You want first page rankings – I want to know why is a boxing ring square?


OK, it’s not very English (for that is what I am), but let’s talk about money.


Now before you scroll down and say “Great Scott, Blend are expensive” there is something you should know.


Most clients that end up working with us have had their fingers burnt chasing “affordable SEO” or “cheap SEO company”. In fact, we have worked with numerous clients that have wasted years and tens of thousands of dollars jumping from one SEO agency to another trying to make ‘online’ work. All this does is waste your valuable time and burn your hard-earned money. It’s time to break the cycle, are you ready?


Cheap SEO is Always the Most Expensive!

In fact, cheap SEO is like getting mail order braces. Sure, you’ll get movement on your teeth, but not in the safe and predictive way only a board-certified orthodontist can guarantee. An orthodontic specialist will align your bite and create a beautiful, healthy smile. With DIY braces, you’ll not only have discomfort and your health issues compounded but also the additional time and expense of having to pay a professional to fix the mess you made.


As with most things, you only get what you paid for.


So stop throwing away $200 or $300 per month on SEO garbage and do it properly. Why, because you’re worth it!


Our Rates

Pricing - Blend SEO Services April 2019


For the hourly rate of $150 p/h you get a dedicated team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in Website Design & Development, Local SEO, Digital & Content Marketing, Google My Business and Reputation Management.


We no longer offer ‘Social media services’ but we can set everything up for you to do yourself. You really shouldn’t be paying an agency to do this for you.


We have been doing what we do since 2008, constantly learning and evolving along with the search engines and our industry. We are not SEO experts of gurus. If anyone says they are, run a mile!



For recurring monthly paying clients, our hourly rate is $150USD. However, if you commit to a long-term campaign, we offer generous discounts. Of course, SEO takes time to start seeing results, so it makes sense to consider the following options rather than just paying month to month.


6 months paid in advance – $125 p/h ($1875 p/m)

12 months paid in advance – $100p/h ($1500 p/m)


All campaigns run at a minimum of 15 hours per month. Otherwise your campaigns will take forever and that’s a mighty long time!


From experience, 15 hours per month is enough time to get a reasonable amount of work done (at a bare minimum). Of course, if you want to fast track, you can choose to allocate more hours per month (even at the discounted rates), which many of our clients do once they see the amount of work that we do and the results we generate.


Obviously, the more time we dedicate to your SEO campaign, the faster you will see results and generate a healthy ROI.


We do the job the RIGHT way, that is why we charge what we do and provide a high-quality service. We are not interested in having hundreds of clients or are in the churn and burn kind of SEO business model you’ve probably encountered before. We only want to partner with committed high-quality orthodontic clients who understand that great SEO is an investment for the future success of their business.


If you are currently working with a SEO company and you’re only paying a few hundred dollars a month and have no idea what you are paying for, then the chances are you’re being rolled. If you have read this far, you already know that, right!


Contact us now and let’s work together and start to get the results you’re really after.


But Wait… Before You Contact Us

Joking aside, and not wanting to sound arrogant but we are selective about who we decide to partner up with. We only want to work with motivated business owners who:

Understand that SEO and digital marketing is hard, it takes time, perseverance and a lot of effort

Understand that local SEO is a joint effort. For us to help you, we need to understand everything there is to know about your business at a deep level so we can focus our efforts in the right areas. No one knows your business better than you do

Understand that SEO takes time. If you want results immediately then SEO is not the right marketing strategy for you. Try Google Adwords or Facebook ads

Are committed, and not just looking for quick results this time next week

Understand that local SEO is an investment in your business and will pay for itself several times over 24/7 for years to come, if you’re patient and play for the long term

Please Don’t Contact Us If

  • You will cancel if you “don’t see results in 3 months”. Campaigns can take anywhere between a hundred and 200+ hours to kick in. 3 months might sound like a long time, but if we’re only doing 15 hours a month, that’s not 3 months at all, its 45 hours. We can’t turn your business around in the space of one working week. If you’ve been on the phone to someone else and they’ve promised you unicorns and lollipops in 3 months, then you’re being lied to unless they own Google or a candy store
  • You’re totally fixated on rankings. We are not interested in working with business owners who constantly monitor search rankings. Rankings are meaningless if your phone is not ringing and you’re not converting leads. It’s important that you focus on what really matters – getting new patients and making more money, a lot more money. That’s the whole point. We want to help serious business owners go from $10,000 a month to $100,000 a month and then on to $500,000 a month and… you get the picture. We’re not interested in having long, mentally exhausting conversations about why you moved down one spot in Google overnight for a keyword with no search volume or intent

Our Payment Policy

  • All payments are to be made monthly in advance. So payment first and then the work gets done. Not the other way round
  • We don’t offer refunds, please don’t ask. It’s kinda awkward
  • No, we don’t want a bottle of Old Bourbon or a six-pack of beer as part-payment
  • No you can’t pay us “next month”. This is business. Please pay promptly
  • If you pay six or 12 months in advance we’ll give you a generous discount
  • We now accept payments in cryptocurrencies and extend a 10% discount on our fiat currency rates

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