What is Google Places?

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Google Places

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‘Google Places is Guaranteed To
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Dear Friend,

What is Google Places?

September 2009 was the launch of Google Places, and it has become an exciting place for business owners who maximise its potential to get a flood of new customers without paying for every click.

Business owners can update their Google Places listings page with their hours of operation, photos, exciting videos, coupons and more and this is in addition to having your website.


Why should I care as a business Owner about What is Google Places?

80% of your local customers who used to look in the local paper directories are now looking online. While some businesses blame the recession, there are exciting opportunities for smart business owners to get new customers, and go where the motivated buying market is.

Want more Profits the easy way?

The customers who used to look in paper directories are now looking online, and on their mobile phones, be honest when was the last time you used the paper directories to find a local business?


Google Places

While your competitors are possibly wasting a fortune advertising with pay per click or trying to cut costs, you can unleash your profit potential! Why? Google places is not only where your customers are looking, by clicking the map button at the top on Google, but also Google Places appears in the natural search listings at the very top on Google! The truth is if you have a business address you must maximise your listing here or else you are handing over money to your competition.

Here is the proof: One of our customers here is at the
top of Google! Their competitors on the
same page are paying £20.00 per click!  There are receiving thousands of pounds worth of enquires for FREE
Do YOU Want More Customers & More Profits?

Google Places

So You want to appear at the top of local searches with Google Places?

Here is the best news; we can help you fast, why? 98% of business set them up completely wrong, and also most SEO companies are not aware of the secrets to maximize the listings here. So we can help you maximize the listing and dominate your local target market.

Get Found On mobile phones!
There are now more mobile phone searches than on the internet, and by allowing us to help you maximize your listing, it enables you to be found by the motivated buyer someone who is typing in (repossession help London) or your product or service followed by an area or post code enables you to be found by your motivated target market at the top of Google and on Mobile Phones.

“Now You Can Make A Positive Breakthrough In Your Business As Our ‘Google Places’ System Low Risk it Gives You a High Return On Investment”


Why it is vital for you business to get found here?

  • Your buying target market is looking here for your products and services
  • 80% of your ideal customers are looking here and the best thing 75% of your competitors are not targeting here yet so hurry and claim those extra profits
  • Appear at the top of Google and get an explosion of new enquires
  • Connect with more customers due to the explosion in mobile phone searches you can get found here too!
  • Push your competitors down the page on Google as the listings appear above the normal listings.

How do you set Google Places to maximize your listing and get to the top?

Google loves content so in order to get to the top of the Google Places you need to maximize the content of your business above your competitors, this includes making videos, and adding relevant content descriptions, adding and naming photographs, organising the right number and best online directory listings with your information. Getting the strategy right and structuring of your main target and profit keywords, not keyword stuffing!  Also adding relevant links and much more. We invite you to stop asking: What is Google Places and let us transform your business

WARNING: Get any of this in the wrong order and you could suddenly be trying to swim in a sea of mud. Every business owner we have helped has set them up completely wrong but that is OK because we are here to help. Also most businesses don’t have any videos, so we decided to make easy for our clients and introduced the Bronze System.

What exactly are you going to receive when
you order bronze local search Marketing system today?

When you order today, we will get a few details from you and you are away its simple its fast its easy and before you know it you will see your maps set up and maximised and appearing more importantly you will hear the phone ringing…

Bronze Set up usually  £497.00 Special Price £247.00

Claim your bronze package or above and get a £247.00 video promotional video made for FREE!

Yes you get a Promotional Video made for FREE no matter what your business we can make you a video!


  1. Bronze System Local Search Marketing System – includes Set up and enhancement of the Google Place maps & placement listing to connect with more customers.
  2. Your very own Gmail account set up within Google enabling us access to your map listing and set up of all directories, and activate them so you can get on running your business.
  3. Expert setting up of your business details, on Google Places to maximise your potential.
  4. Your business added to 50 of the very best business directories. Not just your name but we list many of your products and services too this is where real people are searching for your products and services.
  5. Your very own commercial made promoting your business and its services.
    (standard price £247.00)
  6. Here is an example video and a website we made for a client>> Google Places
  7. Get your video distributed to 20 video channels sites for greater customer visibility and online domination.

    Having a video on your Google Places listing puts you above most of your competition!


  • Free internet expert website review not from designers or programmers point of view put from an expert point of you for profits!
  • Free expert website analysis for your primary target market revealing the profits you could be missing out on
  • Every 3 months we make your business a new video as long as you are a member of the bronze system!

Bronze monthly – we continually protect your business online for only £97.00 a month!

  • Google is always changing when it changes we change to help you!
  • Damage Limitation- We manage and maintain your Google Place listing and the other Online Directories we have set up for you. We monitor reviews and alert you to any negative comments so you can make a management response turning any negatives into positives.
  • We add 25 Directory listings per month- to help you stay at the top of Google
  • We update your top 5 local directories with current seasonal offers and coupons enabling you to shout out your message and get more customers
  • Every 90 days we produce a new video promoting your products and services. Your video will be uploaded to 20 video hosting sites; it is then bookmarked and submitted to 10 RSS feeds. Why? This means 1 video can be accessed from 2000 places! This helps your business connect with a greater number of customers and boosts your chances of profits.
  • Not only that it produces multiple listings on Google knocking your competitors of the page, and creates thousands of links back to your website, which helps your site rank higher in Google.

– Ongoing Skype or telephone support.

Wouldn’t it be worth a simple easy payment to get new enquiries month on month and have all the work done for you plus get expert advice on Internet strategies?

If you are serious about getting more customers:
I am sure you would agree, any price would be worth it. After speaking with countless Internet Marketing experts, we all decided, anything less than £497 would be high-way robbery.

I concluded £497 is too much of a price for the “average” small business to pay in these hard times.

Right now, you can put your hands on Bronze System for only £247 and for our marketing roll-out save £200 off the retail price and claim a FREE video valued at £247.00 pound too!

YES! That means the price of the set up works out Free!

What do you do next?

Let me tell you what you should do next, contact us… why wait?

  • Contact us by sending us an email or by clicking this link and we will make you your FREE video.
  • To see a free video on the bronze system go to the bronze system page and enter your name and email

Blend Local Search Marketing Ltd.
Overseas House, 66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, WD23 1GG
Tel: +44 203 114 5119

Google Places

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