conversion rates

Conversion Rates

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” Jeff Eisenberg


Companies today are extremely focused on building their customer base and establishing a massive market for their products. It seems as though traffic is king when it comes to online interactions and the focus for many marketing campaigns. Companies feel as though if they can draw someone to their page, they should be able to make a sale of their products. By making efforts to massively draw traffic into their page regardless of where it’s coming from, many companies are successful in making sales.
However if the end game is sales, does it not make more sense to reach out to a small customer base to ensure continuous sales and a higher conversion rate?
Continuous sales are every startup companies dream. It will take a long time to build up a customer base to the point where a company can feel comfortable enough to expand. While many companies are making efforts to simply branch out and find new customers they forget about their existing customers for whom they could sell extra products.
Focusing more so on the conversion rate for the sale involves a bit more work than simply directing traffic.

A good social media account will be able to establish real interaction and loyalty with new customers so that a company has a much better shot at the conversion rate for continuous sales. Drawing traffic into your website is a great way to help boost your websites ranking, get your name out there and gained more notoriety, however it is the sales that will ensure the longevity of your business.
If you are a company that is struggling for sales turned to social media accounts and methods that you can use to connect with your customer base. Looking into social media management as well as online newsletters as a strategy for connecting with customers is a great way to double your conversion rate and double your sales through existing customers and visitors to your website.
If you need anymore helpful tips you can read our blog, or alternatively contact us today to see how we can help your business grow online.
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Conversion Rates

Modern Advertising

“When you break down all the fluff, there are two ways to promote and market your business: dumber, slower, and expensive- or smarter, faster, and cheaper.”


Advertising has changed significantly even over the past five years. In the past advertising a business required the help of a large labor force. People would have to get in touch with ad agencies as well as television stations, publications, radio stations and more in order to advertise their products or their company. Today however posting your own advertisements online can be done for mere pennies or even better with an established relationship from a high ranking page. As such, advertising is now smarter faster and cheaper than ever before.


The problem with this new revolution in marketing and advertising is that many companies are slow to jump on the bandwagon. Many existing retailers still continue to use the old methods without embracing some of the newer methods that are available. New social media websites are emerging each and every day to help people connect and advertise, it is important to do constant research to determine areas where you can reach your customers faster.

Many companies are experiencing great results from social media advertising. The advantage to using social media advertising is that you can very easily connect with your customer base online and is very inexpensive. Any user driven creative business page on Facebook or on Twitter, it really only costs your time. For large companies, social media management can require paid staff in order to keep track of advertising campaigns and customer messages, smaller companies can keep this up throughout the working day.

Embracing change in technology is part of the modern business world and in order to effectively advertise for the next generation, companies must be willing to direct their focus from older styles of advertising into advertising with new media. Traditional advertising is still very effective but for businesses who are looking to generate engagement while minimizing costs, online advertisements through social media is smarter, faster and cheaper.

If you want to boost your online presence, and explore new modern ways of advertising your business, you can contact us by clicking here. Alternatively join the revolution and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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Seasons’ Greetings from Blend Local Search Marketing

Seasons’ Greetings from Blend Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

Wow what a year it’s been for local search marketing! We’ve experienced unprecedented growth in our industry, within our own company and all our clients have grown, taken on new staff and reported their best years profits to date. Not bad when all we hear in the media are stories of doom and gloom! It just goes to show that if you are set in your ways and doing the same old thing, you’ll only at best, get the same results. Those with the for-sight to embrace local search marketing, use video and actively get involved with social media are reaping the benefits of getting more customers and more profits with a healthy ROI.

Next year will see the chasm between the old ways and the new ways of reaching customers getting even bigger and those businesses who embrace mobile local will be the main beneficeries.


Inside Blend Local Search Marketing

Early in 2011 saw some major changes in Blend Local Search Marketing with the appointment of Lee Bannister as the New Business Manager while the founder Perry Stevens – now Chief Operations Manager, left London behind and relocated to Bangkok, Thailand in April to oversee the day-to-day running and direction on the company. Blend are now servicing more clients in the UK and North America then ever before with a large proportion of new business coming from word of mouth from their existing client base.

Blend Local Search Marketing have a number of exciting ‘things‘ in development and will be launching a series of new initiatives in the first quarter of the new year. There are certainly some exciting times ahead both personally and professionally for the team behind Blend Local Search Marketing.

Merry Christmas from Blend Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

“We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends, families, staff and local search marketing clients and associates a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!”

– Lee & Perry – Blend Local Search Marketing.

Join us Facebook. Contact us here.


Blend Local Search Marketing



Local Search Marketing – Case Study #2

In the second case study for Local Search Marketing by Blend we are going to have a look at London Property Video Productions.

This is a new company that produce videos to promote the selling and rental of properties. Their service, already established in the USA and Asia is new to the UK market. A website was required to showcase their products and services B2B.

The keywords chosen were in a very competitive area producing nearly 64 million index listings. This makes it much harder to rank in Google or any other search engine.

A content rich site was constructed. A blend of SEO, vertical, local and social marketing techniques is used to rank the website. Within six weeks London Property Video Productions have established themselves in the front of their customer base by dominating Google page #1 and #2 with 8 Google page one listings and 6 page two listings.

Local Search London Property Videos 1

Local Search London Property Videos 2

Above Google Page 1 Domination with London Property Video Productions taking 8 out of 10 listings in a very competitive market place.

Local Search London Property Videos 3

Local Search London Property Videos 4

Above London Property Video Productions even have 6 index listings on Google Page 2 and note there are 63.8 million listing for this search term.

The methods we use to blend local search and market this company give the potential searcher rich content and relevant information on the business and its property video marketing services. Their competitors are simply not seen and are completely left out in the dark.

A website that ranks as well as the one above is a piece of company real estate commanding a high value and a tangible asset.

Back to Previous Local Search Case Study.

Contact Blend to skyrocket your business, generate more leads, gain new customers and make more sales now!

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Geo Loco- The Local Search Marketing Monster

The Local Search Marketing Monster


Geo Loco – The Local Search Marketing Monster is the new face and blue furry body of Blend Local Search Marketing’s new 20 part online viral video campaign – The Geo Loco Show.

The Geo Loco Show - The Local Search Monster

During the first seasons series of videos, all less than one minute in duration, Geo Loco answers the top 20 frequently asked questions about Local Search Marketing with a focus on small and medium sized businesses.

The GEO Loco Show

Season 1 Show 1

In addition to the 20 viral videos, Geo Loco will feature in out-takes and blooper videos taken from the set of the two day shoot in London.

Perry Stevens explains further “The videos are fun but they do have a serious intent. The idea of the videos series is to introduce, educate and explain the benefits of local and social search marketing to small and medium sized business owners/managers in a non techie, entertaining and informative way”.

Geo Loco was born to be the alternative antidote to all the noise, slick presentations and so-called experts of Local Search Marketing. Of course behind the big blue hairy monster is Blend Local Search Marketing, a real company with real clients who have benefited from Blends Local Map Strategy and other online local search marketing solutions such as video, web 2.0 and social networks’.

Discover how your business can be get seen online, attract new customers and benefit from local search marketing using video and an arsenal of other tried and tested SEO and SEM strategies we use to dominate Google in SERP’s (search engine results pages).

25% and growing of all Internet traffic is from videos. Do you want to be in a dead end street staring at a wall or cruising down a super highway?

This is really a call to action. You’re online and watching video of a puppet. If you’re are watching it, you can bet your bottom dollar others are too. Now just imagine instead of watching a blue furry puppet you were watching a video that sells the benefits of your business, product or service.

Blend Local Search Marketing has a successful 20 X 20 Video Strategy that is designed to dominate in SERP’s and establish you as the Go-To business expert in your profession.

Here is what we do in 5 easy steps…

* We produce 20 videos.

* We host each video on 20 video sites

* We bookmark each video on each hosting site to 20 social bookmarking sites

* We submit each video on each site to 10 RSS feeds

* We Ping each and every video submission.

You win big when Blend implement their 20 X 20 Video Strategy. Here are just 7  amazing benefits…

1) 1000’s of high ranking and permanent back-links that you own pointing to your website

2) Each video is optimized with your keywords and phrases

3) Each video description is optimized with your keywords and phrases

4) Your videos pop up all over the place in organic search results.

5) Your videos get muliple listings in organic search results.

6) Your videos will dominate in Youtube Videos, Google Videos, Yahoo! Videos and many, many more.

7) All these ‘satelite’ videos give you more chances of being seen online and funnel traffic back to your website.

In a later post we will provide a case study so you can see for yourself how our video strategy dominates search results for our clients.

Thinking about starting to use online video to market your company?

* Do you want to establish yourself as the expert in your field?

* Want to dominate search results for your keywords?

* Do you want 1000’s of quality and permanent back-links that you own?

Don’t be a puppet, Contact Us Today.

Look out for Geo Loco – The Local Search Marketing Monster! Watch more videos and subscribe to The Geo Loco Show on Youtube.

The Geo Loco Show is recorded using Flip Video mino HD. Discover Flip Video Here

FYI – Inspiration for Geo Loco comes from Animal ‘The Muppets’, Mr. T. ‘The A Team’, Yoda ‘Star Wars’, Zig and Zag, Fraggle Rock, Motley Crue and of course Robert DeNiro.

Be Local. Be Social. Blend.


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20 Benefits of Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

The Blend Local Search Marketing Strategy is designed to elevate your on and offline business and services so you are recognized as the go-to authority in your profession.

We believe ‘Content is King’ and unlike the some SEO companies who only build links, we bring marketing strategies to the table. We produce content that not only provide those important links back to your site but engage with your prospects, presenting you in a way that they will know, like and trust you. People, who know like and trust you, want to do business with you and refer their family and friends.

local search marketing

Be Local. Be Social. Blend.

Here are 20 Benefits of the Blend Local Search Marketing Strategy

1) Full 360* Marketing Strategy

2) By dominating keywords and phrases with our strategy your competition gets outranked in page 1 search results as your content pushes them out.

3) If Google changes their algorithms your campaigns do not disappear overnight because the strategy is a multi layered blend of proven disciplines.

4) The traffic that arrives at your site can be monitored and the strategy can be tweaked accordingly.

5) We provide flexibility to your online marketing. So if you have news worthy story for instance, we can post a Press Release instead of an article.

6) The video content we produced is designed so people get to know, like and trust you.

7) We upload a high volume of video content because we know how to use it and it works.

  1. a. The search engine love videos
  2. b. 25% of all content viewed online is video

8) Search engines love consistency – we feed them with more content month after month.

9) Search engines love authority – we ensure you are the authority by volume and quality of content.

10) Your online marketing is working for you 24/7 365 days of the year. (The perfect employee).

11) The web properties we build for you are always there growing, bigger, deeper and stronger month after month, year upon year, unlike many links that are annual.

  1. a. Google loves history

12) Exclusivity – we only work with one business in a profession in any one area.

13) You’re investing in long lasting real estate – a company asset.

14) Web property links have a high page rank value.

15) We work with your 20 best keywords and phrases including local search terms.

16) Flexibility.

17) We provide monthly reports and updates.

18) We are open and transparent in all we do for you.

19) We are real people who you can contact on a phone, Skype or IM. We can even sit down over a nice cup of tea!

20) Our success is built on your success.

Is local search marketing right for my business? I bet your competition is thinking the same thing!

Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd.
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Blend Youtube Search Story

Here is a great way to make a video to promote your business in 5 minutes flat.

Youtube Search Stories allows you to make a short video story using maps, news, web, images, music and much more to create your own viral.

Anyone can do this, so why not give it a go and then blast it around all your social network sites like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and Flickr for all the world to see.

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Blend Local Map Marketing Silver Package

Blend Local Map Marketing Silver Package

Blend Local Map Marketing Silver Package

The Blend Local Map Marketing Silver Package is a fast track and affordable entry level web promotion service. First and foremost we will start by claiming your Google map listing before someone else does and customise it with your photos, videos and your company information. We will then ensure it is fully optimized with the correct keyword phrases your customers are using to find you.

Next we will produce your own video and build you a custom ‘channel’ on the largest search engine out there – Youtube. People love watching videos and Google favour them in searches. We will upload your video to your exclusive Youtube channel and fully optimize it with your logo, business bio, keyword phrases and links.

Your video will be syndicate it to 10 other video sharing platforms including Daily Motion and Yahoo! All of which will be fully optimized to provide an endless flow of ‘Google juice’ back to your website.

We will then build you a blog with optimized content; videos, photos and information about you, your business and your industry. With your own blog you can easily inform your customers of all your latest news, offers, products and services and start to create a regular dialogue and build strong relationships with them. Building relationships with your customers means customers for life.

Monthly there after we will maintain your web properties and invest in them further by building quality links or posting articles with links and social bookmarking everything.

This has a two fold effect of providing your website and listing with lots of juicy back links to maintain your page 1 position in local search. It also spreads your business reach all over the net generating targeted leads back to your website and listing.

Click here to see everything you will get in the Blend Local Map Marketing Silver Package.

Click here to upgrade to the new  Gold Profit System

Remember to take advantage of this amazing opening offer by contacting us now. It will not last forever and it may be gone tomorrow!

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Local Search For You.

Local Search Marketing is for you!

If you have a business with or without an online presence in the form of a website, you should be marketing where your customers are searching for products and services, and that’s on the net.

search local online

Google, CNN and AOl to name but three search engines have put their business model behind local search. Increasing numbers of consumers use a PC or mobile phone to find products or services. We call mobile phone users ‘Hyper Locals’. How can you harness the upward trend of local search for your company?

Blend Local Search Marketing can tailor a sustained online marketing campaign for your business whatever the size of the company or budget.

To emphasize the depth and scope of local search marketing we have produced a presentation video in two bite size chunks – Local Search Explained Parts 1 & 2. They can be viewed below.

Local SearchExplained Part 1-2

Local Search Explained Part 2-2

Can you afford to do it? Can you afford not to do it?

“Businesses that get in to local search sooner rather than later will get the greater returns on investment!”

You do what you do best – running your business!

Blend Local Search Marketing will tell the world about your business.

If you are serious about marketing your company online, finding new customers, skyrocketing sales and increasing profits with an excellent ROI, simply contact us here.

For more information about local search trends and figures follow these links.


Local Search Outpacing Regular Search

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The Post Oscars Party with… Local Search

Local Search Explained Video Pt. 2-2

We hope you enjoyed Local Search Explained Video Pt. 1-2 posted a couple of days ago. Click here And the Oscar Goes to… Local Search if you haven’t.

video marketing







So you may have won a major award and are basking in the glory, or you may be basking in someone else’s glory. Maybe you’re still at the party but now it’s back down to business of Local Search.

In Part 2 we cover the subjects of photographs, directory, links, blogs, comments, reviews, RSS feeds, mobile devices and reporting.



We ensure every photograph is named with your chosen keyword phrase

Load photographs to social network sites

Load photographs to photo hosting sites

Load photographs to micro blogs

Include photographs in video slide shows


Completing all fields in directories and get to the top of Google’s 7 pack in local search results.


We build one way and two way back links to relevant sites like yours.

Regularly test the links to ensure they are not broken.


We will design, build, host and maintain your WordPress blog

We’ll ping your website or blog to more than 50 sites systematically.


We write comments in relevant blogs , posts and forums with a hyperlink back to your site.

We will advice you on how to engage with your customers to add comments.


We write positive reviews ensuring they are keyword density rich.

We will advice you on how to engage with your customers to add reviews.

News, Article, Comment & RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds or Really Simply syndication are a quick and easy way to get the news that matters most to you, as soon as it is published.

These feeds contain headlines, links and descriptions and are updated as the website is updated with new stories.

We will optimise your blog for RSS feeds.

Press Releases

We take your PR stories and press releases & post them in the correct format to the appropriate syndication site.

A well crafted press release will be seen by hundreds of thousands of journalists in over 170 countries.

An effective step to reach journalists, editors, newspapers, TV, radio stations and Internet sites.

Increase the SEO of your website.

Mobile Devices

We will create and manage your ad for smart phones.


We have an open and transparent policy

Monthly itemised time sheets

Video view reports

Viewed minutes, viewer attention span/drop-off embed tracking, geo-graphic‘s, referring sites & search terms, stream quality , data filter by region, date range, embed and category

Traffic statistics & analytics

Google Screenshots

Alexa ranking

Blog Tracking Reports


Page Hits

Number of Hits and Unique Visits

In Summary

Blend provide comprehensive service in SEO, Internet marketing and Google Page 1 Domination in Local Search.

Our aim is to:

a) Have your company dominate Page 1 of Google in Local Search –    eliminating your online competition.

b) Building quality internet real estate that is deep, long lasting and a company asset.

c) Provide a professional service with an excellent ROI for your company

Blend provide their Google Page 1 Domination in Local Search tactics exclusively to only one company in your business sector. Don’t let it be your competition. Contact us now, before your competition does.

‘those who take advantage of this opportunity sooner rather than later will make the biggest returns on investment’.

Discover the right Profit System for you here Now!

Dominate Google Page 1 with Local Search Now!

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How to Get Your FREE Website Analysis and keyword Phrase Report

Blend have launched their FREE website analysis and keyword phrase report today.

Blend Local Search Marketing are an internet marketing consultancy specializing in local search marketing and Google page 1 domination.

In today’s fast moving technolocial world, it isn’t enough to be indexed on page 1 of Google in local or organic search. You need to completely dominate it for the keyword phrases and terms used by your customers when searching online.

SEO organic searchIf you share page 1 of Google with other businesses in your field you still only get part of the market share. By completely dominating it you get the lions share. Those who take advantage of this opportunity sooner rather than later will make the biggest returns on investment.

Why are keyword phrases important?

A keyword is way to broad…

For instance, if you Google the word ‘Security’ you get 569,000,000 page results, but what are you really looking for? Security in a relationship, security gate or a security alarm?

Keyword phrases of between 2 and 4 words produce more focused results. ie. ‘Yacht security specialists’ – 77,400 results.

Factor in Local Search using a town or city name – ‘Yacht security specialists Brighton’ and the results are a manageable 5510.

Perry the founder of Blend Local Search Marketing picks up the thread ‘We run reports for businesses on keyword phrases by getting into the mindset of the customers and their search habits. Time and time again we look at beautiful websites that have been SEO’d for a single word or phrase only to discover in the data that it is not a phrase that has ever been used in a search. So while the MD may see his website sitting pretty at the no.1 spot in Google, no-one else is ever going to find it, it’s dead in the water.’

Blend SEO your website using the proven keywords your customer use to search and ensure you have the correct local search listings.

Outside of your website we build a rich mix of supporting links, web 2.0 pages and media including: Social Bookmarks, Social Networks, Directories, Classifieds, Videos, Photographs, Link Building, Blogs, Pings, Articles, Comments, News, Reviews, Press Releases and other Rich Media.

This heady combination of web 2.0 and link building increase your web footprint, drive traffic to your site and provides lots of Google juice to keep it high is search results for years to come.

For instance, it’s important to have your business listed in as many relevant online directories as possible. There are literally thousands out there but submitting your contact details, opening times, payment terms, keyword rich bio, photographs, videos, voucher etc. is time consuming and tedious, besides your too busy doing what you do best, running your business.

Blend Local Search Marketing provide this service for you as part of our Google Page 1 Domination strategy.

You want video?

You should because Google love it (in fact they actually bought Youtube) Blend Local Search Marketing produce videos in house through our sister company IMP Film Co. so you can have professional media content at a realistic prices and then have it hosted on dozens of video platforms.

Blend will take care to grow and nourish you internet presence month by month and provide a detailed monthy report of the progress.

To take advantage of the Blend FREE Website Analysis and Keyword Phrase Report, enter your details here.

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Ride the Wave in Local Search

We’ve seen the future… and it’s local search!

Get ahead of the curve and ride the wave.

Google wave logoThe Google Wave.

Google are releasing a real-time communication platform called Google Wave. This will transform the way we work and communicate online in the very near future.

We think the open source platform will render social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter to history as it combines elements of email, IM, web chat, video and photograph hosting, wikis, social networking and project management in one friendly in-browser communication tool.

Sharing files, editing documents and viewing videos with friends or business partners will be simplicity itself. These element will no doubt add more ammunition to the box of tricks we use for promotion in Local Search Marketing.

Google Apps can be added to existing websites to promote too and communicate more effectively with customers and colleagues alike. You should be using video as one of your marketing techniques to promote your business and services now to stay ahead of the curve. If you are using video already, you will be ready to ride the Google Wave.

More information about Google Wave can be found here.

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