Blend Local Search Marketing.

Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd.
Overseas House, 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, WD23 1GG
Tel: +44 203 114 5119

Geo Loco- The Local Search Marketing Monster

The Local Search Marketing Monster


Geo Loco – The Local Search Marketing Monster is the new face and blue furry body of Blend Local Search Marketing’s new 20 part online viral video campaign – The Geo Loco Show.

The Geo Loco Show - The Local Search Monster

During the first seasons series of videos, all less than one minute in duration, Geo Loco answers the top 20 frequently asked questions about Local Search Marketing with a focus on small and medium sized businesses.

The GEO Loco Show

Season 1 Show 1

In addition to the 20 viral videos, Geo Loco will feature in out-takes and blooper videos taken from the set of the two day shoot in London.

Perry Stevens explains further “The videos are fun but they do have a serious intent. The idea of the videos series is to introduce, educate and explain the benefits of local and social search marketing to small and medium sized business owners/managers in a non techie, entertaining and informative way”.

Geo Loco was born to be the alternative antidote to all the noise, slick presentations and so-called experts of Local Search Marketing. Of course behind the big blue hairy monster is Blend Local Search Marketing, a real company with real clients who have benefited from Blends Local Map Strategy and other online local search marketing solutions such as video, web 2.0 and social networks’.

Discover how your business can be get seen online, attract new customers and benefit from local search marketing using video and an arsenal of other tried and tested SEO and SEM strategies we use to dominate Google in SERP’s (search engine results pages).

25% and growing of all Internet traffic is from videos. Do you want to be in a dead end street staring at a wall or cruising down a super highway?

This is really a call to action. You’re online and watching video of a puppet. If you’re are watching it, you can bet your bottom dollar others are too. Now just imagine instead of watching a blue furry puppet you were watching a video that sells the benefits of your business, product or service.

Blend Local Search Marketing has a successful 20 X 20 Video Strategy that is designed to dominate in SERP’s and establish you as the Go-To business expert in your profession.

Here is what we do in 5 easy steps…

* We produce 20 videos.

* We host each video on 20 video sites

* We bookmark each video on each hosting site to 20 social bookmarking sites

* We submit each video on each site to 10 RSS feeds

* We Ping each and every video submission.

You win big when Blend implement their 20 X 20 Video Strategy. Here are just 7  amazing benefits…

1) 1000’s of high ranking and permanent back-links that you own pointing to your website

2) Each video is optimized with your keywords and phrases

3) Each video description is optimized with your keywords and phrases

4) Your videos pop up all over the place in organic search results.

5) Your videos get muliple listings in organic search results.

6) Your videos will dominate in Youtube Videos, Google Videos, Yahoo! Videos and many, many more.

7) All these ‘satelite’ videos give you more chances of being seen online and funnel traffic back to your website.

In a later post we will provide a case study so you can see for yourself how our video strategy dominates search results for our clients.

Thinking about starting to use online video to market your company?

* Do you want to establish yourself as the expert in your field?

* Want to dominate search results for your keywords?

* Do you want 1000’s of quality and permanent back-links that you own?

Don’t be a puppet, Contact Us Today.

Look out for Geo Loco – The Local Search Marketing Monster! Watch more videos and subscribe to The Geo Loco Show on Youtube.

The Geo Loco Show is recorded using Flip Video mino HD. Discover Flip Video Here

FYI – Inspiration for Geo Loco comes from Animal ‘The Muppets’, Mr. T. ‘The A Team’, Yoda ‘Star Wars’, Zig and Zag, Fraggle Rock, Motley Crue and of course Robert DeNiro.

Be Local. Be Social. Blend.


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Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd.
Overseas House, 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, WD23 1GG
Tel: +44 203 114 5119

Local & Social Search Blueprint

The Local and Social Search Blueprint

Confucius said ‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime’

At Blend Local Search Marketing we really believe that we have simply put together the strongest local search marketing packages available at the most affordable price and that your success is our success. We’ll take care of your online local search marketing while you do what you do best, running your business and capitalizing on your new customers.

However, we know how rocky the business landscape is at the moment. The thought of committing to an monthly marketing strategy is maybe out of your reach. Building and ranking highly in the Google Local Map 7 Pack and in organic local search, although an essential must today and very attractive, may not be financially viable for some small businesses at the moment. Maybe you have one resource you could use more effectively and efficiently… your staff!

Introducing… The Local and Social Search Blueprint

Do you have staff members with time on their hands?

Do you want your staff to retrain and learn new skills?

Do you want to utilize down time to promote your company and services online?

blueprint social-media

The Local and Social Search Blueprint is an essential investment in your staff and your business.

Blend Local Search Marketing Consultant Perry Stevens will visit your place of work and coach a small number of your key staff members on how to implement and effectively use Local and Social Search as an effective marketing solution for your business.

“During the two day course I’ll teach one on one or a small group of your workforce how to build and implement an effective online local search marketing strategy”.

The day starts with and will continue to focus on Google as they are by far and away the biggest search engine with around 65% of the market.

“We encourage a best practice approach and

record management from the start”.

The course is ‘hands on’ meaning we will be:

*Listing and optimizing your business in Google Local Maps

*Building a Facebook Group page

*Opening a Twitter profile and optimizing it

*Constructing Web 2.0 properties and adding relevant content

*Opening a Youtube Channel and uploading a video

*Starting a Flickr account

*Building a blog

Once we have built the web properties we look at how social bookmaking can help you achieve your goals, build links, drive traffic to your sites and customers to your business.

We will also look at the free tools and software available to maximise the exposure of your web properties and make an attention grabbing video.

While we encourage students to take notes throughout the course we also provide full course details, step by step instructions and resource notes at the end of the day in a PDF format.

Blend Local & Social Search Blueprint

The Local and Social Search Blueprint (2 Days) is a one time investment of £1497 for a lifetime of rewards.

YES I want to make that investment in my staff and my company by booking The Local and Social Search Blueprint in my workplace.

Please contact us here  now.

“Those who take advantage of this offer sooner rather than later will make the greater returns on investment”.

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Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd.
Overseas House, 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, WD23 1GG
Tel: +44 203 114 5119