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Client Result #1

This orthodontic client had been flipping from one SEO agency to another in search of some much-needed Google love, and in turn more patients.

The previous SEO agency packed a punch – they were snazzy, looked good, they even sent Christmas gifts and branded pens (to do… must get branded pens) but failed to deliver any long-lasting results.

The first thing we did (we do with all new sites) is carry out an full audit. It soon became apparent that not only was the website architecture pretty poorly formatted, but they had no link building strategy in place, and were not leveraging any type of content marketing in any given capacity.

Upon rectifying the points above and adding our secret sauce, we saw a huge improvement in rankings over a very short period of time.

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Client Result #2

This dental professional has a slightly different backstory. They tried doing some cheap SEO for a few years.

A friend’s family member if memory serves me right carried the work out. Until in 2017 they decided to take on an agency, namely Blend.

To date I’m still wondering what the “cheap SEO company” may have done aside from make paper aeroplanes. We pretty much started from an empty shell improving both the onsite and offsite until surpassing their result expectations.

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Client Result #3

This orthodontic specialist had contracted a social media agency to boost their brand via social media. Namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Whilst social media is good for brand loyalty and awareness from the countless stats we have analysed it has very little impact on creating more new business. We actually don’t even provide it as a service anymore, as we prefer our clients to post independently and allocate more of our budget towards reputation building and management.

The client thankfully decide to expand their marketing efforts beyond social media and began working with us.

Upon correcting all the onsite and offsite issues, we also worked heavily on conversion rate optimisation using video recordings of website visitors. This together with better calls to action and some form editing, we not only boosted traffic but conversions and ROI.

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Client Result #4

This orthodontic client had the unfortunate luck that the web design company who also knew a bit about “the SEO game” forgot to unblock the robots txt file. In simple terms they closed the door to the shop, so although it was visible to the naked eye, Google was not indexing the site as their virtual door was locked shut… No words!!!

Lesson being don’t always assume a web designer knows anything about SEO. Artistic flair and non-stop testing of statistical data are worlds apart.

Real Orthodontic Client - Real Blend Results Picture4

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