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SEO – it’s all about Back Links!

Is your website going no where? No inbound back links? No Traffic? No sales? We have a few select tailored solutions that can help you right now! Stop trading links with other sites and put your link building efforts on auto-pilot with us!

We’ve made it affordable, quick and easy for you to get all the back links you need to boost your website and Page Rank.

• Effortlessly Build Tens Of Thousands Of Inbound Back Links Over Time

• Put Your Search Engine Optimization Link Building Efforts On Auto-Pilot

• Increase Your Ranking & Link Popularity Quickly

Why is Link Building Important?

The most important source of traffic you have to your website comes directly from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Visitors that find your website via the search engines are more likely to purchase your product or service and best of all – organic traffic costs you nothing.

Our link building solutions are tailored to quickly and effectively put your link building efforts on autopilot. For start-ups and newly developed sites our packages can quickly and effectively establish your site within the search engines by providing thousands of inbound back links to your page and ongoing efforts to increase your Page Rank over time. This results in better Page Rank, search engine ranking, and content relevance for your site. Best of all – its very affordable for the small business budget!

Blend Article Marketing Services have 4 inexpensive solutions that are guaranteed to establish your site with the search engines, increase your Page Rank, provide 1000’s of relevant inbound back links and bring floods of traffic to your website.

We invite you to check them out…

Back Links

Homepage Network Wide Link Building

“Do You Need Fast Indexing, Ranking & SEO Results?” This is a powerful solution that will bring you a boost in Page Rank and results!

If you need a powerful link campaign that will instantly get your site indexed and positions moving then this is a powerful solution for you. Our Homepage Link Building package will place your website link on the homepage of over 6000 domains across our content network. Within weeks you will see a vast increase in your search engine positions, link popularity, and visitor count from targeted keyword phrases that count.


Article Network Wide Link Building

Increase your inbound link volume with our article network wide back links! This will give you THOUSANDS of content rich pages pointing to your website.

If your site is newly developed and you need to increase your indexed pages and link count, our Article Network Wide link building can provide you with the inbound links required to jump start your search engine optimization efforts. This will create you hundreds of inbound links on each of our 6ooo+ domains – leaving you with tens of thousands of links.


Long Term Back Links Building

Auto pilot your long-term link building efforts with ease! This method will allow you to submit your website ONCE to our network and never have to resubmit it.

Although we recommend this option for all of our customers – we especially want to invite those working on a low or start-up budget. This option provides you with a simple yet effective Long Term link building effort. This product will continue to build links to your website indefinably as our network grows and builds the foundation of your search engine optimization efforts.


Network Banner Ads & Back Links

Increase your inbound links while also advertising your website to the tens of thousands of weekly visitors to our network.

For our clients that love banners we also offer a banner placement that act as static links across the network of our article pages. Your ad will appear in rotation on a domain, and stay on that domain, for a pre-defined duration of time. Not only will this build you inbound links but bring you qualified visitors to your website as well.

All of our banners are static links as we do not use java code or other scripts to plant them on the domain so you can be assured that these links will count as inbound links to your website.

NB. The Back Links Service Have Now Been Discontinued in this format.

Back Links

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