conversion rates

Conversion Rates

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” Jeff Eisenberg


Companies today are extremely focused on building their customer base and establishing a massive market for their products. It seems as though traffic is king when it comes to online interactions and the focus for many marketing campaigns. Companies feel as though if they can draw someone to their page, they should be able to make a sale of their products. By making efforts to massively draw traffic into their page regardless of where it’s coming from, many companies are successful in making sales.
However if the end game is sales, does it not make more sense to reach out to a small customer base to ensure continuous sales and a higher conversion rate?
Continuous sales are every startup companies dream. It will take a long time to build up a customer base to the point where a company can feel comfortable enough to expand. While many companies are making efforts to simply branch out and find new customers they forget about their existing customers for whom they could sell extra products.
Focusing more so on the conversion rate for the sale involves a bit more work than simply directing traffic.

A good social media account will be able to establish real interaction and loyalty with new customers so that a company has a much better shot at the conversion rate for continuous sales. Drawing traffic into your website is a great way to help boost your websites ranking, get your name out there and gained more notoriety, however it is the sales that will ensure the longevity of your business.
If you are a company that is struggling for sales turned to social media accounts and methods that you can use to connect with your customer base. Looking into social media management as well as online newsletters as a strategy for connecting with customers is a great way to double your conversion rate and double your sales through existing customers and visitors to your website.
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Conversion Rates
how to use twitter for business marketing

How to use Twitter for Business Marketing

5 Twitter Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses to interact with customers and promote new products and services and, like most forms of social media, it relies on high quality communication and frequent updates. However, many businesses fail to understand Twitter, and aren’t able to successfully utilise the platform. Learning Twitter etiquette and avoiding some basic mistakes can ensure that a business has an effective presence on the social network.

How to use Twitter for Business Marketing

1) Make Sure It’s Active how to use twitter for business marketing

Twitter accounts require a lot of hard work and effort, and some businesses have dedicated staff working on there social media platforms. Although this is not feasible for some businesses, a Twitter account that has been created for the purpose of a few sporadic tweets has no value to customers or potential clients. Very few people will want to follow the feed and will quickly realise that it is an afterthought for the business. The Twitter account should also be advertised by the business on any other platforms that they currently have. Whether it be on the company website or through communication and documentation, a small footer linking to the Twitter account will let customers and clients know that it exists.

2) Follow Users

The quickest way to communicate to customers and clients is to follow lots of other users. New business accounts should follow other accounts that they typically would associate with their type of business. This way, new accounts can make quality tweets that may get retweeted by established accounts which will be seen by other users. It can be hard at first to reach customers directly, but a business following customers in the hopes of getting a new follower will seem strange to the customer. They will wonder why a business has chosen to follow them and read their tweets.

3) Always Be Searching

It is easy to find tweets that mention a business or a brand, even if they haven’t be sent as a ‘Mention’ or as part of a hashtag. The Twitter search function is incredibly useful, and it can be a good way to find tweets that don’t appear in the Twitter feed. It can reveal what customers or clients are saying about the business, and it gives a good opportunity to communicate with them directly if necessary.

4) Strictly For Business

Twitter accounts should always reflect the business they are representing. An account can have a voice and a personality to set it apart from other businesses, but it should never engage in conversations and arguments or have personal quips or anecdotes. This can seem unprofessional, and it may be difficult to affiliate this sort of account with the business.

5) Interact With Followers

Many telecommunication and technology companies use Twitter for customer support. Although they are limited by the 140 character count, they can reply to users with status updates or support. The support may be brief, but it lets customers know that Twitter is a viable and effective way to communicate with the company. As some simple support issues can be resolved by, for example, telling customers that there are national or local issues that are being looked at by engineers, Twitter can be an effective way to manage and deal with customer questions. Always try to reply to customers if there is a professional reason to do so.

Will Kurtz writes on wide range of marketing issues pertaining to both old and new media, always from a business perspective.

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 How to use Twitter for Business Marketing

How to Tweet to The Number One Spot

How to Tweet to The Number One Spot

Here is a screen shot of BlendLSM (that’s Blend Local Search Marketing on twitter). We made the number 1 position for the keyword ‘Namecheap’. Namecheap for those who don’t know are a domain name company, a very good one in our books, but this is irrelevant in this post. But if you want to take advantage of their huge discounts, click here! : )

I received an email from Namecheap informing me of their huge price reductions, up to 59% off domain names. I tweeted this out to our followers on twitter as I thought it was relevant to them and hey, we all like to save a few dollars, right! (and make a few affiliate commissions lol)

As you can see in the screen shot, BlendLSM achieved a number 1 position for the keyword Namecheap with a single tweet. Out of interest, my business partner Lee sent me this screen shot from Oslo, Norway, I’m in Bangkok Thailand.

So What Does This Mean?

So it seems that Google are placing some weight to real time searches. What the recency v’s relevancy ratio’s are is anybodies guess. How long it stayed there at number 1 is unknown too. ( I wasn’t going to sit up all night refreshing the page)

I tried to repeat the listing later and only managed a number 10 spot on page 1 (still incredible) but again how long it stayed there is still open to question. This screen shot was taken from a computer in Bangkok.

It does seem that twitter conversations predict Google searches and influence the traditional news media. Remember how stories of the tsunami in Japan spread across the world – twitter or the demise of Osama bin Laden was revealed to the world more than an hour before President Obama’s address from the White house – twitter.

So What Can We Take From This?

While we can’t predict the news it demonstrates that Google are putting huge emphasis on breaking stories. So keep tweeting regularly, always put your keywords in your tweets and look our for breaking stories either from world/local news or a hot new offer from your favorite band or brand. By making your tweet relevant to these breaking stories you could expose your twitter to millions of potential new followers.

If you’ve achieved a number 1 listing in Google for a big keyword using twitter, why not share your story with us too. Your comments are always welcome. Perry.

Using Twitter for Local Search Marketing

Using Twitter For Local Search Marketing To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Twitter is one of the fastest growing website on the planet and certainly one that is getting lots of media attention at the moment as it breaks news stories that spread like a virus at lightening speed around the globe. Twitter at last has come of age, but how can it help you and your business?

Most people carry smart phones and they are never more than 3 feet away from them. Many of these phone have the twitter app built in. If you have a twitter following you can message them several times a day straight to their phones that are in their hands. No waiting for them to get to a PC or open and read your email.

If you engage your followers correctly you can use this phenomenon to your advantage and drive your targeted followers to your website, offers and promotions or your local followers directly to your retail outlet.

Of course it takes time to build a list of targeted followers, send tweets and manage your social media effectively while running your business. That’s where we can help you…

* We Set-up and Manage Your Twitter Account With Your Brand Identity.

* Build a List of Targeted Followers

* We Set-up Follow Lists Targeting:

Your keywords

Geolocators (Local Search)

Followers of your competitors

Followed by you competitors


* We manage your:

Thank you messages



New follows



* We Tweet:

Your 140 character or less messages:

4-8 times a day

Include a trackable link to your website in each tweet

Promote your products and service, videos, website, Facebook Page etc.

Engage followers with loyalty promotions

Broaden Tweets with industry news and local interest stories.

Your RSS Feed


This proven winning strategy builds a targeted list of followers at a rate of 100’s of people a month who are happy to receive your tweets and engage with you. “Perry has managed to reveal the true commercial value of Twitter to someone who really only ever used it to find out what Lisa Snowdon was having for breakfast….. Miraculous!!!” Read Will’s full testimonials here.

Blend Local Search Marketing will help you get new targeted customers for pennies on the pound who are hungry for your products and services. Contact us today to get started now!

Twitter for Local Search

Promote Your Website With Twitter

Twitter is the fastest growing micro website full of opportunities to send laser targeted traffic to your website.

blend local search twitter

When Twitter is used properly it can generate a flock of targeted visitors to your profile in a very short space of time. This branded micro site is a great tool to promote your website and business on and off line. It’s easy to notify your customers of new product launches and updates on your website and over time, builds quality links back to your site through optimised posts or tweets.

Blend will create an account and build a customised Twitter profile dedicated to your website ensuring it’s set up correctly with your keyword phrases. We will also post a tweet for the first 30 days for you.

Of course the effectiveness of your promotion depends on the number of organic friends or ‘followers’. We will submit your Twitter profile to 20 directories using your 3 top keyword phrases and guarantee you 100 natural followers in the first 30 days.

The Blend Twitter Creation and Promotion Service Was £147 Now Only £97 for a limited time. Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Don’t have a website? Visit our Website Design here.

Join Blend Local Search Marketing on Twitter for up to the minute tweets.

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