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We are introducing Blend Local Reviews, a proven system to get more online business reviews that reflect what all your great customers are saying about you in person.

How do you generate more online local reviews?

What do you do if some one leaves your business a bad review?

We have a software solution that improves your relationship with your customers. It ignites great word-of-mouth, and helps your business market itself.

It’s easy to implement, it’s easy to use and can be set up in an afternoon or we can even do that for you… at no extra charge!

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Internet Marketing Resources

Internet Marketing Resources

We could all do with a little help online from time to time so today I thought I’d share some of my Internet Marketing Resources with our readers.
I committed 26 of my Internet marketing resources to a PDF and aptly titled it ‘The A2Z of Cool Internet Marketing Resources, Websites and Apps” so it was easy to share and syndicate on document sharing sites like
You can find it below and download it for future reference, embed it in your website or read it directly from the page.
Incidently, using the and/or similar sites, is a great way to repackage and position your content, spread your messages, build links back to your site and drive new traffic to your website.
If you have old content of PDF’s on your hard drive you can quickly get them up online and get them working for you at next to no cost.
Remember to use your keywords in the title and in the keyword field then away you go, no description to write or like videos, long upload times.
Internet Marketing Resources
In less than 24 hours our shared document was seen almost 200 times (see above) on Slideshare alone. We actually uploaded it to a further 20 similar document sharing sites like scribd and docstoc but there is no way of telling how many times it has been downloaded or embedded into other sites without paying for the Pro version of the service on Slideshare.
Low and behold! Those nice people at Slideshare sent me an email after reaching 100 views and offered a free 1 month Pro Account so I can find out where those views are coming from: )
document sharing
So now I hope you have seen the power of document sharing for getting your message out to a new audience and driving traffic back to your website or offer. Document sharing also makes good SEO as I’ve seen some of them appearing on page 1 of Google, which is always a good thing too!
If you like this great Internet marketing resource and found it of value, post it to your friends or share it on Facebook, twitter or all your other favorite social networks.

A2Z of Cool Internet Marketing Resources Websites & Apps

View more documents from Perry Stevens

internet marketing resources

About the author of The A2Z of Cool Internet Marketing Resources, Websites and Apps

Perry is the founder and Chief Operations Director of Blend Local Search Marketing. He’s guest blogs on other SEO and Marketing websites, drinks tea, loves travel and currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand.
To get your business seen online so your website brings in more customers and more profits contact Team Blend Today!

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Internet Marketing Resources

Changes in Google Places, Your Business & Local Search

Changes in Google Places, Your Business & Local Search

Google are at it again and the effect could alter your position in local search results. They have changed the way Google Places looks. It’s now cleaner and has more emphasis on customer reviews and photos/videos. The ‘Write a Review‘ button is now in red in a prominent position on the page. (Fig 1. Why did I added an arrow to this screen shot? Ed) This demonstrates the importance and weight that Google give to reviews on your Google Places page in local search results. HINT: They want you to get reviews for your business… lots of reviews… the more the better… get the picture? Good read on…

Google Places

If we scroll down the Google Places page a little further we notice another prominent ‘Write a Review‘ button (Fig 3. What do Google want us to do?) but this is where the story takes a sudden twist.


The Change in Local Search Listings post Google Places Changes

Google used to pull in reviews from third party review sites like Yelp, Qype and Local.Yahoo and feature them quite heavily. Now they have all gone except for a couple of nondescript links at the foot of the page. (Fig 4. Indicated by my 4th and final arrow ; )

Some say that Google built Google Places scraping review content from third party sites using an unfair advantage but now, as ‘Google Places‘ has enough content of it’s own they can stand alone and no longer need the 3rd party support. Google couldn’t have built this service without the 3rd parties and have now abandoned them. Whether this was ethical or morally right or wrong is another debate but they have now changed their policy.

One other thing to note is that you may have had 100’s of reviews on your Google Places page only to see that number now reduced to just a handful as the 3rd party reviews are no longer being counted. We are still investigating how this has effected rankings and place positions. Also take into consideration that only gmail account holders can write reviews on Google Places.

I’m currently beta testing Google + and wouldn’t be surprised if Google Places features in this new social phenomenon in the near future. So what does all this mean to your business listing on Google Places and your position in Local Search?

Local Search

Google Places Should Be the Cornerstone of your Local Search Strategy

At Blend Local Search Marketing we have always treated Google Places as the primary business listing for our clients. Now more than ever, it is essential to claim your Google Places listing and complete all sections fully including photographs, videos, and a comprehensive description of your local business.

Once your Google Places listing is set up correctly, actively encourage your customers to visit the page and write a review. They need a gmail account to do this.

You can even email your Google Places page to your customers. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1) Simply click on the ‘More‘ button (Fig 2.) underneath your business address and a small window appears.

2) Click on ‘Send‘ and add an email address and short message.

3) Press send again.

In the same window you will also find a URL link. You can cut and paste this link into the ‘Signature box’ in your email account. Then every time you send an email, you will be actively promoting you Google Places page.

Remember, Google want you to get reviews and will reward you by giving your Google Places page a higher ranking in customer search results. This is a sure fire way of getting a number 1 ranking in Google local search results.

We want you to succeed in your local search marketing efforts. If you want your business to be found for your local search keywords by hungry customers in Google Places we can help you set it up right now so you can benefit immediately.

To see what we do and how we can help you click here. To contact me or one of my associates click here. Alternatively leave a comment below – Perry.

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Local Search Marketing starts with Google Places

The Post Oscars Party with… Local Search

Local Search Explained Video Pt. 2-2

We hope you enjoyed Local Search Explained Video Pt. 1-2 posted a couple of days ago. Click here And the Oscar Goes to… Local Search if you haven’t.

video marketing







So you may have won a major award and are basking in the glory, or you may be basking in someone else’s glory. Maybe you’re still at the party but now it’s back down to business of Local Search.

In Part 2 we cover the subjects of photographs, directory, links, blogs, comments, reviews, RSS feeds, mobile devices and reporting.



We ensure every photograph is named with your chosen keyword phrase

Load photographs to social network sites

Load photographs to photo hosting sites

Load photographs to micro blogs

Include photographs in video slide shows


Completing all fields in directories and get to the top of Google’s 7 pack in local search results.


We build one way and two way back links to relevant sites like yours.

Regularly test the links to ensure they are not broken.


We will design, build, host and maintain your WordPress blog

We’ll ping your website or blog to more than 50 sites systematically.


We write comments in relevant blogs , posts and forums with a hyperlink back to your site.

We will advice you on how to engage with your customers to add comments.


We write positive reviews ensuring they are keyword density rich.

We will advice you on how to engage with your customers to add reviews.

News, Article, Comment & RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds or Really Simply syndication are a quick and easy way to get the news that matters most to you, as soon as it is published.

These feeds contain headlines, links and descriptions and are updated as the website is updated with new stories.

We will optimise your blog for RSS feeds.

Press Releases

We take your PR stories and press releases & post them in the correct format to the appropriate syndication site.

A well crafted press release will be seen by hundreds of thousands of journalists in over 170 countries.

An effective step to reach journalists, editors, newspapers, TV, radio stations and Internet sites.

Increase the SEO of your website.

Mobile Devices

We will create and manage your ad for smart phones.


We have an open and transparent policy

Monthly itemised time sheets

Video view reports

Viewed minutes, viewer attention span/drop-off embed tracking, geo-graphic‘s, referring sites & search terms, stream quality , data filter by region, date range, embed and category

Traffic statistics & analytics

Google Screenshots

Alexa ranking

Blog Tracking Reports


Page Hits

Number of Hits and Unique Visits

In Summary

Blend provide comprehensive service in SEO, Internet marketing and Google Page 1 Domination in Local Search.

Our aim is to:

a) Have your company dominate Page 1 of Google in Local Search –    eliminating your online competition.

b) Building quality internet real estate that is deep, long lasting and a company asset.

c) Provide a professional service with an excellent ROI for your company

Blend provide their Google Page 1 Domination in Local Search tactics exclusively to only one company in your business sector. Don’t let it be your competition. Contact us now, before your competition does.

‘those who take advantage of this opportunity sooner rather than later will make the biggest returns on investment’.

Discover the right Profit System for you here Now!

Dominate Google Page 1 with Local Search Now!

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