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Blend Local Search Marketing PTE LtdWe have developed a 3 phase system designed to take you from zero to hero in organic local search results with the minimum amount of fuss and time from you. Our turn-key approach allows you to continue doing what you do best while we work hard to position you as the ‘Go-To-Experts‘ online and send you more hot prospects now and in the future.

Before we even start on our winning 3 phase strategy, we need to find out about your business online. By conducting a  comprehensive Website Audit we can build up a full picture of where you are today and what we need to do to take you to the top.

Our comprehensive website audits are actually 2 in-depth reports. The first is a technical audit of your site that looks closely at the on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web code, keywords, duplicate copy issues, site-maps, schema mark-up and structure etc. Basically, is your website set up and designed correctly for the Search Engines to find and rank it!

Our second audit is from a website visitors prospective. Is your website easy to navigate? Does it have a clear intention? Is your contact information easy to find and much more. If your website doesn’t answer these basic questions positively, quite simply your website will not convert it’s traffic into customers even if it ranks highly in search results. For more information or to request your website audit, Click Here.

Phase I – Website Design and Development

We will design and build a cutting edge website to not only reflect your brand online but also ensure it’s constructed for both website visitors and search engines. All your important information will be ‘above the fold’ and the site will be easy to navigate.

All the copy for the site will be 100% unique and will also populate the site with videos, photos, logos and reviews to reinforce your brand and professional values in local search results.

Phase II – The Local & Social Set Up

Once your site is optimized for the search engines and customer conversions we are ready to move on to Phase II. In this phase we claim, clean and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) page, up to 50 business directories, maps, citations and 3rd party review sites to ensure they all have the exact match business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP’s). If we find duplicate or inaccurate listings we also clean these up at this stage too.

Discover how your business looks online here.

The search engine love ‘social signals‘ so we also claim and optimize the leading social networks to stretch your business brand. Having a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube is paramount today to build trust and engage with your client base and potential customers. It’s word of mouth advertising at its best! This also creates many more ‘touch points‘ for new prospects to find and review you. When done correctly, it can act a very effective way to bring hot leads into your sales funnel and to your website.

Phase III – Ongoing Local SEO, Social Media Management and Digital Marketing

Phase III starts where Phase II left off. On a monthly cycle we continue to build, engage, monitor and report on all your on/offsite properties. We engage with your fans and create unique and relevant evergreen content for your Blog Posts, Videos, Social Networks and Press Releases etc. We alert you to new reviews where a reply is needed or a management response is required (protecting your online reputation) and we continually track and monitor all your keywords and present an interactive monthly report of your online results. We also use heat-maps with analytics to tweak and refine your local search marketing strategy so you can be assured of the best possible ROI month after month.


How to get more consumers to see your business & more visitors to Your Website!

We set up and/or enhance your Google My Business listing which will help give your business a second opportunity of getting found at the top of local search results in the ‘Snack Pack‘. We ensure that your business information (NAP’s) is consistent and optimized for your local area and your hours of business, directions, payment options and special offers are optimized and seasonally up to date. We also clean or suppress any duplicate listings and monitor reviews to protect your online reputation and encourage a steady stream of positive 5 star reviews without ABC Review Strategy.


Imagine having 50 more websites over night!

Your enhanced business listing is distributed to over 50 local search engines and online directories. We do ALL the work so when consumers look for your products and services via their smartphones, desktop or even by navigation systems your business will be found, thus generating more inquires.


How to build rapport with more customers & Convert them into Profits

We take your company photographs, logo, reviews and relevant sales copy and produce a bespoke corporate video for you. In Seconds your video presents another exciting shop window for consumers to get excited about your business. Next, we submit your video to up to 20 other video channels in addition to Youtube. You get more shop windows creating a buzz about your business that refer prospects back to your website 24/7.


How to get more consumers with eye-popping commercials recommending your business.

We look at your website and guide you on how to improve conversions, with advice on sales copy, on-page layout, heat-maps, analytics and cutting edge hypnotic marketing. We look at the internal structure of your site and see what needs to be improved upon to ensure your site will be found at the top of your local search listings.

Your bespoke videos are copied to numerous sites where people are looking for your products and services. So 1 video is duplicated and in a few weeks can be in as many as 20 different locations online. Imagine the cost of setting up over 20 websites! Your keyword optimized video can achieve the same kind of connection and present your prospects with the information they need and we make it easy for them to connect with you too!

How Can We Help You?

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