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Local Search Marketing in 2011

Blend Local Search Marketing have just returned to the UK after a after a 2 month trip to S/E Asia, in the main, Thailand, the beautiful land of smiles. While there Blend provided consultancy and Internet marketing training to a multi-award winning 5 star hotel, resort and spa in the region and other local businesses such as restaurants, bars and online retailers.

Local Search Marketing

Vitanart Vathanakul and Perry Stevens – Royal Cliff Hotels Group

While there we observed businesses facing the same problems in two very different economic climates. As the UK, Europe and the USA struggle with their heavy burden of debt, the East is absolutely booming, so much so that you can almost feel it in the air.

Global/Local Search Marketing

The common problem businesses face in both climates is visibility, and now days that means online with local search marketing. Everyone knows they need a website but it’s still surprising that even in 2011 there are still hundreds and thousands of businesses without one.

Most businesses also know they need a Facebook page, Twitter and Google Places but don’t know how or have the time to get themselves established online or even know what to do with them if they already have them.

Record Growth

Blend Local Search Marketing celebrated their first year in business at the beginning of February and now service clients on 3 continents. All our clients without exception have reported steady growth, more customers and increased profits in the short time we have implemented and managed their Internet marketing strategies. Some have experienced growth as much as 30%, others have had record sales month on month. Not bad at all in the current climate!

Listening to the radio, watching TV or reading the papers and all we hear are stories of doom and gloom so it’s inspiring to hear success stories such as these across many different industries. It’s inspiring but not surprising because our clients are smart! They knew where their prospects and potential customers were and took action to reach them… and that was online!


Local Search Marketing – Taking Action

Google Adwords are getting more expensive and who can afford to throw money at this advertising medium month after month when Google can pull the plug on your account without warning like it did to 40,0000 accounts last year. Over night your whole advertising and marketing strategy has disappeared along with you potential new customers and leads.

Blend Local Search Marketing have a proven track record of getting their clients on page 1 of Google for their chosen keywords and with multiply listings that have the added benefit of knocking your competition off the page and can demonstrate this in real time searches.

Blend Local Search Marketing can help your business get more customers, increase profits and help you produce record sales in 3 steps.

* Firstly by analyzing your competitors.

* Secondly by implementing a winning and proven Internet marketing strategy.

* Thirdly, maintaining, building and broadening your Internet marketing across the net.

Your investment will last for years to come and will only grow bigger and stronger with time.  You see Google love history and relevancy and that is exactly what our online marketing strategies are built on.

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Internet Marketing with Blend Local Search Marketing

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