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Increase Your WordPress Website Security

Since WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, it gets a lot of attention from hackers who want to exploit your website and its resources. WordPress website security is not something that can be taken lightly. If your website is compromised, it can get you blacklisted in search engines, cause irreparable damage to your business and ruin the credibility you have worked so hard to maintain. Securi has the expertise and knowledge to detect, clean and prevent malware from affecting your website. Securi effectively serves over 250,000 domains, protects against 33 million attacks monthly, and cleans more than 300 websites daily. They can help you learn how to secure WordPress website from hackers, and protect your domain properties.

Securing Your Website

One of the most common questions from people who have recently been attacked is “how to secure my WordPress website“. There are a few basic changes you can make to your installation to secure your website immediately. These modifications won’t protect your website from a dedicated attack, but they can certainly make it more difficult for the everyday hacker to gain access to your site. These are very basic steps that anybody who runs a WordPress start can correct on their own.

Administrator Username

The default administrator username is ‘admin.’ Most people with little experience will attempt to use this as their main administrator login. If you set ‘admin’ as your administrator, create a new administrator account using a hard to guess username and then delete the admin account. This will reduce the likelihood of a brute force attack that can grant access to your website and wipe out your installation.

Trusted Plugins

The repository hosts several trusted plugins and themes. If you install anything not tested by WordPress, you run the risk of putting your website at risk. Trust themes and plugins from only trusted extensions, and prevent the installation of the unknown. Consider that it takes a significant amount of time to prepare a really great, and secure plugin. If someone is then going to turn around and offer that plugin for free, it would be good to question the reasons why. Many of the free plugins not available through have backdoors, hidden links or SPAM that can harm your website and profitability.

Website Backups

Perhaps the best protection against losing your hard-earned work is a complete and recent backup of your website. If you conduct a major website overhaul, a backup should be he first thing you perform. Make sure you backup all of the databases, applications, server files, and configuration files so that you can easily restore your website in the case of an attack. Don’t store your website backup on the website, since that won’t protect you if your website goes down and the server becomes inaccessible. Download and store your website locally, or by using a secure third-party backup service.

Updated Software

An issue that is often overlooked is whether the WordPress software is updated. You can configure WordPress to automatically install all available websites, but you must also ensure that all of plugins are updated as well. A lesser known issue is plugins that simply aren’t under development any more. Each quarter, go through and conduct a safety review of your plugins. A website security company like Sucuri can look in-depth at your plugins and check for any code that may put your website at risk. Often, segments of a plugin’s code are encrypted. This can be an honest attempt by the developer to protect their code, but it can also be a good way to hide malicious code. Securi analyzes the plugins on your site to see if any malicious code has been inserted into your existing plugins.

Advanced Website Security

While all WordPress owners have a responsibility to maintain their websites to the best of their ability, there are some more advanced security features that are best handled by those who are devoted to WordPress website security issues.

WordPress Firewall Protection

A firewall is like a bouncer for your website. It works around the clock to ensure only legitimate traffic gets through. There are plugins that attempt to provide a firewall for your WordPress installation. However, it’s better to use a fully functional, dedicated firewall that protects your entire server. These firewalls are more robust, less immune to vulnerabilities within your software installation. A dedicate firewall protects your website by only allowing legitimate traffic through. This is especially important if you run Adsense campaigns, since you don’t want an untrusted source coming to your website and engaging in click fraud. However, it’s also crucial if you run an eCommerce website, since you don’t want your customer information compromised.

WordPress Antivirus Protection

If the firewall is the bouncer for your website; Antivirus protection acts as your website security force. An antivirus program continually monitors and checks files for malicious code. When it finds infected files or code, it takes action to prevent the code from doing additional damage. Antivirus software can help to stop threats, but an automated solution isn’t always what’s needed. In addition to automation to prevent malicious activity, you also need a dedicated team ready to come and protect your website at a moment’s notice. Most small businesses can’t afford a full-scale, dedicated team to immediately respond to threats.

Keeping Your WordPress Site Clean

Plugins and applications can’t keep your website completely clean and free from all threats. Real human beings are out there actively trying to gain access to your website. To stop them in their tracks, you need the services of a professional crew that has the ability to respond quickly. Securi manages thousands of websites and have the forces necessary to respond to incidents with your website in as little as four hours, depending on the level of service you choose. Don’t wait for your website to come under attack, hire the professionals at Sucuri to protect your website.

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